LABELOGRAPHY - The Major U.K. Record Labels - Jan Pettersson (Kirjat)

Premium Publishing 2008

A First Pressing Identification Guide for CBS, Columbia, Decca, Fontana by Jan Pettersson
592 pages, format 169x239 mm

HMV, Parlophone and Pye ­ Singles, EPs and LPs 1953-1975

Do you collect vinyl records? Investing in original UK pressings from the 50´s- 60´s or 70'? Spending money on mint records of acts like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Pretty Things, The Zombies or The Yardbirds? Then this is indeed a book for you...

Labelography is a unique book _ the first of its kind ever! With the help of this book you can find out if any UK-pressed record actually is an original pressing or not. It covers all singles, EP's and LP's from the very start of vinyl records until 1975 on the Parlophone, Decca, CBS, Columbia, HMV, PYE and Fontana labels.

To ensure a collectable records value it is important to have it in mint
condition, but if it´s also a verified first pressing it will hold it value
even better.

Usually sellers of original records claim that their records are first
pressings without having any kind of proof. Finally, now you don't have to guess anymore, you can just compare your copy wih the hundreds of reference pictures of labels and covers, and find out if you have an original pressing or not. This guide even tells you during what months a record actually was pressed. And in wich specific record plant... It even diplays all company sleeve variations and during what time periods they were used.

Lableography is not written about any specific artists, it's written about the record labels which means that any artist or record on the seven labels are all covered here in one single book.

This meticously resarched book also have special pages focusing on The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Kinks to explain some finer details you should be attentive to.

The book is intended as a field guide and should be as essential to bring to a record shop or a record fair as a book about birds when you go out bird watching. It's also an essential tool when buying or selling rare records on eBay or other internet sites.

JAN PETTERSSON was born 1965 in Uppsala, Sweden. He started collecting records in the 70šs, but his interest for British pop music of the 60šs first developed in the 90šs when he moved together with his girlfriend - a pure Beatles fanatic. As time went by, Janšs record collection has grown larger and now contains almost all singles, EPšs and LPšs of the 20 most famous British bands of the 60šs ­ among them The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who, Hollies, Zombies, Pretty Things, Animals and more. Jan works as a service engineer at a chemistry company.

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