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Rock And Roll / Rockabilly

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Gene Vincent - Town Hall Party TV Shows 1958 / 1959
19 biisiä n. 45 min.
Rockstar 2000 Videot 28.00 €
Gene Vincent - Woman Love CDEP
CDEP with four tracks
Magic Records CD 8.00 €
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Racing, Bopping, Jumping And Rocking 2CD
The charismatic Gene Vincent was one of Rock & Roll's wildest, most important and exciting pioneering figures.

Includes the sides 'Be Bop A-Lula', 'Bluejean Bop', 'Lotta Lovin'' and 'Dance To The Bop' which are all million selling, acknowledged Rock & Roll classics.

This set presents the very best of Gene Vincent's recordings between 1956-59, drawn from his many singles, Eps and LPs alongside a number of collectors sides which are hard to find elsewhere on CD
Jasmine Records 2010 CD 15.00 €
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Story
20 tracks
Emi 2000 2-CD 10.00 €
Gene Vincent / Eddie Cochran - Be Bop A Lula / C'mon Everybody
Collectables Single/EP 6.00 €
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps - Bluejean Bop
Capitol re-issue LP from 1956
Norton Records LP 13.00 €
Gene Vincent And His Bluecaps - Gene Vincent And His Bluecaps 3CD
3 original albums
Hallmark 2009 CD-Box 13.00 €
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps - ABC Of Rock
AR 1990 LP 13.00 €
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps - Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps
Doxy Music 2009 LP 15.00 €
Gentleman Jim Mealey - I'd Find You / Little Confused
Rare 45 from Gentleman Jim Mealey on Alligator label (UK). Just two copies left.
Alligator Records Single/EP 6.00 €
George And Earl - Better Stop, Look And Listen
1-CD DigiPac (4-palted) with 40-page booklet, 29 tracks, playing time 66:06.

A welcome first CD reissue by one of the classic hillbilly vocal duos, George and Earl! 29 high class 1950s sides made in Nashville featuring musicians ranging from Hank Williams's band to the A team! Contains all 6 original 78s by George McCormick and Earl Aycock and another 6 singles by George McCormick. 'Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes' and 'If You Got Anything Good' are often cited among the best country duet recordings of all time! Three of the songs were scheduled for Hank Williams to record before he died. George McCormick later led the Wagonmasters band for Porter Wagoner and was Dolly Parton's first duet partner on the Wagoner TV show. Earl Aycock later was a DJ in Texas and Louisiana. A 40-page booklet by Martin Hawkins featuring unpublished interviews with George McCormick.

This CD tells about two very different singers and musicians who came together for a brief two years to make some of the best and most interesting duet recordings of the 1950s. The still-prevalent sound of Hank Williams was just beginning to give way to newer styles of popular country music and the upstart sounds of rockabilly. George and Earl together provided a link from the country duets of the '30s, '40s and '50s, the likes of the Delmores and the Louvins, to the harmonies of country music as developed after the rockabilly era. In terms of commercial success they were outgunned by the Everly Brothers, but they had a very different duet style and one that has endured just as long.
Bear Family 2013 CD 18.00 €
George Darro And The Vikings - Viking Twist / Southern Twist
Hailing from PA, George Darro and the Vikings were apparently not on altogether amicable terms. However, they were able to channel their negative energy into two hot tracks as evident on this record. “Viking Twist” is a wild instro with honking sax, twangy guitar and incessant drumming. The flip, is a ‘50s rocker which features the vocals of George
Get Hip Records 1997 Single/EP 5.00 €
George Fleming - I'm Gonna Tell / The Shake
hyvää 50s rockabillyä. Kuvakansi
Rollercoaster Records Single/EP 6.00 €
George Hamilton IV - To You And Yours - The Drugstore's Rockin'
The only 'Best Of' compilation of George Hamilton IV's early recordings, featuring his greatest rockabilly, teen pop and country smashes. It includes two Top 10 Hits, four Top 50 Hits, and four Top 100 Hits. Also includes five Top 25 Country Hits, incl. #1 Abilene Includes several songs only previously available on Bear Family's box set, such as 'Dale Hawkins' House', 'A Car, And A Wedding Ring'. Fabulous original photos from George's personal scrapbook, including exclusive photos of George with Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, and many other '50s heroes. Extensive liner notes by Deke Dickerson from new interviews with George. -- In the tradition of the 'Rocks' and 'Gonna Shake This Shack' series, Bear Family now offers the first in its 'Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll' series by a single artist. This is a true 'Best Of' compilation from George's early days as a rockabilly, teen idol, and Nashville Sound pioneer. From his rockabilly classic 'If You Don't Know (I Ain't Gonna Tell Ya)' to his breakout hits 'A Rose And A Baby Ruth' and 'Abilene', you'll find all the greatest gems from George's early years of music stardom. While you're listening, read the notes and discover how mild-mannered George got along with Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Sam Cooke and Chuck Berry, and hear George explain how 'A Rose And A Baby Ruth' became a hit. This is an enjoyable compilation of an enjoyable man - country music legend George Hamilton IV.
Bear Family 2009 CD 17.00 €
George Jones - Heartbreak Hotel - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
1-CD DigiPac (4-plated) with 48-spage booklet, 35 tracks. Playing time approx. 82 mns. - The greatest singer in country music history is renowned for ballads, but throughout his early career, he recorded rockin' songs... even a little rockabilly! This is the first anthology of Jones' rocking side! Includes extremely rare recordings, unreissued on CD or LP! Also includes the #1 country hits 'Why Baby Why' and 'White Lightnin''! - At 81, George Jones has enjoyed the status of world's greatest living country singer for more than half-century. Much of that reputation is rooted in raw, emotional ballads, such as 'He Stopped Loving Here Today', 'The Grand Tour', 'Walk Through This World With Me', 'She Thinks I Still Care', and 'Tender Years'. But that's only one part of the story. Jones was no less masterful on hotter material starting with his first hit, 'Why Baby Why'. This collection includes that first hit as well as rarities, obscurities, and shoulda-been-hits like 'No Money In This Deal', 'Too Much Water', 'Tall Tall Trees' (written by Roger Miller and later a #1 hit for Alan Jackson), 'Nothing Can Stop Me' and 'That's The Way I Feel', 'Revenooer Man' (written by Donny Young, aka Johnny Paycheck), 'Who Shot Sam', and 'Sparkling Brown Eyes'. And then there's Jones' only major pop hit (and #1 country hit) 'White Lightnin'' (written by the Big Bopper). - There's more! Starday Records coerced Jones into recording several rockabilly classics under the name of Thumper Jones: 'Rock It' and 'How Come It'. Short of cash, Jones also covered other artists' hits for Starday's budget-priced series of Dixie EPs. These included 'Heartbreak Hotel' and Johnny Horton's 'I'm A One-Woman Man' (a 1988 hit when George re-recorded it for Epic). The wilder side of Jones's life is well known; this collection assembles 35 of his most aggressive performances from Starday and Mercury...many of them featuring the classic east Texas honky tonk sound. Plus, there's a rare radio spot from his Starday years, notes by Rich Kienzle, and a detailed discography.
Bear Family 2011 CD 17.00 €
George Jones - Jones By George 2CD
2CD = 40 tracks + 16 page booklet
Proper 2003 2-CD 15.00 €
George Jones - Ragged But Right 3CD
There are those seemingly unique names that identify a musical hero, such as Elvis, Madonna or Prince, and there are those that are mundane in the extreme. George Jones, is one such: there have been many George Joneses in the history of recorded music – jazz, blues, rock, pop and classical have all seen their fair shares of George Joneses – yet mention that name and it is likely that people who are not even fans of country music will think of the man that was once “The Possum”; the spiritual heir to the legacy of Hank Williams, who married Tammy Wynette at the height of her popularity and was infamous for his rock ’n’ roll lifestyle of excessive drinking and drug-taking, earning him a reputation as “No Show Jones”, before kicking the addictions and earning a better reputation…as, simply, “The Greatest Living Country Singer”.

This important compilation brings together, for the first time, the birth of the legend. Collecting all the A- and B-sides of every one of Jones’ early singles for the Texas-based Starday label from his recording debut in January 1954 through the switch to the major Mercury Records in 1957 and on into 1959 when he crossed over into the mainstream pop charts and beyond. Featuring no less than 18 US Country and Pop chart smash hits, these include the original versions of “Why Baby Why” (1955), “Gonna Come Get You” (1956) and “White Lightnin’” (1959) as well as “Don’t Stop The Music”, “Color Of The Blues”, “Who Shot Sam?” and “Big Harlan Taylor”.

In addition to this proud legacy of stone honky-tonk and country gospel, we also offer George’s secret history when, hiding behind pseudonyms such as Thumper Jones or Hank Smith, he recorded cover versions of country hits for various mail-order record companies and along the way was responsible for some of the wildest rockabilly to be recorded outside of Memphis.
Fantastic Voyage 2011 CD-Box 18.00 €
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad To The Bone
albumi vuodelta 1982
Capitol Records 2007 CD 13.00 €
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Extended Versions
hyvä ja halpa kokoelma
BMG Special Products 2000 CD 9.00 €
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Ride ' Til I Die
Eagle Records 2003 CD 9.00 €
Georgia Gibbs - Red Hot
25 tracks
Sepia Records 2003 CD 13.00 €
Gerry Granahan - My Musical Scrap Book
26 tracks
Relic Records CD 15.00 €
Gina Lee - Where Ya Been ?
country / rockabilly from Austin, Texas
GLee Club Recordings 2002 CD 17.00 €
Gino Washington - Come Monkey With Me / Out Of This World
Romp & stomp to all four chart-bustin Amon label sides on one wax seven incher! Get Gino Washinton and the Rochelles with the Atlantics on Out Of This World/Come Monkey With Me c/w two roarin' instrumentals Heartburn/Monkey Tree by Gino's teen backing combo the Atlantics! Boss Pittsburgh deejay Mad Mike made Heartburn a hit in his town, calling it Mortician's Stomp!
Norton Records 1999 Single/EP 6.00 €
Gisha Brothers - The Gisha Brothers
(1-CD, Digipak, 32-seitiges Booklet, 34 Titel, Spieldauer 84:55). Offizielle CD-Premiere einer deutschen Top-Beat-Rarität! Prallgefüllte Disc Dieser erfahrenen Profis und Alleskönner - nur bei Bear Family Records! -- Sie waren nicht mehr die Jüngsten, interessierten sich nicht für Mode-Trends und zählten lieber technisch zum Besten, was die Musik der frühen Sixties zu bieten hatte: die Gisha Brothers um die Brüder Klaus (Jahrgang 1928) und Hans (Å) Gisha, die 1962 in Frankfurt entdeckt wurden. Bear Family schickt jetzt - erstmals offiziell auf CD - eine deutsche Beat-Rarität erster Güte ins Rennen. Eine randvolle Disc präsentiert jene Band, der in Deutschland technisch niemand das Wasser reichen konnte. Bis sie an den Start ging, hatten ihre (sehr häufig wechselnden) Mitglieder schon jahrelang als Profis Dienst getan - in Salonorchestern, in Bands von Besatzungssoldaten, in Club-Combos. Die Hessen spielten dabei buchstäblich alles: Cool Jazz, Swing, Dixieland. Und als Rock 'n' Roll, Beat, Slop, Twist und rockige Instrumentals angesagt waren, schlug die Stunde der Gisha Brothers auch auf Schallplatten. - Die Bear-Family-CD (mit den besten Titeln der Original-LPs 'Slop Train' und 'Happy Thunder' sowie von gesuchten Singles wie 'Prisoner Of The Beat/Poison Ivy' von 1964/65) ist ein hochkarätiger Streifzug durch das imposante, breitgefächerte Repertoire der Band - mit Rock 'n' Roll-Klassikern ('Maybelline', 'Memphis Tennessee', 'What 'd I Say'), treibenden Instrumentals ('Peter Gunn', 'Crossfire', 'Watermelon Man'), Beat-Hits ('Can't Buy Me Love', 'World Without Love'), aber auch deutschsprachigen Titeln wie 'Ich glaub Dir nicht', 'Sie ist das schönste Girl' und 'Für Dich Baby für Dich'. - Die Gisha Brothers waren in Spielfilmen zu sehen, sie traten als Gäste in TV-Sendungen auf ('Musik aus Studio B', 'Drehscheibe') und waren dabei auf der Live-Bühne so stark wie im Studio - ihre Mischung aus Präzision und Eleganz wurde von kaum einer anderen deutschen Sixties-Formation erreicht. Als sich in den späteren sechziger Jahren die Musik stilistisch veränderte, wählten die Gishas die sichere Seite: Beat, Pop & Co. ade, sie verdingten sich lieber als Gala-Musiker mit Dauer-Engagements in Edel-Hotels luxuriöser Wintersportorte und auf Kreuzfahrtschiffen. Hinterlassen haben die Musiker ein Repertoire, das punktuell etwas risikoarm erscheinen mag, aber stets das überdurchschnittliche Können erprobter Vollprofis dokumentiert.
Bear Family 2009 CD 18.00 €
Glen Glenn - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud Loud Music
36 biisiä ja vihkonen
Bear Family 2004 CD 20.00 €
Glen Glenn - Glen Glenn Story / Everybody's Movin'
Kaksi ACE:n LP:tä yhdellä CD:llä. Yhteensä 29 biisiä. Biisit 1-13 ovat 50-luvun nauhoituksia. Biisit 16-27 nauhoitettu Englannissa 1984.
Ace Records 1992 CD 15.00 €
Glen Glenn - Glen Rocks
25 tracks
Bear Family 2003 CD 18.00 €
Glen Glenn - Missouri Rockabilly
35 tracks
Stompertime Records 1993 CD 18.00 €
Glen Glenn - Rockabilly Legend
16 tracks
Sunjay Records 1987 LP 12.00 €
Glenn Honeycut - Rock All Night With...
Stompertime Records Single/EP 5.00 €
Glenn Honeycutt & The Poor Boys - Mr All Night Rock
Here comes the first longplayer from Glenn Honeycutt - exact 40 years after his latest single on Fernwood 142. What has this guy done in the meantime ? He was a postman in Memphis !
Glenn became a legend for recording a dozen songs in the legendary Sun Recording Studio in Memphis between 1956 and 1958. Only one single has been released - Sun 264 I'll Be Around/ I'll Wait Forever - by Sam Philips. Elvis Presley just had left Sun Records and Sam was looking for somebody who could have a similar success - why not try Elvis cousin Glenn Honeycutt ? Their grandmothers were sisters, but Glenn had never the chance to meet Elvis.
Glenn Honeycutt became famous through an unreleased song called All Night Rock - that why we have choosen this as the title of the CD - Mr. All Night Rock.
In 2004 we asked another Rhythm Bomb artist Randy Rich to find a main act for one of our record release parties and Randy came up with the name Glenn Honeycutt. I had a quick look in my collection and found some great songs on the Sun Rockin Years Boxset. Yes I remembered playing his songs over and over in the early 80s. But - was he still around ? Does he have still a good voice and finally - is he willing to come over and record new material after all of these years ? The last thing I heard was that he had a good appearance in Hemsby some years ago.
The answer to all of these questions was YES. And we discovered that he is a fantastic songwriter who is waiting to record his own stuff.
We organized a small club tour in Germany and Sweden and finally got him in our recording studio in Berlin. Backed by Randy Rich and the Poor Boys, the guys managed to record 15 songs in 4 days. 12 of them you find on this CD. As an old Sun tradition, we kept the three best songs for us to release them in twenty years on a Rhythm Bomb Box set ... just kidding ...
11 of these songs have been written by Glenn Honeycutt, only My Heart (#9) has been written by Randy Rich. Its not easy to pick out the best songs, but our feedback so far was the best on A Love Song (#12) and Promise Me Love (#10). We just got a request from a manager of a well known Pop artist who plans to cover A Love Song.
To record 50s recording artists in a vintage recording studio backed up by a young band - this is one of Rhythm Bombs strategies. But we try to make it different - we catch the original sound, pick only originals (or a few covers) and we never re-record the hits of the artists. And we try to find songs for our artists which are reflecting the age of them - they are all over 60 and have left high school 40 years ago ...
Rhythm Bomb Records 2005 CD 9.90 €
Glenn Honeycutt / Jimmy Wages - Rock All Night / Miss Pearl
Sun Records Jukebox Series
Norton Records Single/EP 6.00 €
Glenn Reeves - Johnny On The Spot
44-page booklet, 25 tracks. Playing time approx. 59 minutes. - The first and only compilation of music by an important but little-reissued singer and songwriter! Includes the original demo recording of Heartbreak Hotel, one of the most important recordings in rock 'n' roll! All eight singles by Glenn Reeves issued on TNT, Republic, Atco and Decca in the 1950s are included! Also here are six unissued 1950s recordings and a very rare single from the 1960s on the Envy label! There are rare photographs and interviews with Reeves's friends and family! The comprehensive booklet by Martin Hawkins covers all of Glenn's various careers as a singer, songwriter, disc jockey, TV star, music promoter and more! -- This CD is the first comprehensive look at the career of Glenn Reeves, a man who was at the heart of the emerging rock 'n' roll styles of the '50s, from western bop to early rockers to rocking ballads. Reeves was an excellent singer although he was eclipsed by the success of others - he recorded 'Heartbreak Hotel' first - and he was a successful songwriter: 'Honey Bop', 'Rockin' Country Style', and 'I Won't Be Rockin' Tonite'. But he was even more successful as a TV star on a syndicated show out of Florida in the '60s and as a promoter of massive outdoor country music events in the '70s. His part in the story of rock 'n' roll has been little-known but it is no less important for that, and now it is told in full in words, pictures, and especially in his rocking music.
Bear Family 2011 CD 18.00 €
Glenn Reeves - Rock-A-Boogie Lou / Betty's Bounce
Sleazy Records 2011 Single/EP 7.00 €
Glenn Reeves - Rockin' Country Style
Encore 1995 CD 18.00 €
Go Getters - Hot Rod Roadeo
Finally new CD out from The Go Getters.
Goofin Records 2008 CD 15.00 €
Go Getters - Hot Rod Roadeo T-PAITA / T-SHIRT Size XL
black t-shirt. sizes XL
Go Getters 2008 T-paidat 15.00 €
Go Getters - Live In Los Angels
great live recording
Goofin Records 2002 CD 15.00 €
Go Getters - MexiGo ! / Madman Blues
Already rare 45 from the Go Getters. with picture sleeve ! We have less than 10 copies left.
Goofin Records 1996 Single/EP 8.00 €
Go Getters - Motormouth CD
re-pressing now available !!
Goofin Records 2003 CD 15.00 €
Go Getters - Real Gone
their first CD
Part Records 1993 CD 9.90 €
Go Getters - Rock & Roll Is Everywhere
available also on 10" LP
Goofin Records 1998 CD 15.00 €
Go Getters - Rock And Roll Is Everywhere 10"
limited edition also on 10" vinyl
Goofin Records 1998 10" LP 12.00 €
Go Getters - Run Rudolph Run / All I Want For X-mas
The first Christmas record from popular swedish rockin' trio THE GO GETTERS. Limited edition 1000 copies.  
Goofin Records 2004 Single/EP 6.00 €
Go Getters - Welcome To Sin City
more great material from this fab swedish rockin' trio
Goofin Records 2001 CD 15.00 €
Goin' Ape - The Chicks Can't Get Enough Of Goin' Ape
Fuel Records 2001 CD 15.00 €
Goofy & The Gamblers - Goofy & The Gamblers
7 biisin MiniCD - mukana Francinen kundeja !
Bluelight Records 2003 CD 9.90 €
Graham Fenton & the Western All-Stars - Raging Heart
Solo-album from Graham Fenton, the well known frontman of 80s hit-making Rockabilly band Matchbox
Western Star 2009 CD 15.00 €
Granny's Roosters - I'm Leavin' You EP
Four track EP by this band from Holland. Picture sleeve .
Tessy Records Single/EP 4.00 €
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