Brian Setzer Orchestra - Wolfgang's Big Night Out (CD)

Surfdog 2007

1. Take The 5th (an adaption of Beethoven´s "Symphony No. 5")
2. One More Night With You (an adaption of Grieg´s "Hall of the Mountain King")
3. Wolfgang´s Big Night Out (an adaption of Mozart´s "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik")
4. Honey Man (an adaption of Rimsky-Korsakov´s "Flight of the Bumblebee")
5. Yes We Can (an adaption of Offenbach´s "The Can Can")
6. Swingin´ Willie (an adaption of Rossini´s "William Tell Overture")
7. Sabre Dance (Khachaturian)
8. For Lisa (an adaption of Beethoven´s "Fur Elise")
9. Here Comes The Broad (an adaption of Wagner´s "Lohengrin"
and Mendelssohn´s "A Midsummer Night´s Dream")
10. 1812 Overdrive (an adaption of Tchaikovsky´s "1812 Overture")
11. Some River In Europe (an adaption of Strauss´ "Blue Danube")
12. Take A Break Guys (an adaption of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen")

10.00 €

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