VA: - Foot Tappin' And Dance At The Screamin' Festival Vol. 2 (CD)

El Toro Records 2009

DJ AT from the Netherlands has combined a great compilation of various roots music styles from the early 1930s to the early 1960s.

This CD is very good for all Your dancers out there.

1. Three Alley Cats: Roy Hall
2. Gonna Go Back To Texas: Dale Belmont & Her Texas Townsmen
3. Just A Gigolo, I Ain't Nobody: Louis Prima
4. Tulsa Baby: The Miller Brothers
5. Sugar Beet: Pee Wee King
6. Drill, Daddy, Drill: Dorothy Elles
7. Razzle Dazzle: Ella Mae Morse
8. Chicka Biddie Boogie: The Scamps
9. I Feel Like A MIllion: Manie Bradley
10. I'll Keep On Lovin' You: Ray Price & His Cherokee Cowboys
11. Sure Cure For The Blues: Four Jacks
12. Should I: The Four Aces
13. Watcha Know Joe: Tommy Dorsey & Jo Stafford
14. Ragtime Cowboy Joe: Jo Stafford
15. A-Tisket, A-Tisket: Ella Fitzgerald
16. Pucker Paint: Danny Wolf
17. Poor Man's Baby: Glen Barber
18. Looka Looka Looka: Johnny Mabara
19. Shake It Up: Sandy Scott
20. Diggin' The Boogie: Roy Hall
21. I've Had Enough: Jerry Reed
22. Lavender Coffin: Sonny Parker
23. Boom De De Boom: Janet Baker
24. Rock And Roll Baby: Eddie Jackson
25. Virginia On A Saturday Night: Bob Eaton
26. I'll Do It (Deed I do): Shirley & Lee
27. Lillie Mae: Smiley Lewis

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