VA: - Finnish Rock'n'Roll 2010 (CD)

Ee-Dee Records 2010

great compilation of finnish rockabilly. limited edition of 500 copies.

1. Brandy Rockers: Rockabilly Johnny
2. Gru-V-Tones feat Boppin' Bettie: Bertha Lou
3. Gru-V-Tones feat Boppin' Bettie: No Time
4. Hal Peters Trio: Hocus Pocus
5. Hal Peters Trio: All The Time
6. Fleabrain: Mad Dog
7. Fleabrain: So Glad She Ran
8. Del Rays: Sick And Tired
9. Del Rays: Five Feet Of Lovin'
10. Rave On: Ann Catherine
11. Rave On: Freaky Girl
12. Maibell & Misfires: Rock The Bop
13. Maibell & Misfires: ICan't Find The Words

9.90 €

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