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Ulkomainen viihde - 2010-luku (CD)

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Chris Isaak - Best Of
Mailboat Records 2011 CD 17.00 €
Cliff Richard - Bold As Brass
Cliffin uusin ! Miehen 70v juhlalevy !
Emi Records 2010 CD 9.90 €
Cliff Richard - Soulicious
‘SOULICIOUS’ on uusi 15 kappaleen Cliff Richard studioalbumi.
Levy sisältää suurimmaksi osaksi uutta materiaalia, mutta mukaan mahtuu myös muutamia valikoituja soulklassikoita. Albumin pääasiallisena tuottajana on toiminut legendaarinen Motown-lauluntekijä Lamont Dozier ja yhdessä poikansa Beaun kanssa hän on myös säveltänyt suuren osan albumin kappaleista.
Muutamissa kappaleista tuotantovastuun on kantanut legendaarinen säveltäjä-/tuottajatiimi Ashford & Simpson (Nickolas Ashford ja Valerie Simpson).
Cliff Richard on saanut koottua tälle albumille duettokumppaneikseen varsin vakuuttavan ryhmän aikamme suurimpia soul-laulajia. Mukana levyllä ovat mm. Billy Paul, Brenda Holloway, Candi Staton, Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review, Freda Payne, Percy Sledge, Roberta Flack ja Valerie Simpson. ‘SOULICIOUS'-albumin äänitykset tehtiin tämän vuoden huhtikuussa soulin syntysijoilla Memphisissä (Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios, Ardent Studios), ja osa New Yorkissa (Above Asia Studios)
Cliff taustoittaa levyntekoprosessia: "If you get all these icons to join me on an album I will have died and gone to heaven. That's what I said to David Gest when he first suggested this soul project. Here I am, not dead, but definitely in heaven!" He went on to share his gratitude, humbly saying of all the artists he worked with, "to all of you ‘legends', I can only say thank you for finding the time to be with me on yet another dream adventure. It was great singing (and laughing a lot) with all of you!"
Albumin tuottaja Lamont Dozier lisää: "Being the producer and one of the songwriters on Cliff Richard's ‘Soulicious' album has been one of the highlights in my career! Cliff is an amazing recording artist. I love it when I get to wear my producer hat and songwriter hat, and with this album I had an opportunity to work with some of the best artists in the music industry with the various Soul Icons along with Cliff."
Emi Records 2011 CD 18.00 €
Edoardo Bennato - Le Vie Del Rock Sono Infinite
Universal Music 2010 CD 15.00 €
Elvis Presley - Viva Elvis The Album
Elviksen lauluraidat on ensimmäistä kertaa erotettu alkuperäisistä äänitteistä ja taustat on soitettu uudelleen yhdeksän henkisen bändin ja neljän taustalaulajan kanssa.
Levyä tehtäessä tuottajat Erich ja Ugo Bombardier kävivät läpi yli 900 Elvis -äänitettä mukaan lukien levyt, elokuvat, haastattelut sekä muut nauhoitukset.
Levyllä kuullaan kuninkaan isoimpia hittejä, kuten Burning Love, Suspicious Minds, Blue Suede Shoes, It's Now Or Never, jotka on nyt uudelleenmuokattu Viva Elvis-pitkäsoittoa varten.
Love Me Tender -kappaleella Elviksen kanssa duetoi Anna Puu. Vastaavanlainen duetto on tehty myös seitsemässä muussa maassa paikallisten artistien kanssa. Kaikki duetot tullaan julkaisemaan maailmanlaajuisesti.
Sony Music 2010 CD 9.00 €
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - Åh, Vilken Skiva
Evan uusin - tämä ruotsiksi
Darrow Entertainment 2012 CD 17.00 €
Jerry Lee Lewis - Mean Old Man
deluxe digipack edition with 18 tracks !
Shangri-La Roots 2010 CD 22.00 €
Spinshots - Never So Right
The Spinshots have been working on their first album for over a year.
They patiently rehearsed the right rhythms, tempos, count, adjusting the harmonies and arrangements, and steadily polished the diamond of their music into a product they are very proud of.
In 13 songs the band takes you on a trip, a hallucinogenic 45 minutes of the purest and loveliest neo-exotica. The album is called ‘Never So Right’ and it’s truly a labor of their mutual love for the project. The Spinshots are ready.
Sonic Scenery 2011 CD 19.00 €
VA: - More Miles Than Money 2CD
More Miles Than Money: Journeys Through American Music is a book I researched and wrote between 2006-2008. In many ways I’d been waiting my entire life to write More Miles. Growing up in Mt Roskill – a working class suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, where there were no music venues, cinemas, pubs, nothing but churches and rugby fields – I took refuge in Mark Twain and Jack Kerouac’s adventures while AM radio (modelled on US radio) spun hits by Freddy Fender, the Amazing Rhythm Aces, Little Feat et al. I dreamed of escaping Auckland’s suburbs to ride Route 66 and Highway 61, ears and eyes open. Eventually I got to live my dream and More Miles is the story of those travels.

I didn’t know it back then but Kiwi radio was often playing music akin to that which Charlie Gillett played on his Honky Tonk radio show in London. Discovering Charlie’s book The Sound Of The City sent me scouring through secondhand bookstores in search of old copies of Cream, Creem and Let It Rock, where the writings of Charlie and other likeminded journalists appeared. I’d go so far as to say that a feature Charlie wrote on the great New Orleans producer-arranger Harold Battiste (Cream #5, Sept 1971) was what initially inspired me to want to search out the largely unsung heroes of American music.

At the same time as reading Charlie Gillett I was buying US imports on a variety of labels, with Arhoolie being my favourite. Mexican culture fascinated me, especially that which arose from the borderlands, the Tex-Mex/Tejano music. (Blame this on my dad taking me to see Sam Peckinpah’s westerns.) Discovering a bin full of Arhoolie Records in a downtown record shop introduced me to a treasure trove of magical Mexican American music and reading about Arhoolie founder Chris Strachwitz’s efforts to record the finest American vernacular music provided even more inspiration. Later on, Canyon Records would open my ears to how Native American culture celebrated its survival. Around the same time an uncle who loved jazz gave me Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” album – he found it too funky for his tastes. Talk about life-changing records: to this day Curtis remains my favourite US soul singer.

I dedicated More Miles Than Money to Charlie, Chris and the indomitable spirit of Curtis Mayfield. Tragically, Charlie died earlier this year. He, like Curtis, lives on as an indomitable spirit and continues to inspire me. This compilation is, again, dedicated to Charlie, Chris and Curtis: the three Cs who helped me hear America.

More Miles Than Money reflects on an America that made the mightiest music of the 20th Century. This compilation aims then to salute those who inspired me to ride US highways and document those I encountered as I wandered through honky-tonks, juke joints and barrios. Enjoy!

By Garth Cartwright (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2010 CD 20.00 €
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