Janis Martin & Elvis Presley - Janis & Elvis (CD)

El Toro Records 2007

To mark the 50th anniversary of a unique, and highly-collectible 10" LP, El Toro Records brings you the iconic "Janis & Elvis", re-issuing the eight tracks included originally plus a handful of extra bonus tracks from each artist.

1. Elvis: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
2. Janis: Ooby-Dooby
3. Elvis: Milk Cow Blues Boogy (sic)
4. Janis: Let's elope Baby
5. Elvis: Baby Let's Play House
6. Janis: One More Year To Go
7. Elvis: You're A Heartbreaker
8. Janis: Barefoot Baby
9. Elvis: Mistery Train
10. Elvis: Good Rockin' Tonight
11. Janis: Will you, Willyum
12. Elvis: Tryin' to Get to You
13. Elvis: I'll Never Let You Go, Little Darlin'
14. Janis: Little Bit
15. Elvis: How Do You Think I Feel?
16. Elvis: Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)
17. Janis: Drugstore Rock And Roll
18. Elvis: Paralyzed
19. Elvis: I'm Counting On You
20. Janis: My Boy Elvis
21. Elvis: Anyplace Is Paradise
22. Elvis: Playing for Keeps
23. Janis: Little Bit (Alternative Take)
24. Elvis: My Baby's Gone (I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - alt
25. Elvis: First In Line
26. Elvis: How's The World Treating You

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