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Les Elgartand his Orchestra - Live From the Palladium
Collectors' choice music 2000 CD 13.00 €
Les Paul - The Absolutely Essential 3CD Collection
Big3 2010 CD 10.00 €
Les Paul - The Inventor: Great Guitar Instrumentals
Microwerks 2009 CD 13.00 €
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Greatest Hits 2CD
2CD = 40 biisiä
Primo Records 2006 CD 10.00 €
Les Paul & Mary Ford - In Perfect Harmony 4CD
4CD:tä = 108 biisiä. 44 siv vihkonen
Proper 2007 CD-Box 20.00 €
Les Paul Trio - Playing And Making The Guitar 1944-1947 2LP
Doxy Music 2010 LP 25.00 €
Lesley Gore - Girl Talk with Bonus Tracks
The liner notes to Lesley Gore’s “Girl Talk” LP mourn the influx of “twanging guitars, psychedelic sounds and moaning voices” and hails Lesley for “singing in tune” and “pronouncing the lyrics of a song so they are understandable”. This was October 1964, when America was smack in the midst of Beatlemania. Lesley Gore, like so many American artists navigating the music scene, had to contend with the British Invasion, but she managed to weather the changing climate and remain in the Top 20 from ‘It’s My Party’ in early 1963 through to ‘California Nights’ in ’67.

By the time “Girl Talk” was released in October 1964, Lesley had entered her first year at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. It was drastically different from Dwight School For Girls. She had to cope with cynical teachers who thought her enrolment was a PR stunt and students who were not too keen to make her acquaintance. “It was not an easy transition. I came there as a star, and I gotta tell you, they treated me like shit. I was a pop singer at a time when it was a whole lot hipper to be a beatnik.” Lesley would sport a more beatnik look on her fifth album, “My Town, My Guy And Me”, but “Girl Talk” already hinted at an artist moving beyond her teenybopper years and eager to expand her musical palette.

Album opener ‘Hey Now’ was risky – far more feisty and rhythmic than Lesley’s usual material. Its follow-up, ‘Maybe I Know’, proved that teenage pop could be smart and gimmick-free. The single also established a relationship between Lesley and songwriter Ellie Greenwich, who penned the song and its fab successor ‘Look Of Love’ with her husband Jeff Barry. Ellie, along with singers Jean Thomas and Mikie Harris, were integral to the making of “Girl Talk”, giving the album its lush tones and girl group feel. The girls spent a day in July 1964 recording eight of the cuts on “Girl Talk” with Quincy Jones and engineer Phil Ramone at the mixing board. Devastating ballad ‘Say Goodbye’ owes much of its magic to their voices echoing Lesley’s pain. Lesley was particularly fond of ‘You’ve Come Back’, a Van McCoy ballad she calls “one of my favourite songs of all time. I remember the first time I heard it on a demo, and I cried like a baby. I said, ‘I really need to do this song.’ That’s how deeply it affected me.” McCoy pops up again on ‘It’s Just About That Time’, delivered with all the feeling of a girl having to tear herself away from her beau to make it home by curfew. ‘Little Girl Go Home’ is another of her cherished “Girl Talk” moments. “When I was over in France, Charles Aznavour, who I idolised, invited me to his house for lunch. I met the writers and I heard ‘Little Girl Go Home’ for the first time. It has some very wonderful memories.

Lesley celebrated 50 years in the music business in March 2013. “Five decades!” she enthuses. Five decades on and Lesley Gore’s impact still reigns strong – in the message of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and in modern-day artists such as Drake, Icona Pop, Jessie J and Miley Cyrus who keep ‘It’s My Party’ alive and well in the present.

By Sheila Burgel (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2014 CD 18.00 €
Lesley Gore - Magic Colors - The Lost Album With Bonus Tracks 1967-1969
The superb lost sequel to the New Jersey pop icon’s “California Nights” album, with 15 extra tracks from the same period. Production and orchestrations by maestros Bob Crewe, Jack Nitzsche, Gamble & Huff, Steve Douglas, Herb Bernstein, Paul Leka, Thom Bell et al.

New York City, 1981. An audience of New Wave hipsters (and me) has gathered for a screening of The TAMI Show, arguably (not really) the all-time greatest filmed rock concert. When Lesley Gore is introduced, snickers and catcalls resound. What’s this white-bread princess doing on a show with James Brown, Marvin Gaye and the Stones? Minutes later her powerful, intense performance of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ results in a standing ovation.

Lesley Gore has always gotten a bum rap. After scoring a #1 on her first effort, the New Jersey teenager reeled off an impressive string of Quincy Jones-produced Brill Building hits while simultaneously pursuing her college education. After the hits subsided and Jones moved on, Lesley enjoyed a 1967 chart comeback with a couple of Bob Crewe productions that placed her squarely in the genre now fondly called Sunshine Pop.

The comeback was short-lived, however, and Mercury Records shelved a planned album entitled “Magic Colors”. The world was deprived of a veritable Sunshine Pop masterpiece. Better late than never, Ace is proud to present “Magic Colors” in all its shimmering, swirling glory. The proposed LP was mostly produced by Steve Douglas, whose Wrecking Crew cohorts outdo themselves on the elaborately layered tracks.

From the Neil Sedaka-penned title song to a vibrant cover of the Tokens’ Mann-Weil hit ‘It’s A Happening World’ and the inexplicably low-charting single ‘Brink Of Disaster’, the overall effect of “Magic Colors” is dazzling in its sophistication and complexity. Lesley and her brother Michael contribute a pair of songs and Teddy Randazzo’s beautiful ‘You Sent Me Silver Bells’ is a definite highlight, as is a cover of ‘To Sir With Love’ utilising the third verse that Lulu only sang in the movie. Lesley also nails the Rascals’ ‘How Can I Be Sure’ with understated sincerity. In the parlance of 1967, “Magic Colors” is one groovy album.

15 bonus tracks present a series of singles released in 1968 and 1969. The stars didn’t align to produce any hits despite valiant efforts by an array of crack tunesmiths and ace producers. Three tracks crafted by Gamble and Huff are pop/soul gems, and there’s a brilliant cover of Dusty’s ‘All Cried Out’ which went unreleased at the time. It’s hard to fathom why Lesley’s imaginative medley of ’98.6’ and ‘Lazy Day” wasn’t a hit, but easier to understand what went wrong with ‘Wedding Bell Blues’, which was pipped at the post by the 5th Dimension.

Thus ended Lesley Gore’s Mercury tenure. The future would hold more great music, more songwriting (she and her brother shared a 1980 Best Song Oscar nomination) and a highly successful performing career that endures to this day, all on her own terms.

New York City, 2011. A Broadway musical travesty about the Shirelles (but not even close) portrays Lesley for comic relief, simpering and snivelling through ‘It’s My Party’ before running offstage in tears. The bum rap continues.

“Magic Colors” presents a much more realistic snapshot of the multi-faceted artist that is Lesley Gore.

By Dennis Garvey (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2011 CD 17.00 €
Lill Babs - Wo finde ich den Mann ?
Bear Family 2003 CD 17.00 €
Lill-Babs - 14 Bästa
14 tracks
Universal Music 2006 CD 13.00 €
Lille Gerhard - Den Siste Mohikanen
17 tracks
Star Club Records 1990 LP 13.00 €
Lillian Briggs - Historia Del Rock & Roll No. 1
13 tracks
Club De Coleccionistas LP 13.00 €
Little Gerhard - 16 Svenska Originalklassiker
16 tracks
Universal Music Ab 2001 CD 15.00 €
Little Jimmy Dickens / Eddie Fisher - Hey Worm / Dungaree Doll
Arce Records Single/EP 5.00 €
Lord Melody & Others - Calypso Exposed
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings CD 19.00 €
Lord Rockingham - Decca Singles Compilation
29 biisiä. Kaikki Decca singlet vuosilta 1956-1960
Vocalion 2005 CD 15.00 €
Los Straitjackets with the Pontani Sisters - Twist Party CD + DVD
Los Straitjackets with The World Famous Pontani Sisters and Kaiser George. CD + DVD
Yep Roc Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Louie Ramirez & His Orchestra - Latin Au Go Go
the hottest mid 60s latin band
Collector's Choice Music 2008 CD 13.00 €
Louis Armstrong - King Louis
4CDs = 99 tracks
Proper 2005 CD 20.00 €
Louis Prima - Buona Sera 4CD
Proper 2011 CD-Box 20.00 €
Louis Prima - Collectors Series
26 tracks
Emi 1991 CD 10.00 €
Louis Prima - The Wildest
14 biisiä. Mukana Keely Smith, Sam Butera & The Witnesses
Capitol Records 2002 CD 10.00 €
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - On Stage
Jasmine Records 1994 CD 12.00 €
Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Together
Jasmine Records CD 13.00 €
Louis Prima with Sam Butera & Keely Smith - Jump, Jive An' Wail
DigiPac (4-plated) with 36-page booklet, 30 tracksPlaying time approx. 87 minutes. - David Lee Roth copied the Louis Prima arrangement of 'Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody' while Brian Setzer won a Grammy for his version of 'Jump, Jive An' Wail'. The amazing originals are here. Also contains Prima's big hits with the succulent Keely Smith: 'That Old Black Magic' and 'I've Got You Under My Skin' are the epitome of Las Vegas cool. Plus a clutch of lethal tenor-man Sam Butera's rock 'n' roll vocals including 'Ten Little Women' and the full kilter 'Bim Bam'. All told, there's no better collection of Louis Prima's seriously frantic fusion of rock 'n' roll, Dixieland and Neopolitan mayhem. Fans will also appreciate the generous number of tracks and the booklet's numerous photos. --Louis Prima can't be pigeon-holed. Jump blues, vaudeville, Dixieland jazz, Sicilian boogie, swing and flat-out rock 'n' roll; they were all reflected in the riotous lounge act which he pioneered if not invented. Despite his age (born 1910) and a recording career which spanned four decades, Prima understood rock 'n' roll. 'It's got that beat' he said. 'There's nothing, but nothing, wrong with rock 'n' roll'. -- This collection doesn't overlook his jazz-inflected pop hits with Keely Smith but it relies primarily on his very best recordings for Capitol, those which capture the exalted frenzy of his live show and the rumbustious spirit of '50s rock 'n' roll. It includes his own full-steam ahead classic, 'Jump, Jive An' Wail', several innovative medleys and a clutch of attractive rockers by his accompanists, tenor sax player Sam Butera and his band, the Witnesses. Spurned by critics at the time, this anthology of ground-breaking, house-rocking music restores Louis Prima to his rightful, well-deserved place in the reissue spotlight.
Bear Family 2011 CD 17.00 €
Lulu - Shout - The Complete Decca Recordings 2CD
Released 18/05/09. First-ever collection of Lulu’s complete recordings for Decca from 1964 to 1967. Includes the Top 10 hits ‘Shout!’ (here in its rarer mono single variation) and ‘Leave A Little Love’, plus other hits ‘Here Comes The Night’ and ‘Try To Understand’. Sleeve-notes include new quotes from Lulu. Includes two rare German language tracks. Great value with 42 tracks taken from two albums, a scarce EP and a raft of singles. Several tracks include session work from the legendary Jimmy Page. ‘Surprise, Surprise’ was an exclusive Jagger/Richards composition.
RPM Retrodisc 2009 CD 18.00 €
Machito and His Afro-Cubans - Ritmo Caliente
Neljän CD:n boxi. 73 biisiä ja 40 sivuinen bookletti.
Proper 2002 CD-Box 20.00 €
Mad Daddy - Wavy Gravy
Radio Broadcasts 1958-1964
Norton Records 2003 CD 17.00 €
Mae West - The Fabulous Mae West
12 tracks
Rev-Ola 2006 CD 17.00 €
Margaret Lewis - Lonesome Bluebird
27 biisiä
Ace Records 1995 CD 18.00 €
Margot Hielscher - Hallo Fräulein 2CD
Bear Family 2009 2-CD 25.00 €
Marilyn Monroe - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
88 min - ei tekstitystä suomeksi
20th Century Fox DVD 8.00 €
Marilyn Monroe - The Essential Marilyn Monroe
Union Square Music 2001 CD 9.00 €
Marilyn Monroe - The Essential Recordings 2CD
One of the most iconic superstars of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe's career as an actress and her life story are legendary. A fact often overlooked is that she has a great voice to match her looks and was a sensitive interpreter of songs penned by some of America's greatest songwriters, the best of which are included here.
Primo 2012 CD 10.00 €
Mario Lanza - Christmas Album
original 1950-1952 recordings. 20 tracks
Naxos 2003 CD 10.00 €
Mario Lanza - Christmas With Mario Lanza
tracks recorded between 1950-1958
BMG Music 1987 CD 13.00 €
Mario Lanza - Greatest Hits
Sony Music 2009 CD 10.00 €
Mark Wynter - Go Away Little Girl 2CD
56 tracks
Sequel Records 2000 2-CD 20.00 €
Martin Denny - Afro-Desia - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny
orginally released on Libery Records 1959
Rev-Ola Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Martin Denny - Exoctica - The Exciting Sounds Of Martin Denny
album from 1956
Rev Ola 2005 CD 15.00 €
Martin Denny - Exotica Vol. III - The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
As part of our ongoing series of reappraised, remastered and INTENSIFIED releases of music from the 1950's and before, here we hit the Daddy of them all, MARTIN DENNY! Presented in SPECTRASONIC STEREO SOUND we give you the third in our new Martin Denny series, “Primitiva”, featuring the classic tracks ‘Burma Train’, ‘Mau Mau’ and a whole load of other wonderful tracks to chill out to - pour the cocktails and dim the lights...for Martin Denny!
Rev-Ola 2006 CD 15.00 €
Martin Denny - Exotica Volume II
Rev-Ola 2005 CD 15.00 €
Martin Denny - Forbidden Island
Rev-Ola 2006 CD 15.00 €
Martin Denny - Primitiva - The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
Rev-Ola Records 2005 CD 18.00 €
Martin Denny / Les Baxter - Exotic Moog / Moog Rock
2 LPs on 1 CD
Electronic Vanguard 1995 CD 18.00 €
Marty Wilde - Born To Rock 'n' Roll 2DVD

Filmed Live At The London Palladium - Sunday 27th May, 2007
Disc 1: Running time 2h 15 min
Disc 2: Running time 2h 9 min
Universal Music 2007 DVD 12.00 €
Mary Weiss - Dangerous Game
First ever solo album from the original lead singer of the Shangri-Las! Thirteen original songs plus a cover of the Shangs’ Heaven Only Knows! Backed by the Reigning Sound!
Norton Records 2007 LP 13.00 €
Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby - I Don't want to take a Chance
originally released 1963
Rumble Records 2013 LP 18.00 €
Maxine Sullivan - Moments Like This
25 tracks. Digisleeve
Proper 2004 CD 10.00 €
Maxwell Davis - Batman And Other Themes By Maxwell Davis
13 tracks "Los Angeles Soundtrack Rarities from The Legendary R&B Producer"
Ace Records 2006 CD 12.00 €
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