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Doo wop / Vocal groups

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VA: - The Rhythm Teens
23 biisiä mm Dappers, Statics, Del-Tones, Dreamtones, Five Gents, Supremes, Georgie Manis jne
Norton Records 2003 CD 17.00 €
VA: - The Roots Of Bob Dylan 4CD
3 x CD + 1 x DVD. Includes 24 page booklet
Proper 2009 CD-Box 20.00 €
VA: - The Shirelles And The Evolution Of The Girl Group Sound 2CD
This compilation traces the girl group sound back to its R&B roots in 1952 and journeys through the '50s with acts like The Chordettes, The Poni Tails, The Chantels and The Bobbettes.

Includes such classic hits as 'Eddie My Love', 'Born to Be with You', 'Maybe', 'Born Too Late' and the first ever single by The Supremes who in 1960 were recording as The Primettes.

The girl group sound is synonymous with the 1960s and it was The Shirelles who led the breakthrough to the international charts with their classic, 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' taken from their original 1960 LP 'Tonight's the Night' which is featured here in its entirety.
Jasmine Records 2011 CD 12.00 €
VA: - The Street Harmony Revue Vol. 1
23 tracks
Crystal Ball Records 2003 CD 18.00 €
VA: - These Ghoulish Things - Horror Hits For Hallowe'en
28 thorrible hitpicks fron the ghoul-den age of R&R. Be Afraid !
Ace Records 2005 CD 18.00 €
VA: - They Sang In Brooklyn Vol. 1
Four songs EP. Picture Sleeve
Diskin-Engel Production Single/EP 7.00 €
VA: - They Sang In Brooklyn Vol. 2
four tracks. Picture Sleeve
Diskin-Engel Production Single/EP 7.00 €
VA: - They Sang In Brooklyn Vol. 3
Four tracks. Picture Sleeve
Diskin-Engel Production Single/EP 7.00 €
VA: - This Is DJ Choice Vol. 2 - Keb Darge & Lucinda Slim
Unique Records 2008 CD 20.00 €
VA: - Today's Top Girl Groups
Pebbles, Sit N Spin, Diaboliks, Godzillas, Poontwang, Holly Golightly, Neanderdolls, Mean Geanies, Bobbyteens, 5678s, Prissteens etc
Spinout Records 1998 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Too Late To Be Good - Vocal Harmony Vanguard 1937-52
Vocal group harmony enjoyed its golden years from the mid 1950s to the mid 1960s when groups such as The Platters, The Drifters and The 4 Seasons regularly topped the national Billboard Pop and R&B Charts, but the tradition goes back much further than that, right back to the dawn of recorded sound and beyond in fact. This CD, however, concentrates on the post-war rise of the vocal ensemble in a variety of different settings - quartets, quintets, ensemble jive and jazz groups, acapella harmony units and big band vocal groups - but all architects of the modern style that would come to be known, for better or worse, as Doo Wop.
El Toro Records 2003 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Top Teen Bands Vol. 1
Bud-Jet Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Top Teen Bands Vol. 2
Bud-Jet Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Top Teen Bands Vol. 3
Bud-Jet Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - UK Sue Label Story: The World Of Guy Stevens
26 biisiä
Ace Records 2004 CD 18.00 €
VA: - United Artists Doo-Wop Vol. 2
25 tracks
United Artists CD 19.00 €
VA: - United Artists Doo-Wop Vol. 3
26 tracks
United Artists CD 18.00 €
VA: - Unreleased Gems Of The 1950's
16 tracks of The Hartford Groups
Relic Records LP 13.00 €
VA: - Vee Jay Doo Wop Vol. 2 - Bim Bam Boom
25 biisiä
Famous Groove Records 1997 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Vee Jay Doo Wop Vol. 3 - A Long Time Ago
25 biisiä
Famous Groove Records 1997 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Very Best Of Doo Wop Rarities Vol. 3
29 biisiä
Regency 1993 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Virginia Rocks 2CD
60 tracks with 72 page booklet
JSP Records 2009 2-CD 23.00 €
VA: - Wavy Gravy
Wild Garage & Surf Instros, Twisted Country laments, Dumb Novelty Ditties, all interspersed with insane B-Movie trailers All Tracks Re-mastered from best possible sources Full Colour Cover with Label Shots Pioneering Compilation series Unavailable on Vinyl for more than 15 years Re-mastered for a new generation of Idiots The triumphant Vinyl return of Wavy Gravy. After many years in the Wilderness, The Dumbest compilation series returns with a deluxe re-issue of the much sought after first volume. Prepare yourself for an aural assault from some of the Wildest, Weirdest & Stupidest discs ever to be waxed. From the Chuckling insanity of the Ho Ho Laughing Monster to the Instro wildness of the Motions to the crazed sacred Yodelling of Selwyn Cox. Marvel at Moses Longpiece’s heart breaking lament to his flattened sweetheart. Stomp to the Shandells Primate masterpiece and feel the despair of Porter Waggoner, with his ode to life in a loony bin.
Beware 2013 LP 15.00 €
VA: - Whats Your Name ? A DooWop Dedication to the Girls of the 50
25 tytöille omistettua biisiä .. Valarie, Lenora, Darlene, Shirley, Betty Jean, Dolly....
Relic Records CD 19.00 €
VA: - Whats Your Name ? Doo Wop Dedication To The Girls of 1950s
Part 2. 25 biisiä
Relic CD 17.00 €
VA: - When The Old Gang's Back On The Corner Vol. 3
21 tracks Hot Harmony Groups 1941-1949
Acrobat Music 2005 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Where The Boys Are - The Songs Of Neil Sedaka and Howard Gre
Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield were the first songwriters to sign with Al Nevins and Don Kirshner’s Aldon Music. ‘Stupid Cupid’, their initial song for the company, was recorded by Connie Francis. It shot up the charts in 1958 and before long Aldon was the most successful music publisher in the USA, with scores of international hits in their catalogue and a stable of writers that included Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and many of the other top exponents of the day.

In 2005, Ken Emerson published his book Always Magic In The Air, in which he chronicled the lives and careers of seven eminent New York-based songwriting duos of the Brill Building era. Here at Ace Records, we launched our songwriter series the previous year with a collection of tracks penned by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the book’s main characters. Since then, the series has expanded to include, amongst many others, six of the writing teams featured by Emerson. With this latest edition, which spotlights the songs of Sedaka and Greenfield, the soundtrack of his book becomes complete.

The CD – which also includes a few numbers co-penned by third parties Carole King, Jack Keller, Roger Atkins, Helen Miller and Carole Bayer – comes with a bumper booklet featuring an exclusive interview with Neil Sedaka, who concludes: “Howie Greenfield and I wrote very commercially. Howie was one of the best lyricists in the business. His lyrics were very slick and polished, like tiny, compact novels, self-contained dramas. I think he was very underrated. The critics didn’t like him as much as the public did. The proof of the pudding is in the great two and a half minute songs we mastered. I would usually come with two or three finished tunes. He would choose the tune according to his mood at that moment. I liked to give him a choice. We fought, but we always made up. There were disagreements over phrases or musical notes. I think you have to have those fights. We stayed together for over 30 years. I’m very proud of the many, many songs we wrote together. They’re all my dear children. I still miss Howie a lot.”

By Mick Patrick (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2011 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 1
30 tracks
Ace Records 1997 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 2
30 biisiä 60s tyttöyhtyeitä. Mm The Toys, Fawns, teardrops, Maxine Brown, Charmers, Sonnettes jne
Ace Records 1999 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 3
30 tracks
Ace Records 2000 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 4
30 tracks
Ace Records 2001 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 5
30 tracks 60s girlgroups
Ace Records 2003 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 6
30 biisiä 60s tyttöyhtyeitä
Ace Records 2004 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 7
After an agonising hiatus of over four years, “Where The Girls Are” is back! Volume 7, an eclectic melange of 26 girl-pop treasures (eight previously unreleased), is brimming with all the requisite “shang-a-langs” and “ronde-rondes” delivered with bouffant-bobbing spirit by a veritable constellation of stars, also-rans and never-weres.

Why the Teardrops never became superstars is a 60s mystery, up there with “Who really shot JFK?” and “What sort of parents would name their daughter Sloopy?” The Cincinnati quartet kicks off the proceedings with ‘Tears Come Tumbling’, one of a handful of majestic singles that inexplicably stiffed despite sterling production, shimmering harmonies and heartfelt lead by the late Linda Schroeder Millazo.

If you, like me, fondly recall dancing “the doolang” at parties, then you, like me, are delusional. There was no such dance, but that didn’t prevent Andrea Carroll from releasing this insanely catchy song, backed by the Chiffons (who certainly knew their way around a doolang). Andrea provides instruction, so it’s not too late for this craze to sweep some nation, somewhere.

Uber girl-group the Shirelles render an obscure cover of the Playmates’ 1958 hit ‘What Is Love’ with a frisky lead by Shirley that finds her dissolving in giggles during the fade. DC soul queens the Jewels weigh in with a revved-up remake of their own Dimension B-side, ‘Smokie Joe’s’, this time with James Brown at the helm. Other big names abound as Marry (sic) Clayton and Barbara Mason step up to the mike for the first time, launching successful careers that continue to this day. Fans of session stalwart David Lasley won’t be surprised by his debut as a member of Shangri-Las clones the Utopias.

Erstwhile Blossom Gracia Nitzsche leads the Satisfactions on a counterpoint-laden arrangement of the oft-cut, never issued Mann/Weil classic ‘Woman In Love (With You)’. Chicago’s Lovelites, fondly remembered for their angst-dripping ‘How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad’, are heard two years before that anthem for knocked up, abandoned teens, making their studio bow with ‘I Found Me A Lover’. (And how’d that work out for you, girls?)

Brenda Holloway fans (and who isn’t?) will thrill to a heretofore-unheard pre-Motown channelling of Mary Wells, and the Brill Building/Red Bird sound sparkles anew in another never-released Jelly Beans gem. Also new to our ears is an alternate take of Claudine Clark’s mega-hit ‘Party Lights’, on which she double-tracks herself. Obviously, one Claudine was sufficient, thank you, but it’s a kick to hear her duplicate that eccentric vocal. And if it’s quirkiness you seek, the Jaynetts never disappoint.

To call Baby Jane and the Rockabyes quirky would be wildly euphemistic. These fair ladies pull out the stopper and kick up a whopper on a mind-roasting, hear-it-to-believe-it assault on the Broadway chestnut ‘Get Me To The Church On Time’, replete with an ear-splitting lead that must have caused no small discomfort to that doggie in the window from their previous hit. This track closes the set. What could follow it?

You’re likely unfamiliar with the Penny Sisters, Azaleas, Fashionettes, Zippers, Sparkels and Tandels, but you’ll find they share with all the classic girl groups the same frenetic, thundering, hip-shaking energy that rocked the 60s. I defy you to sit still while listening to this CD. Don’t fight it. Get up and do the doolang!

(Ace Records)
Ace Records 2009 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Where The Girls Are Vol. 8
Eight volumes in, the “Where The Girls Are” compilations show no sign of fatigue. Even those like myself, who have spent much too much time mining the girl group vaults, will be pleased by the unfamiliar titles and artists featured here. Each volume of the series offers further proof that the vast reservoir of girl pop singles lurking below the obvious heavy-hitters is filled with gold.

The 60s girl group sound – whether teen pop, deep soul or rock’n’roll, East Coast or West Coast, solo or group – was driven by a hunger for hits that spawned an excess of truly excellent material, whose quality could not always be determined by sales figures or chart positions. The possibility of a hit drove the writers, arrangers, singers and labels to work their damnedest, whether dreaming up their own sonic palate or hopping on the Spector/Motown/Shangri-Las bandwagon. All shared ambition. Many had a knack for a great tune. Volume 8 continues to pay tribute to the forgotten and the fabulous, unearthing obscurities by the Witches, the Darlenes, Carole Slade and Diane Christian as well as lesser-known cuts by more established acts such as the Orlons, Sherrys and Blossoms, who sparkle in blue on the cover and open the CD with ‘Cry Like A Baby’, a chiming soul ballad penned by Ashford and Simpson. Normally it wouldn't be advisable to take on a song cut by Aretha Franklin, but if anyone can compete, surely it’s the Blossoms’ Darlene Love.

Some of the best girl-pop 45s were made by those who outright stole from the in-sound. Phil Spector’s reverberations were felt across America and caught the ear of Al Allen, who wrote and produced the Bonnets’ ‘Ya Gotta Take A Chance’. It unabashedly copies the Spector formula, but also manages to capture the hooks and thunder. Nikki Blu took equally from the Spector and Motown catalogues on ‘(Whoa, Whoa) I Love Him So’, produced by Chubby Checker and co-written by Thom Bell during his brief stint as a session piano player at Cameo Parkway. Nikki Blu was in fact Marlena Davis of the Orlons, who recorded this one-off single soon after her departure from the group. Despite losing two original members, the Orlons continued their singles output until 1968. ‘I Ain’t Coming Back’ was one of their final Cameo 45s, and produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. It must’ve been difficult to decide on a Sapphires track; they had an exceptionally strong run of singles, which varied from sultry late-night soul to the warm and upbeat ‘Gotta Have Your Love’.

Tracks by the Four Havens, Fran-Cettes and Del-Phis make their debut here, having never been given an official release before. There’s no telling just how many demos, acetates and yet-to-be-discovered girl group gems will find their way to the surface, but as long as compilers Mick Patrick and Malcolm Baumgart keep digging, we’re sure to enjoy further volumes of “Where the Girls Are” for years to come.

By Sheila Burgel (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Wildcat Records Story
23 tracks
Gold Dust Records 1994 CD 22.00 €
VA: - Wir Geh'n In Das Wunderland - Doo Wop In Germany
Bear Family 2009 CD 20.00 €
VA: - Without The Beatles 2CD
During February, 2014 America celebrated the 50th anniversary of 'The British Invasion' when The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan TV Show and changed the course of pop music forever.

Although American teenagers embraced The Beatles sound as a new and exciting genre of music, it was initially based on US rock and roll. So across this 2CD set we present 50 original classics of US rock and roll, pop, R&B and soul recordings that The Beatles would later go on to cover and sell back to America.

Artists include: Little Richard; Carl Perkins; The Everly Brothers; The Isley Brothers; Buddy Holly; Chuck Berry; Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran and more!

Fully detailed liner notes.
Jasmine Records 2014 CD 15.00 €
VA: - You Heard It Here First !
26 classics from the 50s and 60s, heard here in their original, pre-hit versions.
Ace Records 2008 CD 18.00 €
VA: - You Heard It Here First! Vol. 2
As a concept it’s a revelation – the original versions of (mostly) familiar songs that went on to become big hits by other artists. Familiarity is turned on its head as mental receptors attuned to the better-known hit versions – the received wisdom, if you like – are challenged for attention by the performers who made the original recordings to little or no acclaim. It’s a parallel universe where the reassuringly familiar landscape is a beautiful illusion.

Volume 1 of “You Heard It Here First” was among our best sellers of last year and we believe that this sequel is an even stronger package. Here again are pop hits as the soundtrack to our lives – but not as we know them.

Many of these original versions are exceedingly rare in vinyl form, notably Dan Penn’s self-penned original version of ‘I’m Your Puppet’ (on which Penn actually sings the line ‘I’m The Puppet’, in contrast to all the versions which followed) and the Corporation’s barnstorming ‘Candida’, subsequently a US #3 for Tony Orlando’s Dawn, though one wonders why the Corporation’s torrid original failed to make the same impact.

Tony Joe White’s ‘Polk Salad Annie’, a top 10 hit on the Monument label in 1969, laid down the template for the so-called swamp rock sound and was later popularised by Elvis who had a UK hit with the song in 1973. But for all his seeming self-assurance, White had struggled to make the song work , having cut it for Monument as ‘Old Man Willis’ a year earlier before re-recording it with a fresh set of lyrics as ‘Polk Salad Annie’. Here’s how it sounded before the re-write – a truly intriguing juxtaposition.

Most of Brian Hyland’s hits were written for him so it comes as a surprise to learn that his signature tune, ‘Sealed With A Kiss’, had first been recorded some two years earlier by the Four Voices, a clean-cut vocal group. That is the version which displays the apparent debt the song owed to ‘The Green Leaves of Summer’, a big hit of the day.

Transmogrified by successive generations of folk and pop artists into ‘Wimoweh’ ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, Solomon Linda’s African tribal chant, ‘Mbube’, must be one of the most misappropriated tunes in post-war pop music, though in recent years Linda began to receive the acknowledgement for his memorable if inadvertent contribution to the pop canon and we are proud to present it here.

Sixties wheeler-dealer Simon Napier-Bell and TV maven Vicki Wickham took it upon themselves to pen English lyrics to a contemporary Italian hit, ’Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te)’ in the back of a cab on their way to an evening meal at a restaurant in London’s West End in early 1966 – or so the redoubtable Napier-Bell has claimed in various autobiographies. Those twenty or so usefully occupied minutes produced ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’, under which title the song has provided something of a lifelong annuity for the pair. Pino Donaggio’s gorgeous Italian original of this classic power ballad is among the highlights of the set.

‘Sorrow’ was knocked out without much conscious effort as a filler for the McCoys’ first album in the wake of their 1965 mega-hit ‘Hang On Sloopy’. Maybe the producers (who also happened to write the song) missed a trick by consigning ‘Sorrow’ to makeweight status, but no matter as Brit duo the Sorrows took the song into the UK Top 10 a few months later. That was the version that inspired David Bowie’s recording but it’s the McCoys’ stripped-down original which probably packs the mightiest charm of all.

The songs, compellingly sequenced, are all hits, the technicolour packaging incorporating all the prerequisite fax’n’info, gives off a warm comforting glow, and the entire concept constitutes a little bit of pop history in the making. What’s not to like?

By Rob Finnis (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Zell's Girls
28 tracks collection of rare girlgroup, R&B, doowop and soul sides from Zell's, Baton and Dice recordings 1955-1970
Ace Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
Val-Tones - Tender Darling / Siam Sam
DeLuxe Single/EP 5.00 €
Valentinos - Moonglow / Peppermint Stick
Crystal Ball Single/EP 5.00 €
Van Dykes - Tellin' It Like It Is - The Mala Sessions
Bell LP vuodelta 1966 + 4 bonusbiisiä. Yhteensä 15 biisiä
Sundazed Music 2000 CD 17.00 €
Vel-Tones - Please Say You'll Be True / Broken Heart
re-issue on red vinyl
Vel Single/EP 5.00 €
Velons - Streamboat / Your Promise To Be Mine
Maxi Records Single/EP 5.00 €
Velours - This Could Be The Night / Hands Across The Table
Relic Single/EP 5.00 €
Velvelettes - The Best Of
19 tracks
Spectrum Music 2001 CD 10.00 €
Velvelettes - The Motown Anthology 2CD
Universal Music 2004 CD 15.00 €
Velvet Angels - Acappella Showcase Presents
relic Records LP 13.00 €
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