VA: - Goofin' Records 20th Anniversary Party (DVD)

Goofin Records 2006
GRVD 400

Goofin' 20th Anniversary Party. Top quality production. Filmed with four cameras. 30 tracks, almost 100 min. 5.1 or 2.0 stereo sound
bonus picture gallery, audio tracks etc

1. The Barnshakers: Hocus Pocus
2. The Barnshakers: Nature's Goodness
3. The Barnshakers: Don't Worry 'bout Me
4. The Barnshakers: Boppin' In The Roswell
5. The Barnshakers: Heartbreak Train
6. Ray Collins' Hot-Club: Nothing But Your Kiss
7. Ray Collins' Hot-Club: Run Brother Run
8. Ray Collins' Hot-Club: Bopland
9. Ray Collins' Hot-Club: Do You Wanna Jump Children
10. Ray Collins' Hot-Club: Yeah Yeah Boogie
11. The Silver Bullets: So What
12. The Silver Bullets: Following The Suspect
13. The Silver Bullets: Baby Come On
14. The Silver Bullets: Hilbilly Music
15. The Silver Bullets: Love's Made A Fool Of You
16. Marti Brom: That Crazy Beat 17. Marti Brom: Blue Tattoo
18. Marti Brom: Fallin'
19. Marti Brom: Really Really Love You
20. Marti Brom: No Good Lover

21. High Noon: Let's Go Daddy-O
22. High Noon: When She Is Good - She Is Good- When She is Bad..
23. High Noon: Slow Down Baby
24. High Noon: High On A Hill (Down In Tennessee)
25. High Noon: Blue Bonnet Boogie
26. The Go Getters: Lady Luck
27. The Go Getters: Teenage Kicks
28. The Go Getters: Junkyard Dog
29. The Go Getters: No Heart To Spare
30. The Go Getters: I Faught The Law

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