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Klingonz - Blurb
britti psychobillyä
Fury Records 2003 CD 15.00 €
Klingonz - Böllöx
Fury Records 1994 CD 10.90 €
Klingonz - Jobot
Fury Records 1992 CD 15.00 €
Klingonz - Psycho's From Beyond
britti psychobillyä. Bändin vanha albumi + 8 bonusbiisiä Big Rumble- festareilta vuodelta 1990.
Fury Records 2003 CD 15.00 €
Klingonz - The Best Of
30 tracks. their best
Fury Records 1996 CD 10.90 €
Koffin Kats - Our Way & The Highway
After more than a thousand shows and eight years of international touring, "the road" is where Detroit-based Koffin Kats now call "home." The Koffin Kats take the Motor City attitude and mix it into a toxic blend of booze, tattoos and thumbing psychobilly punk rock 'n' roll. The trio kicked things off in June 2003 with a mission to not stop for anything. Vic Victor (Lead Vocal, Upright Bass) joined forces with long-time friend Tommy Koffin (Guitar) and started laying the groundwork for the sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats.

They put together songs with subjects ranging from Sci-Fi to dealing with the horrors of the real world. With Eric "E Ball" Walls on drums, they began by playing for beer in small local bars, eventually made their way out of the Midwest. The next couple of years proved to be up with numerous North American tours and down with numerous drummer changes. During this time they released their first three albums — S/T (2003), "Inhumane" (2005), and "Straying from the Pack" (2006).

These releases and the tours helped get the name of "The Koffin Kats" noticed in the wide world of punk and psychobilly. In 2007, Vic and Tommy hooked back up with Eric for their fourth album, "Drunk in the Daylight" (2008), and began making the Kats what are now known for today...NONSTOP TOURING AND MAKING EVERY SHOW A PARTY. With their love for their fans and for the road they set out to play everywhere someone was willing to listen.

In recent years, they have been able to make a name for themselves in Europe as well and have been included on tours with some of the tops acts in psychobilly, such as Mad Sin, Nekromantix and The Meteors. In 2009 they released "Forever For Hire" and at year's end Tommy left the band to pursue a normal life. Shortly thereafter, EZ Ian Jarrell took over the guitar and hopped on tour. While on the road, the trio worked on material for a split album with The 12 Step Rebels, which was released in the spring of 2011.

Now The Koffin Kats have signed with Sailors Grave Records for the release of "Our Way & The Highway", a culmination of all things KK with their rich history, road scars, and outlaw psycho punk blood running furiously through every ear-ripping track.
Sailor's Grave Records 2012 CD 18.00 €
Koffin Kats - Our Way & The Highway
limited colored vinyl
I Hate People Records 2011 LP 18.00 €
Krewmen - The Adventures Of The Krewmen
The first Psychobilly recording from the U.K. band, after turning their style from Rockabilly-Blues into this wonderful Psychobilly act! Originally released in 1986, they took the scene in storm! Everybody who saw them on tour with The Pharaohs in 1987 knows how brilliant they were!
Crazy Love Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Legendary Raw Deal - Flick Kniffin, Low Lifin'...
When P Paul Fenech isn't cutting demonic Psychobilly with The Meteors, he lays down some raw stompin' Rockabilly with his other band The Legendary Raw Deal. This is blasting Rockabilly music delivered with all Fenech's attitude and aggression. Featuring a mix of Legendary Raw Deal/Paul Fenech originals, alongside rip-roaring covers of Sonny Burgess, Benny Joy and Johnny Cash
Raucous Records 2007 CD 10.90 €
Legenday Kid Combo - Viva La Muerte
Drunkabilly Records 2008 CD 15.00 €
Lil Luis Y Los Wild Teens - La Fiesta Esta De Ambient / Lies Lies Lies
Thousands Records 2004 Single/EP 6.00 €
Living End - State Of Emergency CD
Emi Music 2006 CD 17.00 €
Living End - Wake Up
australian pressing
Capitol Music 2006 CD 5.00 €
Living End - White Noise
Universal Music 2009 CD 18.00 €
Long Tall Texans - Aces and Eights
12 tracks
Anagram - Psychobilly 1994 CD 18.00 €
Long Tall Texans - Adventure
Mad Drunken Monkey Records 2012 LP 20.00 €
Long Tall Texans - Saturnalia !
Anagram Records 2008 CD 9.90 €
Long Tall Texans - The Best Of - Texas Beat
25 tracks
Anagram - Psychobilly 1994 CD 17.00 €
Long Tall Texans - The Devil Made Us Do It !
Crazy United Records 2013 LP 18.00 €
Los Gatos Locos - Demos, Out-takes and rarities
Spindrift Records 2002 CD 15.00 €
Lost Boys - Brave New Nevernever Land
Tombstone 2005 CD 15.00 €
Lovesteaks - Spending Quality Time With
Count Orlock 1998 CD 17.00 €
Lucky Devils - A Mental Journey
Crazy Love Records 2012 CD 15.00 €
Lucky Devils - To Hell
Melodic but powerful Psychobilly that will enter your brain and never get out of it!! The Lucky Devils keep and improve their very own style on 9 original songs and 3 covers (B. Ryan, the Ramones, Blondie), with a clean but strong sound that will rock the crowd. Now its time for you to check them out....let them rock you or... "To Hell" with you!!!The Third Strike of the Devils! This album gets a cover drawn by Paskal Millet who also made Meteors, or P.P. Fenech's albums' drawings.
Crazy Love Records 2005 CD 15.00 €
Lunatics - Rockmachine
psychobilly from germany
Tombstone Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Mad Dog Cole - Ultra Violence
Crazy Love Records 2008 LP 15.00 €
Mad Heads - Naked Flame
Third album from this very talented Psychobilly trio from Kiev/Ukraine! Well played, excellent production and a superb mix of Oldschool Psychobilly with some Surf and Punk!
Crazy Love Records 2002 LP 12.00 €
Mad Mongols - Frenzied Black Demon
japanese psychobilly
Pure And Proud Records 2005 CD 15.00 €
Mad Sin - 20 Years In Sin Sin 2CD
tupla-CD. Mukana kuusi uutta studiobiisiä, harvinaisia sinkkujen b-puolia, livemateriaalia sekä muutama bändin klassikko
People Like You 2010 CD 15.00 €
Mad Sin - 25 Years - Still Mad CD + DVD
MAD SIN were born in 1987 out the hard rockin’ street fighting, heavy drinking, seedy gutter of the rockabilly/punk underworld that flourished in a Berlin still entombed by the Eastern Bloc. Not even the Iron Curtain could stop the spread of the sickness that spewed from the first incarnation of the band, Koefte, Stein and Holly when they blasted headlong into the thriving European Psychobilly scene with their first full length album “Chills and Thrills”. 25 years on and 10 albums later the band have grown from the angry psychobilly trio playing squats and back rooms of dingy bars to a full-sized chart-bothering multi-genre embracing globe-trotting behemoth of a band. MAD SIN now happily straddle festival stages looking the crowd straight in the eyes just as they did in 1987 though are still as eager to dive headlong into the audience at a club gig as if the past quarter century had never happened.

“25 Years – Still Mad” is the band’s first ever DVD release and are quite rightly very proud of it. Running for approximately 160 minutes this audio CD/DVD set features their anniversary show in their home stomping ground of Berlin recorded in 2010, interviews, and previously unreleased rare footage from 1987 onwards. In addition the set includes video clips from earlier singles, a tour documentary, private tapes and a photo slideshow. In a nutshell, “25 Years – Still Mad” is a near complete audio-visual celebration of the MAD SIN’s hard-fought rise to mainstream album chart success doing it entirely their own way, a fitting tribute to a band that have fought adversity every step of the way and still came out swinging.
People Like You Records 2012 CD 20.00 €
Mad Sin - 25 Years - Still Mad DVD + CD
People Like You 2012 DVD 20.00 €
Mad Sin - Amphigory
16 tracks
Fury Records 1996 CD 12.90 €
Mad Sin - Break The Rules
Maybe Crazy Records 1992 LP 20.00 €
Mad Sin - Burn And Rise
People Like You 2010 LP 22.00 €
Mad Sin - Burn And Rise
bändin uusin - 13. levy.
People Like You Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
Mad Sin - Dead Moon's Calling
People Like You 2005 CD 12.00 €
Mad Sin - Distorted Dimensions
Maybe Crazy Records CD 18.00 €
Mad Sin - God Save The Sin
suosittu saksalainen psychobilly yhtye
Count Orlok 1996 CD 17.00 €
Mad Sin - Live In Japan
16 tracks
Be Be's Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Mad Sin - Live In Japan
Live At Tokyo Big Rumble 2003
Be Be's Records 2006 LP 15.00 €
Mad Sin - Survival Of The Sickest
People Like You Records 2010 CD 10.00 €
Mad Sin - Teachin' The Goodies and more
11 tracks
Anagram Records 2006 CD 17.00 €
Mad Sin - Young, Dumb & Snotty
The Psychotic Years 1988-1993. 24 tracks of pure psychobilly / Punk & Roll chaos.
People Like You 2010 CD 12.00 €
Madheads - Naked Flame
Crazy Love Records 2002 CD 15.00 €
Magnetix - Boo-Bop-A-Boo
One of the biggest talent emerging from the ever-expanding Russian scene has to be THE MAGNETIX. Hailing from Tula, south of Moscow the classic three-piece has been making a name for itself within a few months of existence. Formed by former Stressor guitar ace and lead singer Taras Savchenko , doghouse maniac Dimitry Bikov and skin banger Alexander Vtorov the threesome stunned the Psychobilly microcosm earlier this year 'With Their Amazing First Album' (literally !!!). As their initial offering has been well received since day one and did all well with the critics, it was decided to keep on spreading the word of distortion-free guitar playing, zombie-free song-writing and all-crazy stompin' sounds as soon as possible and to waste no further time to nail a follow-up release again on Germany's premier Crazy Love label....


From first guitar go, these Sputnik kats make sure that didn't intend to reinvent neither the wheel nor Psychobilly as a genre when they were booked into the studio in January 2011. These guys just created a full-blown Rockabilly frenzy that was most popular during the mid-eighties heyday of this type of music and leaves the listener with the shadow of a doubt whether this release is a long-lost gem from the good ole days or just an instant classic (the later one more likely!). Saying all that THE MAGNETIX are far more than copy-cat Batmobile or an 80's Psychobilly cover band and the second album teems with cool compositions, infectious enthusiasm and healthy variations of speeds and themes. Just to prove me right I'd like to mention that eleven out of thirteen tracks are originals. The album kicks off with the wild, soon-to-be band anthem It's Magnetic Me and the rockin' doesn't stop until final touches of their tribute-ish cover of the Rochee & The Sarnos rarity Woman Eater are given. Though fillers are indistinguishable, other highlights include the wild stomping Caveman Beat, the furious re-recording of Stressor holdover Asteroid Rock, the catchy Squarehead, future dance floor filling instrumental Out-Of-Space Theme and the wild boppin' Tastes Like a Martian. Strong buy for anyone who is into traditional Psychobilly sounds and wild Neo-Rockabilly craziness.
Crazy Love Records 2011 CD 15.00 €
Magnetix - With Their Amazing First Album !
Great Old School Psychobilly in a true 80's style from this russian trio with Taras (former guitar player of Stressor)!!!
Crazy Love Records 2011 CD 15.00 €
Mansfields - Cramp Your Style
What do you get when you take equal parts Cramps, New York Dolls and 50's Sun-era Rockabilly? Why, The Mansfields of course! Hailing from Colorado Springs,CO, this dedicated hardworking band has crafted a record that has swing, swagger and style!
LP is on Ghoulish Green color vinyl!! CD included inside the LP
Gearhead Records 2008 LP 15.00 €
Meantraitors - Angry Heart
Kix 4U 1998 CD 15.00 €
Meantraitors - Heavy Boogie
Pure And Proud Records 2007 CD 15.00 €
Melrose - Another Piece Of Cake
re-release of 1987 LP now on CD
Megamania 2008 CD 13.00 €
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