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Punk / Garage - 1980-luku

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Alien Sex Fiend - Curse
"ASF were always as mad as monkeys in their approach to this Goth lark. And happily the passing years have done nothing to diminish their quirkiness. A treat." Record Collector

We have an Alien Sex Fiend double whammy for you this month. First up we have the Fiend’s 1990 LP now has the bonus of six additional tracks to give 15 cuts of the group at their most eccentric best.

The superb “Now I’m Feeling Zombified” 45 is included alongside the four part epic “Katch 22” on what is generally regarded as one of the band’s strongest studio outings.

Second up we have the band’s second album, Curse. The album includes the indie top 10 single “E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)” and also added to the LP are three bonus tracks, “Boneshaker Baby”, “I Am A Product (Live)” and “30 Second Coma”.
Cherry Red Records 1990 CD 17.00 €
Bad Karma Beckons - Mutate And Survive
sleeve vg+ vinyl ex
Media Burn Records 1986 LP 12.00 €
BBQ - Genie
Collector's Choice Music 2008 CD 13.00 €
Cramps - A Date With Elvis
This 1985 outing from the coolest band in the universe asks the question 'How Far Can Too Far Go?' and snaps back with an answer before you can say 'Aloha From Hell'.
Ace Records 2001 LP 22.00 €
Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People
tracks from 1979-1984
A&M Records CD 13.00 €
Cramps - Fetischism Vol. 1
Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Canada 14.6.82
Ghoul-Ash Records LP 15.00 €
Cramps - Fetischism Vol. 2
Live in France 1980
Ghoul-Ash LP 15.00 €
Cramps - File Under Sacred Music - Early Singles 1978-1981
I've no idea why The Cramps don't seem to figure in a lot of alleged histories of punk or just plain music in general. This could be down to them being utterly or unpigeonhole-able (is that even a word?) or just outright ignorance. Perhaps a bit of both but hey, let's not concern ourselves with that. The band changed the face of culture. Period. Without bothering "the charts" or playing too many stadiums, their seismic effect on everything you hold dear will be felt for all time.

This ancient knowledge - some of their grooviest gravy - is presented here for your delectation and delight. So get a crack-a-lackin' with blasting these twisted hymns morning, noon and night. And while the ruckus is in full swing, pray to whoever might listen that Ivy will get around to compile the ultimate document of her undulating combo in commemoration of their services to entertainment. The bloody gears of this here rockin' machine will be rolling way beyond the foreseeable future.

Reasons outwith anyone's control might mean that you can't see the band anymore but no one - no how - will be able to make this thing stop. Meanwhile, dig into this feast for the little ghouls that understood all along or indeed anyone with a decent set of ears.

Lindsay Hutton (Munster Records website)
Munster Records 2011 CD 20.00 €
Cramps - Off The Bone
Emi 1998 CD 9.00 €
Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle
albumi vuodelta 1981
Zonophone Records 1998 CD 9.00 €
Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle
180 gram re-pressing. originally released 1981.
vinilisssimo 2011 LP 22.00 €
Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle / Gravest Hits
2 LPs = 1 CD. 19 tracks
IRS CD 15.00 €
Cramps - Rockinnreelininaucklandnewzealandxxx
this is a live recording made on Aug 30, 1986 at the Galaxy in Auckland, New Zealand
Ace Records 2001 LP 22.00 €
Cramps - Smell Of Female
Ace Records 1990 CD 13.00 €
Cramps - Smell Of Female
The first post-IRS Records outing from the Cramps is seriously live from the Legendary Peppermint Lounge and shows the band to be in fine fettle, full flight and fantastic.
Ace Records 1983 LP 17.00 €
Cramps - Songs the Lord Taught Us
18 tracks
Emi 1998 CD 9.00 €
Cramps - Stay Sick!
Ace Records 1993 CD 18.00 €
Cynics - Rock'n'Roll
originally released 1989
Get Hip 2007 CD 17.00 €
Daddy Long Legs - Evil Eye On You
Here is the long awaited debut platter from Brooklyn's most blues wailing stompers Daddy Long Legs! Trust us -- there's no Fedora hat, no third rate wanky, watered down Chicago blues in these grooves! For fans of Howlin' Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Little Walter, Flamin Groovies, Kid Thomas and Dr. Feelgood! A dozen pounding workouts!
Norton Records 2012 LP  
Damned - Not the Captains Birthday Party ?
Frontier Records 1997 CD 18.00 €
Dino Lee - The King Of White Trash
New Rose 1985 LP 11.00 €
Escalators - Live At Le Havre 1983
16 tracks
Anagram Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
Escalators - Moving Staircases
legendaarinen britti psycho/punk / garage bändi
Ace Records 2006 CD 12.00 €
Eyes - My Degeneration
Emarcy Records LP 15.00 €
Johnny Thunders - Diary Of A Gypsy Lover
all tracks previously unreleased. incl alternate studio takes, tracks from rare japanese 7", radio and live recordings
Sonic Records 1996 CD 18.00 €
Legionaires Disease - Catch the Disease
texas punk from the 1980s
Lunar Lab CD 13.00 €
Mad Sin - Young, Dumb & Snotty
The Psychotic Years 1988-1993. 24 tracks of pure psychobilly / Punk & Roll chaos.
People Like You 2010 CD 12.00 €
Milkshakes - 19th Nervous Shake Down
30 tracks
Ace Records 1990 CD 17.00 €
Milkshakes - 20 Rock And Roll Hits From The 50s And 60s
Ace Records 1984 LP 17.00 €
Milkshakes - 20 Rock And Roll Hits Of The 50s And 60s
20 tracks
Ace Records 1991 CD 15.00 €
Miracle Workers - Moxies Revenge
This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers’ earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces!
Get Hip 1994 LP 15.00 €
Monomen - Bent Pages
Estrus Records 1993 CD 18.00 €
New York Dolls - A Hard Night's Day
Norton Records 2000 CD 17.00 €
New York Dolls - Endless Party
180-Gram vinyl release featuring original artwork! Pre-Mercury demos licensed from Red Star music. New York Cityâs legendary Dolls recorded the tracks contained on this album prior to their debut album on Mercury Records and it captures these punk-rock pioneers at their finest!!!Ê

They are raw and alive (it even includes some studio chat among members between songs).Ê The brand new sleeve artwork includes rare color photos by renowned photographer Bob Gruen.
Red Star Music 2000 LP 20.00 €
Olympic Sideburns - The Olympic Sideburns
rare lp. second hand copy. vinyl ex
sleeve: writing on both sides. sticker, cut out
otherwise excellent condition
rare aussie punk-rockabilly
Epitaph Records 1985 LP 15.00 €
Pretty Things - All Light Up / Vivian Prince
Norton Records Single/EP 6.00 €
Raymen - Biblebelt Freakout ! - rare and unreleased 1984-1998
27 tracks
Raucous Records CD 15.00 €
Real Kids - Senseless
Norton Records 2001 LP 13.00 €
Real Kids - She's Got Everything + 2 EP
recorded live 1982
Norton Records Single/EP 6.00 €
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Roky Erickson & The Aliens
The HORROR-STRUCK ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MADNESS OF ROKY ERICKSON. The 1980 album from former 13th Floor Elevators’ main man hailed in MOJO magazine as a buried treasure kicks of the label’s Buried Treasure series. Featuring the original ten tracks plus two additional Erickson originals from the period. An insight into the ‘scrambled brain’ of this rock genius’ bizarre and often brilliant solo career. Obsessed with sci fi and horror images, this gritty gem covers Satan, Lucifer, Alligators, Vampires, Demons and Zombies along the way. With extensive sleevenotes and an introduction by MOJO editor Phil Alexander.
Cherry Red Records 2012 CD 17.00 €
Roky Erickson And The Explosives - Casting The Runes
Re Records CD 11.00 €
Sex Pistols - Pirates Of Destiny
recording quality is suspect
Ball X CD 18.00 €
Sex Pistols - Revolution In the Classroom / Schools Are Prisons
clear vinyl
S.T.P. Single/EP 7.00 €
Social Distortion - Mainliner
10 tracks from 1981
Time Bomb Records 1995 CD 15.00 €
Social Distortion - Prison Bound
Kung Fu Records 1988 CD 10.00 €
Tall Boys - Funtime
28 tracks. All vinyl recordings on the same CD.
Ace Records 1998 CD 18.00 €
Tenpole Tudor - Eddie, Old Bob, Dick & Gary/ Let The Four Winds Blow
Digitally remastered 2007 - this compilation puts together their two first albums and handful of singles. All recordings from 1980-1982
Stiff Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
The D.I.s - Rare Cuts
Out of the ashes of The Gears (legendary L.A. punk band) in 1982, vocalist Axxel G. Reese and lifelong friend drummer Dave Drive started a new band called The D.I.s (Drill Instructors). Keeping the Punkabilly influence they forged on but soon they were to embark on a Roots sound as well. With numerous line-up changes that included Jimmy Reed (Levi Dexter and the Ripchords), Matt Lee (Ray Campi's Rockabilly Rebels), Mike “Shakey Wilcox (The Rockats), Thadius T. Baker, Patrick ‘Frenchie” French (The Joneses), “Venice George” Chavlez , Ron Emory (TSOL) & Jonny Ray Bartel (The Red Devils & The Knitters) they forged on to 1992. Only one released recording ever came out, a five song 12” (Lock & Load) produced by Billy Zoom, but now a complete 22 track studio recording collection has been assembled. Some of it is absolutely brilliant and you will wonder why they were never signed or had hit records. This is a must have collection for any fan of L.A. Punk, Roots or Rock n' Roll.
Hepcat Records 2009 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Before The Fall - 24 Prelapsarian Cuts
f evidence were needed that all music is connected, this collection could well be it. You might think Australian punk, proto-Krautrock and Sister Sledge could only co-exist on a compilation called “Now That’s What I Call Utterly Unrelated”, but actually, beyond “Before The Fall”’s basic conceit, a few fragile connections start to present themselves. Henry Cow acted as support on a Captain Beefheart tour. Beefheart’s style was significantly influenced by bluesmen such as Leadbelly. Leadbelly and Pete Seeger hung out in 40s New York.

What else? ‘There’s A Ghost in My House’ and ‘Jungle Rock’ were both hits years after their original release. Fall fans wouldn’t automatically associate ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Transfusion’, yet listening to the originals reveals both as satire at the expense of the beatniks. ‘Transfusion’, like ‘Kimble’, owes much of its uniqueness to the innovative use of sound effects. ‘Kimble’ and ‘People Grudgeful’ are connected thanks to the fractious relationship between the artists concerned. ‘Grudgeful’ and ‘$ F--oldin’ Money $’ both play parts in stories of apparently unscrupulous label bosses. ‘$ F--oldin’ Money $’, ‘Rollin’ Danny’, ‘Transfusion’ and ‘Pinball Machine’ were all the work of artists who died before their time, some a little more before their time than others.

It’s fun to spot these connections but, as a Fall fan, I wouldn’t pin too much significance on them. Mark E Smith covered Monks’ tracks without even knowing their titles. He’s covered others without, by his own admission, being able to track down the publishing rights, knowing all the lyrics, or in the case of ‘War’, even remembering the tune. So while in some cases these originals will seem very familiar to Fall fans – the relative commercial success of ‘There’s a Ghost In My House’ and ‘Victoria’ is probably attributable to the fact the Fall didn’t muck about with the originals too much, while Smith’s vocal on ‘Mr Pharmacist’ is remarkably similar to Jeff Nowlen’s original – others are interesting as starting points for very different Fall readings.

These originals also demonstrate a lack of Smith snobbery towards music to which other contemporary bands would rapidly turn up their noses. Pop, blues, prog and daft novelties are all accorded the same respect, or lack of it.

As a fan of 60s garage, the Monks, Other Half and Sonics cuts on this collection were very familiar to me, but the journey into other genres has been a bit of a revelation. The habit of lifting rocksteady/reggae melody lines for retooling on other tracks led to a diverting trip which started with ‘People Grudgeful’ and took in related tracks such as ‘Longshot’, ‘Jackpot’ and ‘People Funny Boy’. Comparing versions of ‘Bourgeois Blues’, dipping a toe into the ocean of trucking music – all of this I would never have found myself doing had it not been for the cross-genre nature of Mark E Smith’s eclectic tastes.

By Dan Maier (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2011 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Bo Diddley Is A Songwriter
In his long and illustrious career, the late Ellas McDaniel portrayed his alter ego Bo Diddley as many things – a lover, a gunslinger, crazy, even a lumberjack would you believe (and as this is Bo we’re talking about, you would…)

One thing that Bo seldom if ever proclaimed himself to be is ‘A Songwriter”. But over a period of 10 years, Bo crafted some of the most memorable songs of the rock ‘n’ roll and R & B era, including numerous Hall Of Fame perennials which many will be unaware are his songs. For instance, there can be few on this planet who’ve never heard at least one version of “Love Is Strange” – it was featured in ‘Dirty Dancing’, one of the most popular and biggest grossing films of all time, for goodness sake! How many of the thousands of young people who own that soundtrack album also know that the same man who wrote it also wrote “Mona” a 1990s UK chart topper for Craig McLachlan, and “No No No”, a Top 10 hit in 1993 for reggae artist Dawn Penn (both songs appear here, in other versions, under their real titles ‘I Need You Baby’ and ‘She’s Fine, She’s Mine’ respectively…). Not many, I’ll wager.

Bo is so well known and loved as an R & B legend that his songwriting skills tend to get overlooked in comparison with his fabulous recordings. He may be seen by some as a left field entry in Ace’s ongoing ‘Songwriter Series’, but once the CD popped into the player, it won’t take but a few minutes (as his Chess colleague Chuck Berry once wrote) to realise that he’s here on merit, and not just because everyone at Ace loves Bo Diddley.

Of course, anyone who lived through the R&B and British Beat boom will be familiar with any number of E. McDaniel copyrights – both those Bo wrote, and those that were written for him by others. And there’s considerably more variety to Bo’s songwriting than some might initially think. OK, so he did put together more numerous variations on the ‘shave-and-a-haircut, six-bits’ rhythm. But Bo’s catalogue of compositions also embraces doo-wop (‘I’m Sorry’), teen pop (‘Love Is Strange’, ‘Mama Can I Go Out’) proto-surf (‘Bo’s Bounce’), humour (‘Pills’) 12 bar blues (‘Before You Accuse Me’) straight ahead R&B (‘I Can Tell’, ‘Diddy Wah Diddy’) and so much more besides.

As well as recording his songs, many of our stellar cast of artists were major league Bo fans and, indeed, most of those who are still around continue to be. The fact that the recordings on our CD span a period of 50 years gives a strong indication of the timelessness of his work as a writer – hardly surprising when his own early recordings still sound like they were recorded yesterday.

If there’s still any shadow of doubt in your mind that Bo Diddley IS a songwriter, buy this CD immediately and let its contents rid you henceforth of such foolish supposition!

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
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