Rocket Overdrive - Not You (CD)

Enviken Records 2010

Rocket Overdrive have a classic Rockabilly line-up, guitar, drums & a thumpin' slap bass. But these youngsters are no copycats. They combine their influences from heroes of the heydays of Rockabilly like Johnny Burnette, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash & Gene Vincent, to name a few, with more contemporary pop/punk sounds and have come up with a fresh and unique style that has already garnered some attention.

Their first gig took place in Strömsund in northern Sweden, a neat eight hour trip, one way that is... It went down a storm and the rumour spread fast bout this threesome and now it looks like they'll be busy for a while.
Rocket Overdrive got a bright future ahead no doubt. Be sure to catch them when they hit your town

1. Not You
2. Lonley Dreams Of A Past Decade
3. It's So Easy
4. Hot Rod Race On A Saturday Night
5. Gotta Get Out
6. Never Lasting Love
7. A Reason
8. Girls
9. Sad, Sad, Sad
10. Long Gone
11. Somehow, Someday
12. I'm There Again
13. Take A Ride
14. Miracle

9.90 €

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