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George Thorogood And The Destroyers - The Hard Stuff
15 tracks
Eagle Records 2006 CD 6.90 €
George Tomsco - Tex-Mex Fireball
Two years before the Shadows hit the UK charts with Apache the Fireballs were being auditioned by Norman Petty to record in his legendary studio in Clovis, New Mexico. Whilst the Shadows dominated the UK instrumental scene, Hank Marvin's rather crude single-note guitar picking paled in comparison with George Tomsco's complex, fluid and meticulously executed Tex-Mex style. The Shadows covered several of George's compositions and would be the first to acknowledge George and the Fireballs' influence. The Fireballs, and later the Ventures, can also be credited with influencing a deluge of surf bands in the early 60s.

Although George never learnt to read music, he nevertheless became an accomplished session musician for Norman Petty, who relied on him and the Fireballs for most of the post-Buddy Holly recordings in Clovis. Having established a close knowledge of George's style in assembling our Fireballs' releases, I was intrigued to hear his distinctive guitar picking when listening to Oh Little Girl by Jimmy Craig, which turned up amongst a bunch of tapes we had copied for Ray Topping's upcoming CD of early 50s Norman Petty productions. This led to ongoing discussions with George and Jerry MacNeish (who knows more about George than George does!) to find out what other recordings George and the Fireballs were featured on. We all knew about the Buddy Holly overdubs, but what else was there?

Well after months of consultations with George, Jerry, Rob Finnis and finally the world Clovis expert John Ingman, we came up with this fascinating insight into George's work as producer, songwriter and guitarist for other artists. Rob Finnis had just compiled our Chuck Rio CD - TEQUILA MAN (CDCHD 688) and we gave it an extra logo "Great Rock'n' Roll Instrumentalists", so George's CD naturally becomes Volume 2 in that series, with James Burton following at some stage, hopefully.

Apart from George's involvement, this CD also serves as the first legitimate source for many of these hard-to-find Norman Petty productions, which have been bootlegged on vinyl by Petty enthusiasts over the years.

by Trevor Churchill (Ace Records)

Ace Records 1998 CD 18.00 €
Georgia Beach - Lord Let Me Be More Humble In This World
24 biisiä vuosilta 1930-1960
Gospel Friend CD 17.00 €
Georgia Peach - Lord Let Me Be More Humble In This World
24 biisiä
Gospel Friend 2005 CD 17.00 €
Geraint Watkins - Mosquito Vol. 2
4 track 10" EP
Goldtop Records 2013 10" LP 12.00 €
Gina Sicilia - Allow Me To Confess
Swingnation Records 2007 CD 18.00 €
Gino Washington - Out Of This World
15 biisiä vuosilta 1962-64 sekä 1967-68
Norton Records 1999 CD 17.00 €
Gizzelle - Rhythm & Soul
Wild Records 2011 CD 15.00 €
Gladys Knight - Beats Of My Heart
Charly Records 2004 CD 9.00 €
Gladys Knight And The Pips - Every Beat Of Our Hearts
Relic Records LP 13.00 €
Go-Nuts - World's Greatest Super Hero Snak Rock And Gorilla Entertainm
Deke Dickerson ! And World's Greatest Super Hero Snak Rock And Gorilla Entertainment Revue
Planet Pimp Records 1997 CD 17.00 €
Goldmine - issue 286
july 1991, vol 17, no 14, issue 286. cover LAVERN BAKER
condition ex
Goldmine 1991 Lehdet 5.00 €
Goree Carter - Rock Awhile
17 tracks
Blues Boy LP 17.00 €
Grady Chapman - Let´s Talk About Us
Beside His Great Solo Recordings, Released Here For The Very First Time On CD.

Grady Chapman´s Voice Could Be Heard Singing Lead Vocals For Legendary Groups Like The Robins, Coasters And Drifters.

28 songs & 20 page booklet
Hydra Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Griffin Brothers featuring Margie Day - Blues With A Beat
First time on CD for many of these recordings by one of the most exciting of the early barnstorming R&B Orchestras of the early 1950’s. The Griffins enjoyed 6 Top 10 R&B Chart hits in the US, four of which are featured on this package. The Griffin’s were blessed with two exceptional vocalists in Margie Day and Tommy Brown but their career floundered when the vocalists left the outfit. Long sought after on CD this release comes with extensive liner notes by expert Dave Penny and is fully illustrated with rare photos and period adverts
Acrobat Music 2003 CD 10.00 €
Guitar Slim - Things That I Used To Do
24 tracks
Ace Records 1991 CD 18.00 €
Gumbo - All The Time
Last Buzz Records 2002 CD 15.00 €
Gumbo - Everyday Sensation
great R&B / New Orleans style group from Sweden
Last Buzz Records 2004 CD 15.00 €
Gyan Dookie & Telecaster Combo - Twenty Years After
their old 7" EP + their tracks from "Living Finnish Blues" sampler. And 7 new recordings.
Blue North 2007 CD 20.00 €
Hadda Brooks - Femme Fatale
Crown LP:n uusintajulkaisu nyt CD:nä
Ace Records 2006 CD 12.00 €
Hadda Brooks - Romance In The Dark
R&B Hall of Fame inductee kicked off the Modern label in 1945 and went on to cut a slew of boogie piano & vocal R&B sides for the label.

The artist who put Modern Records on the musical map was perhaps surprisingly not BB King or Elmore James or John Lee Hooker but a beautiful, classically trained pianist named Hadda Brooks. Brooks created a young, hip style - a boogie pianist not averse to boogie-ing the classics (check out her recording Schubert's Serenade In Boogie) she was also a fine singer of blues and standards. Hadda charted with numbers like That's My Desire (No 4 on the Race charts), Out Of The Blue (No 9 and from her first movie in 1947) and Honey, Honey, Honey (all on this CD). Hadda's main boogie inspiration was the Kansas City ivory whupper Pete Johnson and she gives a few nods in his direction on Bully Wully Boogie. After a spell in the movies - with Humphrey Bogart, Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner - Hadda returned to Modern for a session in 1951 on which she was backed by the Count Basic Orchestra. When A Woman Cries, Tough On My Heart, I Feel So Good and Don't Call It Love are among the recordings here from that final Modern session. Hadda went on to cut sides for Okeh, host a 1953 Los Angeles TV show, work the night club circuit and in 1993 be inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Foundation Hall Of Fame at the Hollywood Palace.
(Ace Records).
Ace Records 1993 CD 18.00 €
Hadda Brooks - Swingin' The Boogie
18 tracks
Ace Records 2003 CD 13.00 €
Hadda Brooks - Where I Came In
I cottoned on to Hadda Brooks fairly early or so I thought. In 1950 I purchased I Hadn't Anyone But You, on London Records, her first UK release. Sometime later I witnessed her performing that selfsame Ray Noble song in the Bogart film In A Lonely Place. Then, one night at the Wembley Pool, during a Harlem Globetrotters basketball game, somebody wheeled a piano out into the middle of the auditorium. A loudspeaker blurted that, during the interval, we'd be entertained by Miss Hadda Brooks! And for fifteen glorious minutes Hadda sang and played superbly, in intimate style, while the audience generally indulged in grabbing crisps and ice-creams or merely heading for the nearest loo, totally ignoring Hadda doing it Steinway and leaving me mentally screaming.

In truth, Hadda had achieved much before I'd ever heard of her. It was back in 1945 when jukebox operator Jules Bihari first took a personal shine to both her looks and her talent and formed Modern as a record label on which to display Hadda's abundant talent as a boogie pianist. Dubbed Queen Of The Boogie, Hadda began knocking out eight-to-a-bar instrumental singles with alacrity, accruing the kind of sales that allowed Bihari to eventually sign such artists as B.B. King, Etta James, Johnny Moore's Three Blazers, Elmore James and others.

The possessor of a sultry, seductive vocal delivery, the woman born Hadda Hopwood moved on from boogie heaven at the close of 1946, when, with a modicum of prompting from bandleader Charlie Barnet, she emerged as a singer of songs for the early hour, a classy, supper-club diva. Her vocal debut for Modern, You Won't Let Me Go, proved a steady seller but it was the follow-up, a version of That's My Desire, an old song that was being popularised by Frankie Laine, that broke Hadda big-time. In mid-1947 it clambered to #3 in the Billboard Race/R&B chart, after which the girl from LA's Boyle Heights became a hot property. King of Swing Benny Goodman heard her and recommended her to film director Lee Jason who cast her in a movie called Out Of The Blue. Next came a spot in In A Lonely Place, followed by The Bad And The Beautiful, a Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas star vehicle. Then, in 1957, she moved on to become the first black America woman to head her own weekly television programme, The Hadda Brooks Show, which ran for 26 weeks.

In Britain the name Hadda Brooks meant little, except to just a few knowing music fans. The Modern recordings, with which she had established her reputation as a performer, had no outlet in this country. Even the later releases on London dried up after just four singles found their way into the UK catalogue. For years, Hadda Brooks. British admirers had a thin time of things. Until, that is, Ace began a series of CD issues that has resulted in the release of "Swingin' The Boogie" (CDCHM 889), which documented Hadda's era as boogie royalty, "Romance In The Dark" (CDSHD 453) a gorgeous collection of hits, bits and boogies, and now, THAT'S WHERE I CAME IN (CDCHD 1046), a truly remarkable compilation of smoky standards, most of which have never seen the light of day before.

A wonderfully relaxed offering, it features Hadda mainly in a trio setting, with her keyboard and vocal work often punctuated by guitar licks courtesy of ever-inventive Spirits Of Rhythm founder member Teddy Bunn. The songs on the album are sheer quality all the way, ranging from such long-life heart-tuggers as Irving Berlin's Always, Fred Ahlert's I'll Get By, Kern-Hammerstein's Why Was I Born? Along with Vernon Duke and Ira Gershwin's I Can't Get Started, through to This Will Make You Laugh, a song that formed one of Nat Cole's earliest and loveliest recordings: I Must Have That Man, Adelaide Hall's torchy show-stopper from Blackbirds of 1928, plus the sly Anna Lucasta, a British song inspired by Philip Yordan's twice-filmed play about a waterfront prostitute. Add copious insert notes by the long-time Hadda Brooks addict Tony Rounce and phrases like "reclamation of the year" immediately spring to mind. To my mind anyway. Then, I was always bewitched by the sound of Hadda Brooks. That's where I came in.

By Fred Dellar, Mojo (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2005 CD 18.00 €
Hamp Goes Wild - Roomin' House Boogie
great jump blues / boogie woogie group from Switzerland
Blue Lake Records 2008 CD 9.90 €
Hank Ballard - Let 'Em Roll
20 tracks
King 2000 CD 9.90 €
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Dancin' & Twistin'
24 tracks from 1955-1969
Ace Records 2000 CD 18.00 €
Hank Ballard & The Midniters / The Royals - Sexy Ways
26 tracks
Proper 2006 CD 10.00 €
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - The EP Collection Plus
24 biisiä
See For Miles 2000 CD 18.00 €
Hank Ballard &The Midnighters - Nothing But Good 1952-1962 5CD
Hank Ballard and The Midnighters were the first professional vocal group young James Brown ever witnessed in person. He vowed one day soon he'd be onstage doing the very same thing. Our retrospective contains everything the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer and his vocal group cut for the Federal and King labels from 1954 to 1962! Five jam-packed discs include unissued gems, alternate takes, unreissued rarities, and a demo version of 'The Twist' as well as the classic hit! It's also featuring all the original hit versions, and comes with comprehensive liner notes from Bill Dahl! - Long before The Temptations, Four Tops, and Spinners made Detroit ground zero for soulful male vocal groups, the city spawned Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, the Motor City's first nationally successful R&B group. Though Hank could belt the blues with livewire intensity (and does here), Ballard's group was primarily concerned with rocking the house. They were one of the first vocal groups to record with their own band, initially led by blistering Houston guitarist Cal Green, whose solos are frequently mind-boggling. - Never has the recorded legacy of the late Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer been treated with such loving care and respect, and never have he and his group sounded better!
Bear Family 2009 CD-Box 115.00 €
Hank Ballard And The Midnighters - 14 Hits
14 Federal and King Records Hits
Bellaphon LP 17.00 €
Hank Ballard And the Midnighters - Come On And Get It 2CD
The Singles Collection 1954-1959.
Hank Ballard was one of the most influential R&B artists of the 1950s and the man who wrote and first recorded 'The Twist'. He was also a major inspiration for James Brown during this period.

Includes both sides of all of Hank Ballard and The Midnighters singles recorded between 1954 and 1959 which amounts to a whopping 58 tracks including 9 US chart hits such as: 'Work With Me Annie' and 'Sexy Ways'.

This is the first time that all of the groups singles have ever been presented in one package. In addition are fully detailed liner notes explaining Hank Ballard and his groups rise from R&B stars to pop stars.
Jasmine Records 2010 CD 13.00 €
Hank Ballard And The Midnighters - The Very Best Of
25 tracks all original King Recordings
Collectables 2001 CD 18.00 €
Hank Nero - Hengitä Vaan
suomenkielistä bluesia
Turenki Records 2011 CD 9.90 €
Heartworn - Heartworn
Bluelight Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Helen Humes - Be-Baba-Leba
16 tracks
Whiskey Women, and LP 15.00 €
Helen Humes - New Million Dollar Secret
Route 66 LP 14.00 €
Helen Humes - The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions - Sneakin' Around
15 biisiä Live Paris 1974
Black & Blue 2002 CD 18.00 €
Helen Humes - Today I Sing The Blues
Acrobat Music 2008 CD 10.00 €
Henry Townsend And Friends - Henry's Worry Blues
24 biisiä. Mukana JD Short ja Joe Stone
Catfish Records 2000 CD 10.00 €
Herb Hardesty & His Band - The Domino Effect - King And Federal Recordings 1958-61
If you grew up listening to R&B and rock’n’roll during the 1950s, you could not have avoided hearing Herb Hardesty. If you own just one of countless Imperial Fats Domino 45s or 78s, you will own at least two examples of Herb’s craft, as he blew tenor saxophone solos on just about every track Fats cut on Imperial from his first session in 1949 to his last in 1962. Herb’s unique sax signature also appeared on a vast amount of other New Orleans productions throughout the 1950s and early 60s. He also toured with Fats’ road band for four decades, appearing all over the world.

It’s hardly surprising that Herb’s own recording career as a bandleader amounts to no more than the 20 tracks that make up ‘The Domino Effect’, a well-deserved salute to this giant of New Orleans music that, happily, he is still around to enjoy.

While he was on the road with Fats, Herb got noticed and signed as a solo act by the manager of Mercury Records group the Diamonds. Using his in at Mercury, Nat Goodman negotiated a deal for Herb and the other members of the Domino band to cut an album of mostly rockin’ instrumentals for the label’s Wing subsidiary at Cosimo Matassa’s New Orleans studio. For reasons that nobody can remember now, the album was never released – an oversight that Ace is more than happy to rectify 54 years later. Although the tracks are obviously sax-centric, there’s plenty of room for the other members of Herb’s outfit to be heard – it sounds like a Fats Domino album without vocals, which is exactly what it is.

The balance of the tracks here were either sold to or cut for King Records’ Syd Nathan and released on the Federal label over a period of a couple of years. Pretty much all of the same musicians participated in the sessions; although the sound is more 60s, there’s plenty for fans of later-period New Orleans R&B to enjoy. The overall listening experience is well summed up by the closing track, ‘Just A Little Bit Of Everything’, which is what Herb Hardesty and his band serve up throughout.

The great music is supplemented by a book full of gorgeous pictures from Herb’s own collection and testimonials from many of the great musicians he has worked with in his 60-plus years in music, from Dr John to Allen Toussaint to Herb’s most regular and loyal employer Dave Bartholomew. Herb is delighted with and fully supportive of our CD. We’re sure those who continually ask us for more music from the Crescent City will be too.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2012 CD 20.00 €
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers - The Kneeanderthal Sounds Of
It’s the Earth quaking Crunching Terrifying Kneeanderthal sound of those British Rocking Beat Garage Dinosaurs Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers after already 3 Full Lengths on Voodoo Rhythm here’s the newest Strike . Sir Bald Diddley aka Sir Bald aka Hipbone Slim (Guitar/Vocals). the one and only Bruce 'Bash' Brand on drums. Bruce has walloped skins for many lauded beat, rhythm n punk combos (Milkshakes, Headcoats, Holly Golightly, Masonics, etc.) and even played with Link Wray, The Pretty Things and The Downliner Sect! and new in the Team: Gez Gerrard plays bass guitar, in-between the last album ‘the sheik said shake (voodoo rhythm VR1251) and ‘the kneeanderthal sound of ..’ there a lot happened.. Sir Bald formed a SKA Orchestra a Beat Combo and the fabulous ‘The Kneejerk Reactions’ and on this new album you can smell the Dustry Road they went trou .. it has everything in it.. Raw Beats Garage Sound Rockabilly Surf Primitive Rock’n’Roll R&B Blues and all melted well and Perfect together in that Unique Hipbone Slim Sound everybody cann copy but nowbuty reaches it … anyway those 15 tracks where Analogue Elecrtically Recordet by ex Toe Rag engineer, Ed Deegan at his own Gizzard Studios in Swinging London
Voodoo Rhythm Records LP 17.00 €
Hipbone Slim And The Knee-Tremblers - Snake Pit
UK R&B, digipack sleeve. used copy
Voodoo Rhythm Records CD 10.00 €
Hoagie Kings - Cigar Bands Vol. 1 Presents - The Hoagie Kings
instrumental lounge band from California
Swing-O-Matic CD 15.00 €
Honey B. & T-Bones - Supernatural
Bluelight Records 1995 CD 15.00 €
Hop Wilson & His Buddies - Steel Guitar Flash!...Plus
Ace Records 1994 CD 18.00 €
Hot Club Of Cowtown - Continental Stomp
Hightone Records 2003 CD 11.90 €
Hotclub Of Cowtown - Swingin' Stampede
Hightone Records 1998 CD 15.00 €
Hound Dog Taylor & The HouseRockers - Beware Of The Dog!
Recorded live 1976
Alligator Records CD 18.00 €
Hound Dog Taylor And The Houserockers - Genuine Houserocking Music
Alligator Records CD 13.00 €
Hound Dog Taylor And The HouseRockers - Hound Dog Taylor And The HouseRockers
blues classic from 1971
Alligator Records CD 20.00 €
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