VA: - First Tuesdays At Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance (DVD)

Hollander Media 2006

Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance captures live performances of the best of the best of LA's alternative country music scene. But what resonates even more is the musicians' sense of family and tehir commitment to Ronnie and the Barn Dance. This special bond among these gifter musicians has kept this underground LA tradition alive for more than 20 years. And now You're there, on the first Tuesday of the month, in a little LA bar, about to hear a unique brand of California "roots" music played by musicians who take part because they love the music. You will, too.

1. James Intveld: Somewhere Down The Road
2. Mark Insley: Heart Out In The Snow
3. Big Sandy And His Fly Rite Boys: I Hate Loving You
4. James Intveld: All The Way From Memphis
5. Mike Stinson: Late Great Golden State
6. Jann Browne: It's Cold Here In London
7. Dave Alvin: 11 Monts And 29 Days
8. Kathy Robertson: Temptation
9. Duane Jarvis: I Want A Girl That's Hip
10. Barn Dance Band: Steelin' Home
11. Rick Shea: Lonsome Cannonball
12. Rosie Flores: Don't Take It Away

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