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Blues / Rhythm & Blues

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Slim Harpo - Sting It Then!
This 1961 recording of Slim Harpo and his band is one of the few live recordings of the blues made in the classic period. The sound has been resurrected by our experts and far surpasses the fidelity of the few tracks that have been previously available.

Ace Records 1997 CD 17.00 €
Slim Harpo - Tip On In
25 tracks Excello recordings
Ace Records 1996 CD 17.00 €
Slim Sandy - New Way Rockin'
rockin' hillbilly from Canada
Hog Maw Records 2011 LP 13.00 €
Slowburn - Bring It On
Last Buzz Records 2007 CD 15.00 €
Small Time Crooks - Modern Times
Big Time Records 2004 CD 5.00 €
Smiley Lewis - Down Yonder With
25 tracks
Kings Of Rhythm 1995 CD 9.90 €
Smiley Lewis - Mama Don't Like It ! 1950-1956
Smiley Lewis one of the fathers of rock n roll, you just can't keep still! You'll know these songs from covers recorded since the dawn of time, but as they say, the original is STILL the greatest!
Rev-Ola Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
Smiley Lewis - Smiley Rocks
The most comprehensive single-disc collection available of Smiley's rocking 1950s output for Imperial.Features the brilliant Studio Band at Cosimo Matassa's New Orleans studio: saxists Lee Allen and Herbert Hardesty, drummer Earl Palmer, pianists Edward Frank and Huey Smith, and trumpeter/producer Dave Bartholomew among them.Contains both scorching versions of Shame, Shame, Shame, many equally fabulous rockers, like Bumpity Bump and Smiley's classic originals I Hear You Knocking and One Night, covered by Gale Storm and Elvis Presley respectively.Boasting a booming vocal delivery, Smiley was one of the seminal performers on the 1950s New Orleans R&B scene.The charts didn't reflect just how spectacular Smiley Lewis' 1950s output for Imperial Records was. Under the savvy aegis of producer/songwriter Dave Bartholomew and featuring the Crescent City's top studio sidemen, Smiley made some of the most blistering rockers of his era. Yet only a handful of them were national hits; his classic original I Hear You Knocking was victimized by a puerile Gale Storm cover that killed his pop crossover potential, and Elvis Presley latched onto One Night, cleaned it up, and sold a lot more copies than Smiley ever did. Why She's Got Me Hook, Line And Sinker, Bumpity Bump, Rootin' And Tootin', and Shame, Shame, Shame weren't hits during rock 'n' roll's primordial age we'll never know.--Bear Family's jam-packed single-disc collection of Smiley's greatest rockers showcases his huge, wall-shaking voice (reminiscent of Big Joe Turner's on the bluesier early stuff) on a non-stop barrage of rockers ranging from 1950 to 1958. Bartholomew was Smiley's best source for material, writing most of his most memorable releases, though Lewis penned a few of his own early on. Even Little Richard would be envious of some of these houserockers, with tenor saxman Lee Allen wailing and drummer Earl Palmer stoking the romping rhythm like a locomotive. This is the most comprehensive single-disc Smiley Lewis collection on the market!
Bear Family 2010 CD 18.00 €
Smiley Lewis - The Chronological 1947-1952
22 biisiä
Classics Records 2005 CD 15.00 €
Smokey Hogg - Deep Ellum Rambler
27 biisiä
Ace Records 2000 CD 18.00 €
Smokey Hogg - Midnight Blues
24 biisiä
Ace Records 2004 CD 17.00 €
Smokey Hogg - Serve It To The Right
25 biisiä Modern äänitteitä
Ace Records 2002 CD 18.00 €
Smokey Wilson - Round Like An Apple
17 tracks. The Big Town Recordings 1977-1978
Ace Records 2006 CD 17.00 €
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - Close To The Bone
Smokin' Joe Kubek: acoustic guitar [left channel],
solo (1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14), slide guitar (3, 7, 12)
Bnois King: vocals & acoustic guitar [right channel],
solo (1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14)
Randy Chortkoff: harmonica (4, 9)
Bob Corritore: harmonica (4, 9)
Lynwood Slim: harmonica (13)
Pieter "Big Pete" van der Pluijm: harmonica (4)
Kirk Fletcher: acoustic guitar (2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12)
Shawn Pittman: national steel guitar (2)
Paul Size: acoustic guitar (2, 4)
Fred Kaplan: piano (7)
Willie J. Campbell: bass (4, 7, 10)
Jimi Bott: drums (2, 4, 7, 10)
Jeff Scott Fleenor: suitcase foot drum (12)

Produced by Randy Chortkoff


"King's jazzy guitar work is the perfect foil to Kubek's more incendiary style. They are simply the best guitar tandem on the scene today." - Blues Revue

"Potent, undiluted 100-proof Texas blues honed to a razor's edge." – Guitar One

"I'm very excited to have them in the Delta Groove family. I'm blown awayby their great songwriting and performances - a true Texas duo."– Randy Chortkoff (Founder and President of Delta Groove Music)

Joe Kubek was raised in Irving, Texas, and while still a teenager was playing guitar in the band of the original Texas Cannonball, Freddie King. Kubek went on to forge his aggressive guitar style fronting his own band, and backing many legendary blues artists throughout the '70s and '80s, including Al "TNT" Braggs, Little Joe Blue, and others. Influenced by the hard-rocking blues of the '60s and '70s, Kubek's guitar playing smolders with the same fire that burned in the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter, earning him the well-deserved nickname "Smokin' Joe."

Bnois King is a native of Monroe, Louisiana. His musical influences come from a generation earlier than Kubek's, with the smoother sounds of T-Bone Walker and B.B. King in evidence, along with some of the soulful and jazzier sounds of the 1950s and '60s. He was fronting his own band in the '80s when he first met Kubek backstage at someone else's gig. Together this unlikely pair forged a musical bond that has not only lasted the test of time, but continues to flourish. Joe's hard-edged guitar provides the perfect counter-balance for the jazzy guitar and deep blues vocals of Bnois. King serves to keep their music rooted in the tradition, while Kubek stretches out and provides an energy that has been thrilling audiences over the twenty-plus years of their partnership.

Close To The Bone is a new spin on the Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King sound – it's their 'unplugged' release, played almost entirely on acoustic instruments. It allows their music to breath and flow, and displays some beautifully subtle interplay that might have been overlooked in another setting. But their inspired songwriting is one of the primary elements that sets them apart from the pack – the vast majority of the music on this CD is original. Smart, clever lyrics, toe-tapping grooves and interesting, memorable arrangements add up to one of the strongest releases to date from this duo. But of course they couldn't do it alone; some of the best in the business joined them in the studio, including fellow Delta Groove artists Big Pete, Lynwood Slim, Bob Corritore, Shawn Pittman, Kirk Fletcher, Hollywood Blue Flames' keyboard man Fred Kaplan, former Red Devils guitarist Paul Size, and Randy Chortkoff on harmonica, among others. With over two decades of experience together on stages and in studios around the world, and over a dozen major CD releases, Kubek and King bring the essence of Texas blues to Delta Groove.
Delta Groove Music 2012 CD 18.00 €
Snooks Eaglin - Soul's Edge
Black Top Records 1995 CD 10.00 €
Snub Mosley - Man With The Funny Little Horn
Route 66 LP 14.00 €
Solitaires - Walking Along - The Best Of The Solitaires 2CD
Walking Along - The Best of the Solitaires:

The Solitaires were one of the greatest New York based vocal groups and considering they never had anything like a national or international hit it is remarkable to consider their fame!

This set features the A and B sides of all their singles through to 1960.

Best known for their hit 'Walking Along', this superb set also includes the lushly atmospheric, 'Wonder Why', 'Blue Valentine' and 'I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance' plus the hits, 'The Wedding' and 'The Angels Sang'.

Fully detailed liner notes covering the groups entire career.
Jasmine Records 2011 CD 13.00 €
Solomon Burke - Definitive Soul Collection 2CD
Originally a full-time preacher and gospel singer, the larger-than-life Solomon Burke made his mark on secular music with a masterfully produced R&B/soul sound that earned him the moniker "The King of Rock and Soul." This double-disc collection includes 30-tracks
Rhino Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Solomon Burke - Nashville
14 tracks with special guests - Dolly Parton, Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris and Patty Loveless
Shout Factory 2006 CD 18.00 €
Solomon Burke - Soul Arrives! 1955-1961
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 12.00 €
Son House - In Concert
6 biisiä - 38 min live keikalta
Blue Moon CD 13.00 €
Son House - New York Central Live
Live Oberlin, Ohio. 15th April 1965
Acrobat Music 2002 CD 9.00 €
Son House - Raw Delta Blues 2CD
Not Now Music 2011 2-CD 6.00 €
Sonny Boy Williamson - More Real Folk Blues
Dolchess 2013 LP 15.00 €
Sonny Boy Williamson - The Later Years 1939-1947 4CD
4CDs = 104 tracks
JSP Records CD-Box 20.00 €
Sonny Knight - Confidential
Route 66 LP 14.00 €
Sonny Til & The Orioles - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
16 tracks
Dr. Horse CD 13.00 €
Sonny Til And The Orioles - Still Crying In The Chapel 1948-1962 2CD
Sonny Til & The Orioles were a pioneering doo wop group who along with The Ravens opened the doors for all the other groups that followed.

Across the generous 57 tracks are all their charted records, including: 'It's Too Soon To Know'; 'Forgive and Forget'; 'Tell Me So' and one of Elvis' favourite records 'Crying in the Chapel'.

The final twelve tracks of disc 2 is the group's rare 1962 comeback album in true stereo.

This is the first ever compilation to feature the recordings from all the labels they recorded for in one package!
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
South Coast Wolves with Tortilla Flat Trio - Ways & Chains CDEP

NEW CD EP "WAYS & CHAINS" takes you to the world of soulful guitar and

harmonica driven R&B.

The record includes two band's own compositions and two Little Wille John


Helsinki area based The South Coast Wolves plays bluesy roots music. The

players has over 30 years long history in Helsinki's blues, R&B, and R'n'R


The core of the band is Nisse Lindström - vocals and Vesa Karppi - guitars.

The solid ground for the music is given by the great Tortilla Flat Trio:

Kari Kempas - harmonica, Juha Rantapuro - bass ja Honey Aaltonen - drums.
Galactic Records 2014 CD 8.00 €
Southern Sons - When They Ring Them Golden Bells
Route 66 LP 14.00 €
Spaniels - The Very Best Of The Spaniels
30 tracks of their Vee-Jay Recordings 1953-1960
Snapper Music 2009 CD 12.00 €
Stargazers - Back In Orbit
12 biisiä vuodelta 1991
Ace Records 1991 CD 18.00 €
Steve Gibson & The Red Caps - Blueberry Hill
16 tracks
Dr. Horse LP 15.00 €
Steve Gibson And The Red Caps - Boogie Woogie Ball 1943-1955 2CD
If you like The Ink Spots or The Mills Brothers you will not be able to resist the harmonies that this collection of 57 original tracks has to offer!

Rocking recordings such as, 'Boogie Woogie on a Saturday Night' are abundant throughout this set and later recordings feature the lead vocals of R&B diva Damita Jo before she went on to her solo career.

Steve Gibson & The Red Caps were a top R&B group for decades and this wonderful 2CD set is a great introduction for the uninitiated and must have for fans alike.
Jasmine Records 2012 CD 15.00 €
Steve Hooker - Before The Rooster Crows
HKM Records 2010 CD 9.90 €
Steve Hooker - Don't Try To Understand 'Em
six tracks MCD
Crazy Love Records 2001 CD 10.00 €
Steve Hooker - Southchurch EP
Four track EP with Pin Up picture sleeve.
NV Records 1992 Single/EP 5.00 €
Steve Hooker - Sugar Devil EP
Witchcraft Records 2009 Single/EP 5.00 €
Steve Hooker - Uptown
On The Hill Records 2004 CD 15.00 €
Steve Hooker & The ST's - Alligator Boogie / Motorcycle Ditch
Thousands Records Single/EP 5.00 €
Steve Hooker And Wilko Johnson - Back In The Day
five track MCD
Thousands Records 2005 CD 7.90 €
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Texas Flood
When Blues was no longer hip as it was in the '60s Stevie Ray Vaughan crushed the charts with his debut album Texas Flood in 1983. Spending more than six months in the charts made Vaughan a true star and on his own he revitalized the Blues experience again.

On Texas Flood, Stevie Ray Vaughan celebrates his influences, pumps fresh blood into the familiar genre and made it a success…once again! The album kicks off with two well known songs "Love Struck Baby" and "Pride And Joy", after which he starts building to the climax of "Dirt Pool" and "I'm Crying". The album concludes with a tribute to his wife "Lenny".

Stevie Ray Vaughan's unique quality is that he's not an artist who just recorded albums in the Blues genre trying to approach the standard. Instead he just simply joined in with all the '60s Blues legends.
Music On Vinyl 2012 LP 20.00 €
Sticks McGhee - The Chronological 1951-1959
24 tracks
Classics Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Stone River Boys - Love On The Dial
When the Hacienda Brothers released their third and final studio album titled Arizona Motel in 2008, guitarist Dave Gonzalez was left with the unfortunate task of promoting the new release without his partner Chris Gaffney who died unexpectedly from liver cancer. So Gonzalez put together an Austin Texas all-star band to hit some of The Hacienda Brothers favorite venues, and it was Gonzalez himself who took over the onstage vocal duties for all of Gaffney’s songs, nailing them with emotion and finesse night after night. Gonzalez’s outstanding performances are no surprise to those who followed The Paladins, where Gonzalez did the bulk of the singing for over 20 years. Dave Gonzalez was also the Hacienda Brother’s primary songwriter and powerhouse guitarist who in 2007 was named one of Guitar Player Magazine’s “Top 101 Unsung Guitar Heroes.” Gonzalez had recently helped develop a new prototype Baritone Guitar for Fender. With this guitar he is a pioneer of sorts, exploring new dimensions in guitar tones that only a baritone can produce. The sound is part Duane Eddy, classic honkytonk, and spaghetti westerns. As Dave explains “unexpectedly it also sounds absolutely great on the soul stuff.” This year Spin Magazine selected the Hacienda Brothers at one of the “100 Greatest Bands You’ve (probably) Never Heard.” Gonzalez says, “This is a consolation prize for all the hard work the Hacienda Brothers put into the project and if Gaff had pulled through than maybe we could have shook the "Probably Never Heard Of" part of their 100 Greatest list.” The wild card in Gonzalez’s Austin All-star band was vocalist Mike Barfield. While some people might have mistakenly looked at Barfield as an attempt to replace Gaffney, the fact and the results couldn’t be further from that: Barfield proved to be just the breath of fresh air the shows needed to keep them fun-loving and spontaneous. Barfield is a singer that Gaffney respected and enjoyed. Barfield has fronted his own band, The Hollisters, and spent the last few years creating his own brand of country-soul, recently releasing two CDs of largely original material. The most recent, The Tyrant (Tater Tot Recordings) takes its name from Barfield’s nickname as The Tyrant of Texas Funk. The CD features a slew of fun, soulful, funky and sometimes irreverent songs like “Funky Cupcake” and “The Struggle.” When Barfield breaks into his screaming whoops and animated country-soul dance you’ll want to join the infectious good time. Gaffney would have loved this pairing. In 2009 the Stone River Boys made a big splash performing at SXSW and the Americana Music Conference. Out of their showcases came a record deal with Cow Island Music out of Massachusetts. For every end there is a new beginning and in this case for Dave Gonzalez and Mike Barfield, it’s The Stone River Boys
Cow Island Music 2010 CD 17.00 €
Stringbeans / Chuck Willis - Starlight / Going To The River
red vinyl
ARC Records Single/EP 5.00 €
Sue's Blues - Wild Women CDEP
Last Buzz Record Co 1994 CD 5.00 €
Sugar Chile Robinson - The Chronogical 1949-1952
24 biisiä
Classics Records 2003 CD 15.00 €
Sugar Ray's Flying Fortress - Bim Bam Baby
Ace Records 1996 CD 17.00 €
Sun Ra - I Am Strange / I Am An Instrument
Norton Records 2009 Single/EP 6.00 €
Sun Ra And His Arkestra - Interplanetary Melodies
Norton Records 2009 CD 17.00 €
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