VA: - Nordic Guitars Vol. 9 (CD)

Carelia Records 2011

1. Hazze One Line: Yesterday
2. Ellert Nordmark: Storgatan Boogie
3. Hank D. Fender: Bright Moon
4. Bengt-Göraqn Thyr: Bachelor Boy
5. The Re-Sounds: Black Is Black
6. Tommy Karlsson: Some People
7. Hank D Fender: Pistoleros
8. Hazze One Line: My Way
9. Ellert Nordmark: Mamba
10. Bengt-Göraqn Thyr: Loveletters In The Sand
11. Tommy Karlsson: You Win Again
12. Hazze One Line: I Dreamed There Was No War
13. The Re-Sounds: Troinka
14. Bengt-Göran Thyr: Kväsarevalsen
15. Ellert Nordmark: I Only Wanna Be With You
16. The Re-Sounds: I Remember You
17. Hank D Fender: Buffalo Express
18. Tommy Karlsson: Theme From Star Wars
19. Ellert Nordmark: Losing You
20. The Aftershades: Svalbard Theme

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