Freddy King - Gives You A Bonanza Of Instrumentals (LP)

Sundazed Music 2010

King’s second all-instrumental album, Freddy King Gives You a Bonanza of Instrumentals, originally released in 1965 on King Records’ Federal subsidiary, continued the artist’s winning streak, with such memorable King originals as “Manhole,” “Freeway 75,” “Low Tide” and “Funnybone.” The 12-song LP demonstrates once again why King was one of his generation’s most revered electric guitarists.

Side A:
1. Manhole
2. Freeway 75
3. Low Tide
4. The Sad Nite Owl
5. Funnybone
6. Nickleplated

Side B:
1. King-a-Ling
2. Surf Monkey
3. Freddy’s Midnite Dream
4. Fish Fare
5. Cloud Sailin’
6. Remington Ride

22.00 €

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