Snakebite - Full Throttle (CD)

Rebel Music Records 2010

ruotsalaisen revival rock and roll yhtyeen uusin cd.

1. Full Throttle (Anders Emmesjö)
2. Just Passin' By (Bob Burgos)
3. Rockabilly Kangaroo (A. Emmesjö)
4. You're The One That Done It (Ray Scott)
5. Hot Stuff (Stefan Jägermyr)
6. So Long Baby Goodbye (Dave Alvin)
7. You're Gone (Stefan Jägermyr)
8. Caterpillar (Ray Campi)
9. Rock The Night Away (S. Jägermyr)
10. Rockin’ O.D (Stefan Jägermyr)
11. Short Cut Lady (Anders Emmesjö)
12. Mean Little Mama (Sam C Phillips)
13. Your Face Fell Off (A. Emmesjö)
14. Almost Grown (Chuck Berry)

10.90 €

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