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Johnny Cash - 1960-luku

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Johnny Cash - Greatest Gospel Songs
Sony Music 2012 CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - Sings The Ballads Of The True West
Sony Music Entertainment 2012 CD 9.00 €
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison 2LP
Folsom Prison looms large in Johnny Cash's legacy, providing the setting for perhaps his definitive song and the location for his definitive album, At Folsom Prison.

The ideal blend of mythmaking and gritty reality, At Folsom Prison is the moment when Cash turned into the towering Man In Black, a haunted troubadour singing songs of crime, conflicted conscience, and jail.

Never before had his music seemed as vigorous as it does here: this is when he perfectly tied together his humor, gravity, and spirituality.
In every sense, it was a breakthrough, but more than that, At Folsom Prison is the quintessential Johnny Cash album, the place where his legend burns bright and eternal.

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Remastered audio
16 page booklet
Ultimate edition, A Music On Vinyl exclusive!
Music On Vinyl 2011 LP 33.00 €
Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol. 2 - From Memphis To Hollywood 3LP
3LP Set incl 24 page full colour booklet. 180 gram audiophile vinyl.

Much like the critically-acclaimed PERSONAL FILE (Bootleg Vol. 1), Bootleg Vol. II: From Memphis to Hollywood features home recordings from Johnny Cash's own archives in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This time we get rare and unreleased home recordings from his earliest foray on local radio to recording demos of recently written songs like "I Walk the Line". But that's only half the story.

Side One, Two and Three focus primarily on Cash's formative years performing and recording in Memphis- from 1955 when he began appearing as a trio with his group the Tennessee Two, through his years recording fro Sun Records, up to his signing with Columbia Records in 1958. Side Four, Five and Six are culled from the vaults of Columbia Records and includes various singles, outtakes and B-sides recorded between 1958-1969.

Bootleg Vol. II: From Memphis To Hollywood is both historic a must-have for any fan of American music - and a first-rate exercise in story-telling, a doorway into Johnny Cash' popular legasy as effective and captivating as any greatest hits compilation.
Sony Music 2011 LP 45.00 €
Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol. 3 - Live Around The World
A Live Travelogue of Johnny's Worldwide Tours and Rare performances.

Historic performances showing the bond Johnny had with his fans. 53 tracks, including 37 previously unreleased recordingds. New liner notes by music historian, journalist and author, Dave Marsh.

Johnny Cash Bootleg lll: LIVE Around the World is a collection of rare and unreleased LIVE recordings it is a travelogue from his earliest days on the road at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas Texas in the 1950's - through to his becoming an International Superstar and a great statesman ambassador at the White House in Washington, D.C. in the 1970's.
Sony Music Entertainment 2011 CD 20.00 €
Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol. 3 - Live Around The World 3LP
After the previous Johnny Cash Bootleg series, the first one consisting of privately recorded, intimate solo performances and the second one focusing on the dawning of Cash's recording career, now it's time for Volume 3. 'The Bootleg Series Vol. 3: Live Around The World' is a treasure trove of rare tracks of Johnny Cash performances between 1956 and 1979. From country jamborees and juke joints, to folk festivals, prison shows, USO tours in war zones, and even a White House invitational, there was no audience Cash could not win over through his music, as can be heard on this box.
This beautiful 180-grams 3LP box contains 53 tracks, 37 of them previously unreleased and an 12-pages booklet featuring new liner notes by music historian, journalist and author, Dave Marsh.

• 180 grams audiophile vinyl
• 11 Pages Booklet
• 53 tracks, including 37 previously unreleased recordings
• New liner notes by music historian, journalist and author, Dave Marsh
Sony Music 2011 LP 45.00 €
Johnny Cash - From Memphis To Hollywood - Bootleg Vol. 2 2CD
Sony Music 2011 CD 22.00 €
Johnny Cash - Now, There Was A Song! LP + CD
originally released in 1960.
Doxy Music 2011 LP 20.00 €
Johnny Cash - Ride This Train LP + CD
Doxy Music 2011 LP 20.00 €
Johnny Cash - Sings Hank Williams LP + CD
180 gram vinyl albums featuring a bons CD of the same album.

Originally released 1960
Doxy Music 2011 LP 20.00 €
Johnny Cash - The Gospel Collection
18 tracks
Sony Music 2010 CD 10.00 €
VA: - A Girl Named Johnny Cash - And Other Tribute Songs
Country music's greatest artists pay tribute to each other!A must-have for Johnny Cash fans!Includes the cult tribute records by African American country artist Stoney Edwards! Unavailable until now!Plus Merle Haggard, Mac Wiseman, and more!'Tribute' records are almost forgotten today, but for several decades there were hundreds of tribute records, sung by country stars about other country stars. This 'Tributes' compilation collects eighteen of the best, from Gordon Terry's delightfully wacky tribute to his boss Johnny Cash, The Ballad Of J.C., to Charlie Rich's tribute to Jim Reeves, Gentleman Jim. Also included are no less than eight of Stoney Edwards' touching tributes to his heroes, including The Night The Ernest Tubb Show Came To Town, Hag, BobWills, and many others. Superstar Merle Haggard is well represented with Leonard (a biographical song about his friend Leonard Sipes aka 'Tommy Collins') and Goodbye Lefty, an ode to Hag's hero, Lefty Frizzell. All in all, this disc is a fascinating collection of an interesting and forgotten sub-genre of country music.
Bear Family 2010 CD 17.00 €
Johnny Cash - At San Quentin / At Folsom Prison 2CD
Sony Music 2009 2-CD 13.00 €
Johnny Cash - Best Of Johnny Cash Vol. 2 - Superstar Series
Universal Music Canada 2009 CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - Heroes Collection 2CD
2CD = 50 tracks
Pegasus 2009 CD 9.00 €
Johnny Cash - The Fabulous Johnny Cash
11 tracks
Hallmark Music 2009 CD 4.90 €
Johnny Cash - Best Of Johnny Cash - Superstar Series
Universal Music Canada 2008 CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash's America 2CD
CD + DVD. includes previously unreleased tracks

DVD includes unseen pilot from 1965 Johnny Cash Show, 1968 Canadian TV Special and Cash with Bob Dylan Outtakes from "Eat That Document etc.
Sony Music 2008 CD 15.00 €
Johnny Cash - Love God Murder Life 4CD
Four CDs on one package
Sony BMG 2007 CD-Box 35.00 €
Johnny Cash - The Outtakes 3CD
3CD = 129 TRACKS
Bear Family 2007 CD-Box 55.00 €
VA: - The Best Of The Johnny Cash TV Show
The Very Best Of Johnny's 1969-1971 variety tv-shows.
Sony Bmg 2007 CD 13.00 €
Johnny Cash - Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
14 tracks
Collectables 2005 CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - The Solid Gold Collection 2CD
36 tracks. Great collection of songs with a nice booklet
Union Square Music 2005 2-CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - The Man In Black - His Early Years
"Legends In Concert" 16 tracks - 39 min
Whe international 2004 DVD 9.00 €
Johnny Cash - All Aboard The Blue Train
18 tracks
Varese Sarabande 2003 CD 14.00 €
Johnny Cash - Blood, Sweat and Tears
This exact replica of Cash’s 1963 classic —on rock-busting Sundazed High-Definition Vinyl —shows Cash once again straddling the worlds of country, folk and pop like a black-clad behemoth: a once-in-a-generation artist whose revered work will live on forever.
Sundazed Music 2003 LP 20.00 €
Johnny Cash - At Madison Square Garden
Sony Music 2002 CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm
Get Back Records 2002 LP 13.00 €
Johnny Cash - Ride This Train
albumi vuodelta 1960 lisättynä neljällä bonusbiisillä
Columbia 2002 CD 9.00 €
Johnny Cash - At San Quentin - Complete & Unedited
18 biisiä
Sony Music 2000 CD 10.00 €
Johnny Cash - Fabulous Johnny Cash / Songs Of Out Soil
two classic LPs on 1 CD.
Columbia 1999 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Really ! They Sing It In German Vol 2
27 beat hits Sung in German language Vol 2.
Supremes, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Cash, Leslie Gore, Brian Hyland, Everly Brothers, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby Bare, Earl Grant...
Really 1996 CD 17.00 €
Johnny Cash - Tennessee Top Cat
17 Livebiisiä vuosilta 1955-65
Cotton Town Jubilee 1995 CD 18.00 €
Johnny Cash - The Best Of Johnny Cash
Sony Music Entertainment 1995 CD 5.90 €
Johnny Cash - Come Along And Ride This Train
4 CD:tä - 104 biisiä sekä 20 sivunen kirja
Bear Family 1991 CD-Box 60.00 €
Johnny Cash - Classic Cash - Hall Of Fame Series
Canadian pressing !
Universal Music 1988 CD 12.00 €
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