Alien Sex Fiend - Curse (CD)

Cherry Red Records 1990

"ASF were always as mad as monkeys in their approach to this Goth lark. And happily the passing years have done nothing to diminish their quirkiness. A treat." Record Collector

We have an Alien Sex Fiend double whammy for you this month. First up we have the Fiend’s 1990 LP now has the bonus of six additional tracks to give 15 cuts of the group at their most eccentric best.

The superb “Now I’m Feeling Zombified” 45 is included alongside the four part epic “Katch 22” on what is generally regarded as one of the band’s strongest studio outings.

Second up we have the band’s second album, Curse. The album includes the indie top 10 single “E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)” and also added to the LP are three bonus tracks, “Boneshaker Baby”, “I Am A Product (Live)” and “30 Second Coma”.

Katch 22 (a) You (b) Along Cums Reality (c) Hubble Bubble (d) Goodbye To Space / Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied / Stress / Blessings Of The State / Eat! Eat! Eat! / Ain’t Got Time To Bleed / Bleeding Reprise / Dali-Isms / Burger Bar Baby / I Think I / Mad Daddy Drives A Ufo / Wuthering Wind / Radio Jimi / Hands Of The Silken / Blessing In Disguise

17.00 €

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