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Betty Grable - The Pin-Up Girl 2CD
Musiikkia Bettyn leffoista
Jasmine Records 1997 2-CD 20.00 €
Bob Hope & Friends - Put It There Pal - A Slute To The King Of Comedy 2CD
2CD= 33 biisiä
Jasmine Records 1999 2-CD 15.00 €
Bobby Darin - Original Album Series 5CD
Rhino Records 2011 2-CD 23.00 €
Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Ultimate Collection 2CD
2 live shows = 31 tracks
Surfdog 2004 2-CD 15.00 €
Dionne Warwick - Original Album Series 5CD
Rhino Records 2009 2-CD 22.00 €
John Barry - The Bees Knees-The EMI Years 1957-1964 3CD
Tammikuun 30. päivänä kuolleen John Barryn EMI levytykset.

Viisinkertainen Oscar-voittaja tuli tunnetuksi elokuvamusiikistaan mm. filmeihin
'Born Free', 'Out Of Africa' ja James Bond elokuviin.

Tässä uudelleen pakattu tripla 1990-luvulla julkaistusta versiosta. The EMI years
1957-1964 kokoelman Cdt 1 ja 2 ilmestyivät 1993, ja Vol. 3 vuonna 1995.
Mukana legendaariset levytykset mukanaan 'Stringband' albumi, sekä singlelevyjen,
A-ja B-puolet.

Emi 2011 2-CD 22.00 €
Julie London - The Very Best Of Julie London 2CD
50 tracks. Rare Korea pressing
Emi Music Korea 2003 2-CD 23.00 €
Marcel Bianchi - Exciting Electric Guitar 2CD
2CD = 51 tracks + 28 page booklet
Djaz Records 2005 2-CD 20.00 €
Margot Hielscher - Hallo Fräulein 2CD
Bear Family 2009 2-CD 25.00 €
Nat King Cole - Eight Classic Albums Vol. 3 4CD
Real Gone Music 2-CD 9.00 €
Nina Simone - Deluxe - The Anthology Collection 3CD
Music Brokers 2013 2-CD 15.00 €
VA: - 1957 British Hit Parade Vol. 6 Part 1 4CD
4CDs = 98 tracks
Acrobat Music 2008 2-CD 19.00 €
VA: - 1958 British Hit Parade Vol. 7 Part 1 4CD
4CDs = 101 tracks
Fantastic Voyage 2009 2-CD 19.00 €
VA: - 75 Pumpin' Piano Greats 3CD
Fantastic Voyage 2009 2-CD 17.00 €
VA: - Baby, How Can It Be ? 3CD
3CDs = 66 tracks
Dust To Digital 2010 2-CD 40.00 €
VA: - Blue Note Trip - Maestro Turntables
2CD digisleeve
Emi 2-CD 20.00 €
VA: - Eteenpäin! Suomi-Jazz 1960-1975 3CD
Nimimerkki Pessimisti kirjoitti Rytmi-lehden numerossa 6/1960 synkästi: "Minne menet Suomen jazz? Tällä hetkellä vastaus näyttää olevan tuhoisan yksinkertainen: Kuolemaan. Suomessa jazz on henkihieverissään."

Nimimerkin ennustus ei onneksi toteutunut. Päinvastoin, sillä 1960-luku merkitsi suurta muutosta suomalaisessa jazzissa. Ripeä kehitys jatkui 1970-luvulla, jolloin suomalainen jazz vakiinnutti asemansa musiikin kentässä kansainvälisestikin.
Artie Music 2013 2-CD 30.00 €
VA: - Forgotten 45's 1960-1962 3CD
The Forgotten 45s 1960-1962 follows hot on the heels of The Forgotten 45s 1957-1959, Fantastic Voyage’s previous survey of The Ones That Got Away, which has already proved a bigger-seller and been the subject of an enthusiastic review in The Daily Mirror.

Not every record that’s released can be a hit. Not every record that’s released deserves to be a hit, but frequently records that do aren’t and that’s what this set is all about. Three CDs, packed full of great records that should have been hits, but weren’t. Reflecting the musical preferences of the era, the featured styles run the gamut of R&B, doo wop, soul, rock & roll, country, and mainstream pop. Some of the tracks will never have been on legitimately released CDs before; all will give listening pleasure to collectors and pop music fans alike.

Artists, labels and other pundits could reasonably have expected these recording to be UK hit singles, but they were denied that success. The reason may be apparent with hindsight: the timely release of a rival version, or the listening public starting to fall out of love with the artist, or their style of music. But other misses are harder to fathom, and of course it is this unpredictability that goes a long way to explain our fascination with hit records.

Some of the featured tracks have become favourite oldies despite never making our charts (“Sticks And Stones”, “Last Night”, “Hello Walls”, “Pledging My Love”), some are wannabe hits by name artists whose chart pedigree is not in doubt (Pat Boone, Alma Cogan, Jackie Wilson, Bobby Darin, Craig Douglas, the Platters) and some were “new kids on the block” from both sides of the Atlantic, whose releases should have done so much better.

A fascinating parallel narrative when considered alongside hits-of-the-year compilations, like Fantastic Voyage’s exhaustive British Hit Parade series, The Forgotten 45s 1960-1962, and its companion set The Forgotten 45s 1957-1959, give collectors the chance to fill those holes in their archives which they’ve always meant to fill, but haven’t, and will give impulse CD buyers a thrilling reminder of records that passed consumers by in the heyday of pop music.
Fantastic Voyage 2013 2-CD 17.00 €
VA: - The Girl Can't Help It 3CD
Deluxe Expanded Edition. Over 100 tracks by the musical stars of "The Girl Can't Help It". Including songs from the many other rock'n'roll movies of the era. And much more.

The Greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Film Of The 1950s – The Girl Can’t Help It brought rock ’n’ roll to groin-swivelling life in living colour, defining a new cultural revolution to focus a generation, providing a mutual relationship launch-pad for the likes of Lennon and McCartney, while setting a genre precedent which was never topped.

Part of a deluge of musical exploitation films released for the Christmas 1956 market, in the wake of the success of Rock Around The Clock earlier that year, The Girl Can’t Help It was distinct from most of its hastily-conceived rivals by being shot in glorious colour, and having both a witty script and thoughtfully integrated musical performances. Initially created by Looney Tunes/action movie veteran Frank Tashlin as a vehicle for new-blonde-on-the-block Jayne Mansfield, the film sparked worldwide teenage rampage when it first appeared in 1956, giving many their first taste of the uncaged phenomenon of rock ’n’ roll as the music’s hottest names strutted and wailed through what would become their signature songs, including Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Fats Domino.

To celebrate the movie, music and all-star cast, Fantastic Voyage swing doctor Dave Penny has forged a colossal three-CD set based around the original soundtrack, kicking off with Little Richard’s three songs from the film (‘Ready Teddy’, ‘She’s Got It’ and dam-busting rock chick anthem title track), then another dozen affirmations of the pompadoured Georgia Peach’s unbridled gospel-charged piano-humping mayhem.

Disc One also features screaming sax honker Nino Tempo on both the film’s ‘Tempo’s Tempo’ and eight more tracks from its mothership album, Rock ’N’ Roll Beach Party (including the immortal ‘Turkey Gobbler’) plus Texan rocker Johnny Olenn’s ‘I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More’ and ‘My Idea Of Love’ from the film, and more from his Just Rollin’ With Johnny Olenn album.

Disc Two spotlights Gene Vincent, his ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula’ from the film, plus another seven tracks, including 1958’s ‘Git It’ (as later covered by Dave Edmunds) and four which appeared in the lesser-known Hot Rod Gang flick. Also here are Julie London (cheesecake chanteuse missus of the film’s soundtrack supplier Bobby Troup), rocker Eddie Fontaine, the Three Chuckles, Teddy Randazzo (with the now rather sinister-sounding ‘Be My Kitten Little Chicken’) and the great Abbey Lincoln injecting gospel passion with ‘Spread The Word’ (shortly before becoming one of the world’s leading firebrand jazz singers as wife of drummer Max Roach).

Larger-than-life Fats Domino looms over Disc Three with his ‘Blue Monday’ from the film joined by other celluloid sorties, including ‘Ain’t It A Shame’ and two others from Shake Rattle And Rock, plus others including showings in The Big Beat and Jamboree. He’s joined by the Treniers, built around twin brothers Cliff and Claude, whose ‘Rockin’ Is Our Bizness’ appeared in The Girl Can’t Help It, joined here by their showings in Don’t Knock The Rock, Teen Age Rebel, Jukebox Rhythm and Calypso Heat Wave. The Platters demonstrate why the rock ’n’ roll movie genre was so essential to their career, ‘You’ll Never Know’ from The Girl Can’t Help It joined by items they contributed to Rock Around The Clock, Rock All Night, Carnival Rock and Girls Town. The set is completed by trumpet-titan Ray Anthony and a hidden track of Jayne Mansfield herself with her own ‘Just Plain Jayne’, completing a collection which explodes with all the energy, attitude and underlying musical flair which now sound like the perfect case for an axis-shifting revolution. The only missing ingredient is Elvis, offered the main male lead but scuppered by the Colonel’s financial demands. He didn’t do too bad but neither did the movie and stellar cast assembled on this brilliantly-executed manifesto for the movement it inspired.

Fantastic Voyage 2012 2-CD 18.00 €
Zoot Sims - Swing King! 2CD
2CD = 44 tracks
Proper 2004 2-CD 15.00 €
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