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VA: - Let's Go Surfin' - The Birth Of Surf 2CD
A fantastic collection of 52 tracks featuring two albums and singles that were part of a genre that was ready to break out both nationally and internationally by the end of 1962.

The albums on offer here are the debut albums by the two major innovators of surf music - Dick Dale with 'Surfers Choice' and of course, The Beach Boys with 'Surfin' Safari'.

Includes such hits as: 'Let's Go Trippin''; 'Surfin' Safari' and 'Surfers Stomp' plus Dick Dale's 'Miserlou' which was used by Quentin Tarantino in his classic film 'Pulp Fiction'.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Link Wray - The King Of Distortion meets The Red Line Rebels
Righteous 2013 CD 17.00 €
VA: - London American Label Year By Year 1959
They say that as one gets older the passage of time becomes ever faster. That’s only true if you are not compiling CDs of music from bygone days. At the moment, and thanks in no small way to the “London American Label Year By Year” series, Peter Gibbon and I feel as though we’re permanently stuck in the late 1950 and early 1960s, reliving our youth over and over again in a skewed cross between Groundhog Day and Life On Mars. Roll over Doctor Who, and tell Gene Hunt the news.

The late 50s and early 60s are a long way from the worst years to find yourself reliving. I would bet that I am far from the only person here who, given the choice, would not permanently reset his personal controls for a one-way ticket to a similar time frame. However you slice it, the soundtrack to that period is worth abandoning DAB for in favour of the return of Fabulous 208, Juke Box Jury and ceaseless attempts to locate AFN’s signal.

The series continues to offer Ace fans their own personal time machine via some of the best American records of their era, all of which appeared on the cherished black-and-silver imprint. This month Ace’s equivalent of the TARDIS lands in 1959 – a pivotal year in popular music that managed to survive the US payola scandals, a UK printers strike, a failed experiment with stereo 45s (Sun and Specialty in stereo? Methinks not, thanks) and all attempts to kill off rock’n’roll and replace it with lots of people called Bobby and Frankie, to bring us some of the most wonderful and well-remembered recordings of that life-changing decade.

It’s a mark of how many great records came out on London in ’59 that only one of the tracks on our latest compilation is currently available elsewhere on Ace. Once again the diversity of the compilation reflects London’s own diversity of catalogue. (Inevitably nobody will like everything here – but, hey, Wink Martindale’s ‘Deck Of Cards’ was the label’s biggest seller of the year and that’s what the god of electronics invented that fast forward button on your CD player for.) Thanks to the foresight of the Decca (that’s D-E-C-C-A) record company in preserving the original production tapes for London 45s, we are again able to bring you more than 80% of the tracks featured from the same sources that were used to manufacture those 45s over 50 years ago.

Believe me, I could chat all day about this, but the TARDIS is making that funny noise it makes when it’s about to take off and we need to make sure that our next stop is 1963. All being well, we should land there early next year. If anyone would like to apply for the post of our glamorous sidekick, we’re still taking applications.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
VA: - London American Label Year By Year 1960
EMI didn’t have one until 1962, Philips never had one at all, Pye tried hard, but remained in division two for much of its life and the Rank Organisation had one that rang up such huge losses they pretty much gave theirs away. The label none of those companies could match was housed on the Albert Embankment, the home of the Decca Record Company – the label was London American and it, unlike Top Rank, Pye International and Stateside was the label you turned to most often when looking for the best in American pop, R&B and rock’n’roll.

America was the first country in which a London label appeared. It was the flagship of British Decca’s American operations as far back as 1934. In Britain, the London logo made its debut in 1949 releasing material culled from its American namesake, but also from early US independents like Audivox, Jubilee, Derby, Cadence, Imperial, Essex and Jubilee.

In 1954, a new prefix (HL) and numbering system (8001) was introduced and it’s this series that gave the London American label its legendary status. As rock’n’roll took hold in America new labels sprung up by the bucket load and Decca’s reputation for honest, straight forward dealing meant the new label entrepreneurs could trust Decca to pay its advances and deliver regular royalty statements and payments so the stature of the London American label grew rapidly.

EMI’s Columbia, Parlophone and HMV labels had some US hits, others turned up on smaller British labels like Melodisc, Oriole and Starlite, but the cream was always to be found on the silver and black London label. Here you’d find material from Atlantic, Liberty (whose ability to survive and expand was partly made possible by a financial leap of faith by Sir Edward Lewis, the chairman of Decca who, when asked for a hundred thousand dollars advance for the rights to the Liberty catalogue in the mid-50s offered fifty thousand more, such was his belief in Liberty’s founder Si Waronker), Cadence, Dot, Jamie, Sun, Chess, Specialty, Warwick, Imperial and United Artists, most of which became major players whilst others like Greenwich, Sunbeam, Paris, Dore, Arwin, Judd, JDS and countless others turned out to be little more than ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ operations. Still, their recordings all found a home on London American.

And so now Ace Records begins a year-by-year series celebrating the hits, misses and downright rarities that found a British outlet on the London American label, starting with 1960.

Here you’ll find familiar recordings by Chuck Berry, Johnny Tillotson, Duane Eddy, Eddie Cochran, the Ventures, the Coasters and Johnny Burnette, but look more closely and you’ll find lesser-known records from the Delicates, whose members we now know more about than ever we knew in 1960, Teddy Redell with a track that’ll set you back £50 or £60 pounds now and Sonny Burgess, a wild rock‘n’roller who hadn’t noticed America’s chart was full of boy next door love songs in 1960. Here too, you’ll find Vernon Taylor’s sought-after version of Elvis’s ‘Mystery Train’, and even a good-time country sound from Wynn Stewart which London chose to only manufacture in Britain as an export item.

But don’t let me keep you, grab your copy of The London American Label Year By Year and start re-living the sound of 1960. Then keep your eyes peeled for 1961, 1962, 1963.

By Austin Powell
Ace Records 2009 CD 17.00 €
VA: - London American Label Year By Year 1961
To no one’s surprise, the “London American Year By Year” series has proven to be an instant success for Ace. The combination of nostalgia for both the era that the series will cover and for the label itself, not to mention the prospect of owning hundreds more vintage gems on Ace CD for the first time, has ensured that – as the late Fergus Cashin of the Daily Sketch might have put it - “this one will run and run”.

Indeed, such is the demand for future volumes that we’ve already stepped up the scheduling of LAYBY from two to three times a year. (Well, your compilers will both be well into their seventies by the time of the intended final volume, and like you we’d prefer to live to see the series through to its grand finale – thus it seemed a sensible thing to do…). Fans can expect this January release of this 1961 volume to be followed by 1962 in October, with our first backtrack to 1959 as the tasty filler for this musical sandwich in June. We’d like to step that schedule up even more if we could – but as you can imagine, each volume is a mammoth undertaking for Ace’s licensing department, not to mention the amount of work that goes into sourcing the original London tapes and the matching the audio to the sound of the original 45s by the guys at Sound Mastering. These things just do not happen overnight, and we do need to put some other CDs out in between and around these releases to stay in business, y’know…

All this notwithstanding, we kick off the ‘tennies’ with LAYBY 1961, which we feel more than upholds the standard set by its acclaimed predecessor. One of the main promises we made to the collector was that each volume would feature at least 20 tracks that were new to Ace CD. On this occasion, only one of the featured tracks has ever been heard on Ace before (Timi Yuro’s ‘Hurt’). This is quite astounding when one considers that debutantes here include Eddie Cochran’s ‘Weekend’, Del Shannon’s ‘So Long Baby’ and Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘What’d I Say’, to name but three. It really does demonstrate how much rock ‘n’ roll gold there still is in ‘them thar hills’ to mine, doesn’t it?

As ever, there’s extensive track-by-track commentary, with a shot of every featured London 45 to complement the annotation. An intro by long-time London collector Roger Cope perfectly sums up the feelings of everyone who ever put their pocket money or part of a meagre pay packet towards the purchase of one or more of these goodies, your compilers included. And the best news of all is that all of the songs run for less than two and a half minutes, so if there’s something here you don’t like (and we truthfully don’t expect everyone to enjoy everything that’s on offer across the series) you’re seldom more than 150 seconds away from something that you will!”

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Long Lost Honkers & Twangers
As compilation CDs of 1960s instrumentals go, this one is pretty special. Actually, it’s unique, as half of the 26 tracks have never been released before. It’s just like going back to the heady days of the early 60s and buying a brand new LP of exciting instrumentals that are entirely new to you. Is that Christmas or what?

So what goodies have we conjured up for you? How about the fascinating original demo of ‘Walk Don’t Run’ showing the Ventures still busily working out exactly how the arrangement should go, and it’s every bit as thrilling as the band’s later hit recording. Plus there’s another four unreleased titles from the world’s premier instrumental group: the Latin-spiced ‘The Spur’ and ‘Sabrosa’, plus the fine Danny Hamilton compositions ‘Murfreesboro’ and ‘Run Don’t Walk’. If that’s not enough for Ventures fans, we’ve also added two hitherto unknown performances from their later star guitarist Gerry McGee working uncredited on a Billy Joe & the Checkmates 45 from 1963.

The Fireballs are represented by two typically superb tracks – an instrumental version of their memorable vocal outing ‘Ain’t That Rain’ and a bright, sunshine treatment of ‘La Pobracita’ which is so much better that the version they waxed under the name of the String-A-Longs. There are also two from the Rondels who enjoyed a US Top 100 hit with ‘Back Beat No.1’ in 1961: the wild sax-feast ‘Showboat’ and the unworldly beat of ‘Zombie’.

The Reveliers are much respected in surf music circles for their ‘Hangin’ Five’ / ‘Patch’ 45 on G-Clef. ‘Patch’ is included here as well the dynamic ‘White Water’ and ‘Flat Tyre’, both previously unissued. There are two unreleased recordings from the Titans who are feted in instrumental circles for the blistering power of their ‘Reveille Rock’ and ‘Noplace Special’ 45s. Here we feature a super version of the South African favourite ‘Skokiaan’ and an unexpectedly moving treatment of the Everly Brothers’ ‘Crying In The Rain’.

There’s also a whole bunch of exhilarating rarities, including Johnny & the Hurricanes’ final instrumental 45, ‘The Psychedelic Worm’ and ‘Red River Rock ’67’, which we have never seen on CD before; Richie Allen (alias Richie Podolor) exploring the twangy depths of his Danelectro along with an uncredited Sandy Nelson on drums for the little-known ‘Goochy Bamba’; the Ramrods’ barmy bagpipe extravaganza ‘Loch Lomond Rock’; surfing rarities like the Impacts’ ‘Tor-Chula’ and the Avantis’ ‘Wax ‘Em Down’; the catchy ‘Car Hop’ hot-rod fave from the Exports; the Gigolos with the twangy ‘Night Creature’; and finally the cross-genre cult classic ‘Ghost Train’ from the Swanks – as wild and raw as it gets, and taken from the original master tape, natch.

The 20-page booklet features comprehensive notes by myself and fellow Pipeline Magazine co-editor Alan Taylor based on in-depth interviews with original members of the bands, plus many never-before-seen photos. There are just 1,500 being pressed and once they’re gone they’re gone. So, fellow instro fans, do not hang around on this one.

By Dave Burke Pipeline Magazine (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 23.00 €
VA: - Love And Fury - Gems From The Decca Vaults UK 3CD
One Day Music 2013 2-CD 10.00 €
VA: - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
The wildest 45s discovered and popularized by enigmatic Pittsburgh hoo-doo DJ during his primo prime years 1964-67, compiled into three sets of instant party mashers! Massive gatefold LPs tell the story of the Mad One in his own words, complete with tons of memories from his many local fans, while the CD packs deliver the same in a pocket-size format! Absolutely staggering array of sounds from this Norton icon! All sizzle, no gristle! This is the first volume.
Norton Records 2009 LP 13.00 €
VA: - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
The wildest 45s discovered and popularized by enigmatic Pittsburgh hoo-doo DJ during his primo prime years 1964-67, compiled into three sets of instant party mashers! Massive gatefold LPs tell the story of the Mad One in his own words, complete with tons of memories from his many local fans, while the CD packs deliver the same in a pocket-size format! Absolutely staggering array of sounds from this Norton icon! All sizzle, no gristle! This is the first volume.
Norton Records 2009 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 2 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
The story continues in this massive gatefold second volume
Norton Records 2009 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 2 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
The story continues in this massive gatefold second volume
Norton Records 2009 LP 13.00 €
VA: - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 3 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
Third gargantuan volume wraps up the bio notes (or does it?) on this posh inaugural trio trib to Mad Mike Metrovich!
Norton Records 2009 LP 13.00 €
VA: - Meet The Werewolf EP
The Neanderthals / Eddie Angel / Panasonics.
4 tracks
Spinout Single/EP 5.00 €
VA: - Missing Chord
20 biisiä R&R instrumentaaleja. Mukana mm Sabrejets, Huevos Rancheros, Revtunes, Los Nachos...
Raucous Records CD 15.00 €
VA: - Mit der Raupe fahr'n...
Das waren noch Zeiten: Ab an die Raupe! Denn da lief die neueste Musik auf dem Freimarkt in Bremen, dem Oldenburger Krammermarkt, dem Hamburger Dom oder auf anderen Rummelplatz - Sausen. Discotheken gab's noch nicht - und wo sonst konnte man mit den Mädchen so schön flirten und bei geschlossenem Verdeck unbemerkt knutschen?! Die ersten Schmatzer in der Raupenbahn klingen bis heute nach, die Liebesschwüre hängen noch immer zwischen den alten Kufen der Bahn... Das Bremen - Eins - Team der 'Oldiebörse' holt diese unvergesslichen Erinnerungen und handfesten Gefühle zurück - die bei intensivem Hinhören plötzlich gar nicht mehr so alt erscheinen... Die RAUPENHITS der Oldiebörse, präsentiert von BEAR FAMILY RECORDS: ein Muss - nicht nur für den großen Rummel!
Bear Family 2010 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Mondo Zombie Boogaloo
It’s a MONDO ZOMBIE BOOGALOO: Los Straitijackets, Southern Culture On The Skids and The Fleshtones meet Zombie Apocalypse On Halloween!

The Fleshtones are garage rock standard bearers, mixing fuzz guitar and Farfisa organ sounds with rockabilly, ’50s and ’60s R&B to create a potent retro stew the group likes to call “super rock.” The band formed in 1976 in Queens, NY, and have been killing it in live performance for more than 3 decades. The Fleshtones are vocalist/keyboardist Peter Zaremba, guitarist Keith Streng, bassist Ken Fox, and drummer Bill Milhizer and aimed to return rock & roll to the simplicity and unself-consciousness of the ’50s and early ’60s.

The Chapel Hill, NC trio Southern Culture On The Skids have been spreading the rock and roll gospel since 1983. Rick Miller – guitar/vox, Mary Huff – bass/vox and Dave Hartman – drums, play a greasy mix of surf, rockabilly, R&B and country fried garage with a side of psych. It’s a musical gumbo Miller calls “Americana from the wrong side of the tracks”. Over 30 years the band have toured everywhere from the NC Prison System to Mt. Fuji, Japan, delivering what Rolling Stone calls “a hell raising rock and roll party”. The bands latest releases include 2010’s The Kudzu Ranch and 2011’s Zombified.

When it comes to delivering high-energy rock and roll instrumental music, no one equals the finesse, power and perseverance of Grammy-nominated group Los Straitjackets. Eighteen years ago the instrumental surf rock group first dressed in their signature attire of Lucha Libre masks and haven’t taken them off since. The legendary surf rockers released their 12th studio album, Jet Set (Yep Roc Records) this past August to critical praise.
Yep Roc Records 2013 CD 20.00 €
VA: - More Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar 2LP
It's hard to think of a musical style that's more quintessentially American than surf music. Springing up along the California coast in the early 1960s, the surf sound—characterized by "wet"-sounding guitar reverb that echoed the sound of the sea and pummeling rhythms that emulated the ocean's currents—was originally inspired and nurtured by the culture that surrounded the sport. Despite its provincial origins, the surf genre captured the imagination of teenagers around the world, and spawned a remarkably large body of highly original music, with an emphasis on innovative guitar instrumentals that would influence rock axemen for decades to come.

Much of that vintage surf music was originally released on small regional labels, and many of the acts that created some of the greatest surf music never released more than a handful of singles. Those factors resulted in many original surf classics remaining difficult to obtain in recent years. Sundazed Music, a longstanding champion of vintage surf music, went a long way towards remedying that situation with the release of its CD series Lost Legends of Surf Guitar. The series has been widely recognized for rescuing numerous rare, obscure and/or lesser-known gems from surf music's golden age. Now, the landmark series moves into second gear, progressing into the vinyl format with a pair of double-LP collections, each of which features 28 below-the-radar vintage surf killers.

More Lost Legends of Surf Guitar ups the ante with 28 more vintage surf winners, with additional performances by the Challengers, Jerry Cole & His Spacemen, the Surfaris, the Tornadoes and the Trashmen, plus terrific tunes by surf innovators the Belairs, session guitar great Al Casey and regional legend Thom Starr & the Galaxies.

This essential collection, meticulously mastered from rare vintage tapes and pressed on high-quality vinyl, is the perfect collection for gremmie and ho-dad alike, so grab this wave and jump head-first into the surf!!!
Sundazed Music 2012 LP 35.00 €
VA: - Muscle Bustle
Ace Records 1994 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Nastolan Rautalankafestarit 2011
28 tracks recorded live at Nastola Rautalanka (instrumental music) festival 2011.
EJK Media 2012 DVD 12.00 €
VA: - No Approval Needed Vol. 4
Broken Note Records 1997 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 10
Carelia Records 2012 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 11
new volume on this great series
Carelia Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 6
20 tracks
Carelia Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 7
latest release. great instrumental compilation. great label
Carelia Records 2008 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 8
21 tracks great instrumentals
Carelia Records 2009 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 9
Carelia Records 2011 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Norsk Rocks Historie Vol. 2
norjalaista beat, R&R ja rautalankaa vuosilta 1960-1964. Shadowstida !
Universal Music 2004 CD 19.00 €
VA: - Nostalgi Volym Tre
20 tracks
Universal Music 2000 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Not Of This Earth - the Film Music of Ronald Stein
35 biisiä elokuvista: "Attack Of The 50ft. Woman", "The Terror", "Dementia 13", "Not Of This Earth", "Attack Of the Crab Monsters", "The Devil's Partner", "Spider Baby"
Varese Sarabande 1995 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Perfect For Parties
El Toro CD 9.00 €
VA: - Perfectly Good Guitar Instrumentals - 6th Anniversary Album
17 tracks
Twangsville Productions 2007 CD 7.00 €
VA: - Phil Spector's Flips And Rarities
30 tracks
PS 001 1994 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Phoenix Panorama - The Viv Recordings
3 CD:tä, 97 biisiä ja 48 sivunen kirjanen
Bear Family 1995 CD-Box 60.00 €
VA: - Pulp Fiction
MCA Records 1994 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Quite A Party - 24 instrumental Bands Play The Fireballs
Bill Kirchen, The Ventures, Lively Ones, Dave Wronski & Pete Curry, Wes Dakus, Belairs, Nortons, Shadows, Electras, 3 Balls Of Fire, John Blair, Vibrants, Spotnics, Scorpions...
Ace Records 2005 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Radioslok
Out Four / Satelliters / Grabbies / Upstart
Slok 1999 Single/EP 5.00 €
VA: - Rare Surf Vol. 1 - The South Bay Bands
Avi Records 1995 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals
24 tracks
Ace Records 2001 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Rautalanka Paraati 1
27 instrumental tracks finnish rautalanka
Power Records 2003 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Rautalanka Paraati 2
25 tracks finnish rautalanka
Power Records 2004 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Rautalanka Paraati 3
24 tracks
Power Records CD 10.00 €
VA: - Rautalanka Paraati 4
24 tracks finnish instrumentals
Power Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Rautalanka Records 20th Aniversary Album 2CD
rare 2CD collection of Rautalanka Records material. last copies..
Rautalanka Records 2002 CD 25.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa - 40 Kansainvälistä Iskelmähittiä 2CD
VL-Musiikki 2011 CD 12.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa - 40 Legendaarista Rautalankahittiä 2CD
VL-Musiikki 2011 CD 12.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa - 40 Suomalaista Iskelmähittiä 2CD
VL-Musiikki 2011 CD 12.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa - Jees ! Vol. 2
23 tracks finnish guitar instrumentals (with a few with vocal). Back in stock. Last copies !
Jep Productions 2010 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa - Jees ! Vol. 3
New volume with more rare finnish instrumental groups and tracks. At this time all tracks are instrumentals (no vocal tracks).
Jep Productions 2013 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa Olavi Virran Hengessä
Vlmedia 2013 CD 6.00 €
VA: - Rautalankaa Tapio Rautavaaran Hengessä
Vlmedia 2013 CD 6.00 €
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