Alarm Clocks - The Time Has Come (LP)

Norton Records 2006

Unreal NEW recordings – that’s right – gotta hear this to believe it! Fourteen flipped hits including a dozen tough originals inked by Mike Pierce, the genius behind the immortal No Reason To Complain! Recorded in true Nortofonic sound in Freddy Fortune’s basement studio. You wanna hear a sixties band actually come back from the grave? Yeah!! Wake up to the Alarm Clocks! NOW!!!

Side A:
1. It’s About Time
2. Marie
3. Nobody But You
4. Like A Rolling Stone
5. Don’t Get Left Behind
6. You’re Always Near
7. Feelin’ Fine

Side B:
1. It’s Been Too Long
2. You’re Everything To Me
3. More Money
4. Baby
5. It’s You
6. I Love You Baby
7. I’m A Man

13.00 €

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