Spinshots - Never So Right (CD)

Sonic Scenery 2011

The Spinshots have been working on their first album for over a year.
They patiently rehearsed the right rhythms, tempos, count, adjusting the harmonies and arrangements, and steadily polished the diamond of their music into a product they are very proud of.
In 13 songs the band takes you on a trip, a hallucinogenic 45 minutes of the purest and loveliest neo-exotica. The album is called ‘Never So Right’ and it’s truly a labor of their mutual love for the project. The Spinshots are ready.

Fetish for Veils
Shake off the Past
Loving you Eversince
Trouble Baby
The Sweetest Fantasy
Never So Right
Qui est 'in'/'out'
If I would Fall
Love Hangover
Desirs Mutuels
Pride Before Fall
Always Second Best
Hindu Superlaska

19.00 €

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