VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 6 (CD)

Carelia Records 2007

20 tracks

1. Hazze One Line: Bandido
2. The Twang Gang: O Store Gud
3. Hazze One Line: Theme From Missing
4. Midnight: Breaking Through
5. El Halcons: Frk. Johansson Och Jag
6. The Twang Gang: Jag Har Hört Om En Stad
7. Hazze One Line: Konvaljens Avsked
8. El Halcons: Lillemor
9. The ReSounds: Find Me A Golden Street
10. El Halcons: Min Soldat
11. Hasse Klippare: Don't Be Cruel
12. Midnight: The Flyder And The Spy
13. Midnight: The Third Man
14. Hasse Klippare: James Blues
15. The ReSounds: Durango
16. Hasse Klippare: Raggies Boogie
17. The ReSounds: Shadoogie
18. El Halcons: Spring Is Nearly Here
19. The Twang Gang: Gyllne Morgon
20. Monia

17.00 €

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