Johnny Cash - Bootleg Vol. 2 - From Memphis To Hollywood 3LP (LP)

Sony Music 2011

3LP Set incl 24 page full colour booklet. 180 gram audiophile vinyl.

Much like the critically-acclaimed PERSONAL FILE (Bootleg Vol. 1), Bootleg Vol. II: From Memphis to Hollywood features home recordings from Johnny Cash's own archives in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This time we get rare and unreleased home recordings from his earliest foray on local radio to recording demos of recently written songs like "I Walk the Line". But that's only half the story.

Side One, Two and Three focus primarily on Cash's formative years performing and recording in Memphis- from 1955 when he began appearing as a trio with his group the Tennessee Two, through his years recording fro Sun Records, up to his signing with Columbia Records in 1958. Side Four, Five and Six are culled from the vaults of Columbia Records and includes various singles, outtakes and B-sides recorded between 1958-1969.

Bootleg Vol. II: From Memphis To Hollywood is both historic a must-have for any fan of American music - and a first-rate exercise in story-telling, a doorway into Johnny Cash' popular legasy as effective and captivating as any greatest hits compilation.

1. KWEM Announcements And Advertisements
2. Johnny Cash Show Intro And Theme
3. Wide Open Road
4. Home Equipment Company Advertisement
5. One More Ride
6. Home Equipment Company Advertisement/Luther Perkins Intro
7. Luther's Boogie
8. Belshazzar Intro
9. Belshazzar
10. Closing Comments And Theme
11. Overton Park Shell Country Music Jamboree Advertisement By Texas Bill Strength

1. I Walk The Line
2. Get Rhythm
3. Train Of Love
4. Country Boy
5. My Treasure
6. Belshazzar
7. He'll Be A Friend
8. When I Think Of You
9. I Just Don't Care Enough (To Carry On)
10. I'll Cry For You
11. You're My Baby
12. Rock and Roll Ruby

1. Wide Open Road
2. Leave That Junk Alone
5. Brakeman's Blues
4. Big River
5. I Couldn't Keep From Crying
6. New Mexico
7. Goodnight Irene
8. Restless Kid
9. It's All Over

Side D: THE 1960s
1. All Over Again
2. You Dreamer You
3. I'll Remember You
4. Johnny Yuma Theme
5. Five Minutes To Live
6. The Losing Kind
7. Locomotive Man
8. Girl In Saskatoon
9. There's A Mother Always Waiting

Side E: THE 1960s
1. Johnny Reb
2. The Shifting, Whispering Sands Part II
3. Send A Picture Of Mother
4. Hardin Wouldn't Run
5. Thunderball
6. One Too Many Mornings
7. The Frozen Logger
8. Foolish Questions

Side F: THE 1960s
1. Bottom Of The Mountain
2. Put The Sugar To Bed
3. You Beat All I Ever Saw
4. On the Line
5. Roll Call
6. The Folk Singer
7. Six White Horses
8. Come Along And Ride This Train

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