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Punk / Garage - 1960-luku

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VA: - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 3 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
Third gargantuan volume wraps up the bio notes (or does it?) on this posh inaugural trio trib to Mad Mike Metrovich!
Norton Records 2009 LP 13.00 €
VA: - Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1
28 forgotten 60s Michigan Garage gems
More Fun Records 1996 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Michigan Mayhem Vol. 2
29 more 60s Michigan Garage Gems
More Fun Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Midnite Sound Of The Milky Way
24 biisiä 60s Midwest Garage rock..
Ace Records 2004 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go
31 tracks rare high octane 60s movers and shakers
Arf Arf Records 1995 CD 19.00 €
VA: - Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol 1
30 biisiä
Ace Records 2001 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol 2
30 biisiä
Ace Records 2001 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol 3
30 biisiä vuosilta 1965-67
Ace Records 2002 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol 4
30 biisiä - myös osat 1-3 löytyy
Ace Records 2004 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol. 1 - Flash And Crash
25 biisiä vuosilta 1964-67
Sundazed 2000 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol. 2 - Knock You Flat!
25 biisiä
Sundazed 2000 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Oz Beat Frenzy! Vol. 1
rare & unknown 60s garage. 28 tracks
Fullpower CD 19.00 €
VA: - Pebbles Vol. 10
16 original punk rockers from the psychedelic sixties
BFD Records 1980 LP 17.00 €
VA: - Realities In Life - 16 US 60s Garage Wonders
16 rare garage rockers from rare 60s usa labels
Realities In Life LP 18.00 €
VA: - Riot City!
31 tracks 1960-1965
Ace Records 2001 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease
16 tracks
Ace Records 1989 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Shadow Morton Story - Sophisticated Boom Boom
“Producers are quirky, conceptual people,” David Johansen of the New York Dolls once said. Few fit that description better than George “Shadow” Morton, whose career we celebrate in this latest addition to our long-running Producers series.

When news reached Shadow this collection of his productions was in development, he let it be known he would like to be involved in the project. I was provided with his email address, along with a password for use in the subject line of all communications, to guarantee a response. I fired off a quick (quite gushing) email asking for an official interview, to which he readily consented, requesting that I address him as Shadow. Over the ensuing months, I sent some leading questions, which he duly answered, although his replies were invariably a long time coming. He deserved that nickname of his, I thought. With a trip to the USA on my horizon, in hope of moving things along, I plucked up the courage to phone and ask if it would be possible to meet in person, to which he again agreed. Then nothing. My trip came and went and further emails remained unanswered. My initial disappointment turned to sadness a few months later when I heard Shadow had died.

The fruits of our unfortunately curtailed correspondence are contained in the CD’s accompanying booklet, together with excerpts from earlier interviews conducted by Richard Arfin, Bob Goodman, Lenny Kaye, Ralph M Newman and Genya Ravan, all of whom deserve commending for jobs well done. Our combined efforts enable the enigmatic producer/songwriter’s story to be told in full for the first time.

The collection covers Shadow’s career from his debut as lead vocalist with the Markeys and the Lonely Ones through to the New York Dolls’ “Too Much Too Soon” album. Also included are tracks by the Beattle-ettes, Shangri-Las, Goodies, Ellie Greenwich, Shaggy Boys, Nu-Luvs, Janis Ian, Blues Project, Vanilla Fudge, Vagrants, Iron Butterfly and Mott The Hoople – everything from 1950s doo wop to 1970s glam-punk via girl group melodramas and Long Island psychedelia. In other words, a very varied listening experience.

Along with a 12,000-word essay, the sumptuously illustrated 36-page booklet features many rare photographs, including some supplied by the Morton family.

By Mick Patrick (Ace Records)

Ace Records 2013 CD 20.00 €
VA: - She Was So Bad - Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates Vol. 2
these originally unreleased recordings present a treasure trove of garage killers! All selections were recorded 1964-67 but none were released at the time.
Norton Records 2009 LP 13.00 €
VA: - Shout! Northwest Killers Vol. 2 1964-65
19 tracks
Norton Records 2001 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Sing Me A Rainbow - A Trident Anthology 1965-67 2CD
Mid 0s San Francisco had its own Brill Building in North Beach's Columbus Tower, home of Frank Werber's Trident Productions. This is the brief but fascinating story of the Trident stable, filled with great pop, garage and SF folk rock sounds
Ace Records 2008 CD 25.00 €
VA: - Song The Cramps Taught Us Vol. 1
Cato Records LP 15.00 €
VA: - Sound Of Young Sacramento
The mid-1960s rock scene in Sacramento may appear isolated and insular especially when compared to the activities of the neighbouring San Francisco Bay Area, but its teenage audience was as partisan as any other across the United States in those halcyon days. Major acts like the Stones and the Byrds played Sacramento before they ever properly visited San Francisco-.-on their rare stateside visits, the Hollies and the Zombies avoided the Bay Area altogether, heading straight for Sac. The hip programming of the city's two AM power-houses KROY and KXOA fuelled the teen market, whilst savvy promoters exploited it to the max. And there were hundreds of local garage bands ready to cater to the massive, restless audience in the city and its environs.

Five years of sleuthing have gone into the preparation of The Sound Of Young Sacramento, the latest volume in the Nuggets From the Golden State series, which focuses on the very best teen garage and folk-rock groups that visited the Bill Rase Recording Studio & Talent Centre from 1965 to 1967. Bill's modest operation in those years gave these teenage combos an affordable outlet with which to immortalise themselves on wax, and as a result many bands beat a path to his Franklin Boulevard door.

Rase custom-pressed singles for the acts to sell at their shows, often in batches of a few hundred or less, resulting in some captivatingly rare releases. Included here are several records that are acknowledged punk classics, such as the superbly snotty I'll Be Gone by the Opposite Six and the psychotic surf of Too Much Loving by Dixon's Liberty Lads. Also featured are the, lesser known yet no less worthy, records by the Children Of Stone, Hustlers, Kee-Notes and others. There's Brit-Invasion sounds from the Coachmen and cryptic minor key moodiness from the Living End and the Night.

Unlike so many other studios, Bill Rase meticulously archived all his master tapes from the period, and close examination of these has thrown up further unreleased and quite astounding gems of a punk and folk-rock variety. We therefore proudly present several previously unissued ear-opening cuts from both popular Sacramento groups like the Psy-Kicks and Fugitives, and hopelessly obscure high school combos such as the Mergers, Chelsea Sidecar, Kix and Goodtime Music Co. The high standard and idiosyncratic sound of all the recordings featured makes this an exceptionally strong and listenable compilation.

In addition, the diligent research for the project required tracing members of each act featured, which in turn uncovered a wealth of facts, photos and memorabilia, cramming the booklet with an authoritative history of both the groups and the scene from whence they came. After widely-acclaimed releases in the Nuggets' series from Sacramento-related groups like Kak, the Oxford Circle and She, The Sound Of Young Sacramento continues to mine the motherlode of great rock'n'roll from the mid-1960s heyday of California's capital.

By Alec Palao (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2000 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Teenage Shutdown ! Frantic Frat-Stomp Fracas !
Teenage Shutdown 1995 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Teenage Shutdown ! Jump, Jive & Harmonize
Crypt Records LP 15.00 €
VA: - Teenage Shutdown ! Teen Jangler Blowout
Teenage Shutdown 1995 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Teenage Shutdown ! She's A Pest
18 Revved-Up Teen Swingers !
Crypt Records LP 15.00 €
VA: - Teenage Shutdown - No Tease
18 inept, outta-tune teen romp from the (w)rec(k) room
Crypt Records LP 15.00 €
VA: - The Best Of Golden Crest 2CD
Ace Records’ link with Golden Crest dates back to 1993. That was when I travelled to picturesque Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, to discuss a licensing deal specifically for the Wailers’ enduring hit instrumental, ‘Tall Cool One’, which duly appeared on “The Golden Age of American Rock’n’Roll, Vol 6” (CDCHD 650). Label-founder Clark Galehouse had died 10 years earlier, so his daughter Shelley came along with her trusted adviser – none other than the great but notorious Hy Weiss of Old Town Records. I couldn’t believe my “luck” in coming up against one of the sharpest and most conniving minds in the business. Eventually I ended up with two contracts: one for Ace; the other in marriage to Shelley.

Through the years Ace has released the “The Fabulous Wailers” (CDCHD 675, a classic and still a solid seller); “On The Road With Rock’n’Roll” by Mando and the Chili Peppers and “Golden Crest Instrumentals” (now deleted); plus quite a few individual tracks. Other reissue labels have licensed Golden Crest masters, from rock’n’roll, rocking instrumentals, doo wop and teen to classical.

Now, at last, we have this first-ever “The Best Of Golden Crest” collection, which draws on singles aimed primarily at the Top 100 charts in the peak rock’n’roll years from the parent label and its subsidiaries Shelley, DeWitt and Yorkshire. Out of the 48 tracks here, no less than 35 are new to Ace CD with almost half new to CD anywhere.

By virtue of its location in Huntington Station, NY, Golden Crest was well placed to trawl talent from Long Island (including Queens and Brooklyn), also New York and New Jersey. But the label made its mark when ‘Tall Cool One’ by the Wailers, from the Northwest area, hit the Top 50 charts on Billboard and Cash Box in 1959 and then again in 1964. As a result of the Wailers’ success, Galehouse tapped into other Northwest acts Clayton Watson (Lord Dent), the Mad Plaids, the Chessmen and Lola Sugia. A further wellspring of satisfying recordings in an R&B vein (but with no hits) emanated from record lady Lillian Claiborne of Washington, D.C.

So, what new-to-CD tracks are there to savour? From the Claiborne stable, try the three New Orleans R&B-influenced Calvin Ruffins and the spot-on Little Willie John soundalike Johnny Stewart with ‘Come On And Love Me’; the attitudinal ‘Bug Out’ by the Seven Teens and more teen pop from the Three Graces and the Montells; ‘Why Did You Tell Me?’ by anguished R&B’er Cartrell Dickson; the superior soul of ‘Girl’ by the Bluestyle with Carl Vanterpool; singles by jazz masters Coleman Hawkins and Carmen Leggio; the splendid bonus track, ‘New York City Blues’, by Larry Dale & his Houserockers (with Bob Gaddy and Jimmy Spruill), written by UK author/Juke Blues writer Dave Williams; and, of course, the three “new” Wailers cuts from their very first 1958 session.

To round off this double CD, there is a highly attractive booklet detailing the label’s history and featuring its innovative picture 45s and picture sleeves. For all the diversity of music genres released, Golden Crest Records was still part of the marvellous cartel of independent labels that contributed so much to the rock’n’roll era. And it shows in these 48 tall cool ones.

By John Broven (Ace Records website)
Ace Records 2010 CD 23.00 €
VA: - The Best Of The Barclay Rock Story
This compilation collects on one LP the very best garage/rock cuts from Arf! Arf!’s Barclay Story series. From the early ‘60s sounds of Chuck Barr and the Ramrods, to the later ‘60s psych-tinged singles by the Flowerz and Starlites, this comp gives you a wide panoramic view of what really was going on in a small area of Eastern PA during the mid-’60s. A must for the garage collector!
Get Hip 1998 LP 15.00 €
VA: - The Best Of The Electras / Scotsmen / Victors
Get Hip Recordings 1993 LP 17.00 €
VA: - Too Much Monkey Business Vol. 2
16 demented cover classics 1964-1966
Ape Records LP 18.00 €
VA: - Too Much Monkey Business Vol. 5 1964-1965
14 track Beat & Garage Journey
Ape Records LP 18.00 €
VA: - Train To Nowhere -Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates Vol. 3
these originally unreleased recordings present a treasure trove of garage killers! All selections were recorded 1964-67 but none were released at the time.
Norton Records 2009 LP 13.00 €
VA: - Trip In Tyme Vol. 2
Another 25 time travelling US 60s garage tracks
Manic Mustang Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Trip In Tyme Vol. 3
23 more time travelling US 60s garage tracks
Manic Mustang Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Trip In Tyme Vol. 4
23 time travelling moody US 60s garage sounds
Manic Mustang Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Trip In Tyme Vol. 5
22 time travelling us 60s garage jewels
Manic Mustang Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Uptight Tonight - The Ultimate 60s Garage Collection
26 biisiä 60s garagea vuosilta 1965-67
Ace Records 2005 CD 18.00 €
VA: - We're Gonna Change The World !
High-Definition 180 gram GOLD Vinyl LP
During the peak years of the ’60s garage band wave, Pete Wright was one of the nation’s top independent record promotion men. His records were not only hits on Chicago’s crucially important WLS but also in small markets throughout the Midwest. Whether in the Windy City or in these smaller outposts, he was tipped off to tons of untapped local talent. So much so that launching a record label was the next logical step. Thus was born Quill Records, a short-lived but supremely cool label heavily indebted to the garage band sound.

This definitive overview collects only the most rockin’ sides from the label; from the Malibu’s who manage to outdo their idols the Animals, at least in pure unbridled energy, to the Skunks who on their overdriven, fuzzed-out cover of “Do the Duck” could be mistaken for a UK mod/freakbeat act. And that’s just for starters in a set of teen rave-ups from the likes of the Delights, the Commons, Ltd., Chances R, the Riddles and more.

If the appearance of the Don Caron Orchestra in the track listing causes serious head scratching amongst the more discerning of you garage connoisseurs, well, we couldn’t help ourselves. Their “Hot Pastrami” may be the most scorching sax ’n’ reverb instrumental you hear all year.

This set also includes rare photos, label scans and extensive liner notes (with interviews from both Pete Wright and many of ­the bands).
Sundazed Music 2009 LP 19.00 €
VA: - Work It On Out! Northwest Killers Vol. 3 1965-66
23 biisiä
Norton Records 2001 CD 17.00 €
VA: - Wyld Sydes Vol. 7
american garage bands 1964-1969
Retro Gene Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Wyld Sydes Vol. 9
american garage bands from 1964-1969
Retro Gene Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - Yeah Yeah Yeah
28 mega manic & elusive 60s garage punkers
Cheep Cheep Records CD 18.00 €
VA: - You Got Yours ! East Bay Garage 1965-1967
24 tracks grungy garage rock at its finest.
Ace Records 2007 CD 17.00 €
VA: - You Heard Them Here First - Rock's Icons Before They Were Fa
Everyone has to start somewhere, even famous rock stars. Not many of them achieved stardom with their first record. That’s the theme of “You Heard Them Here First”, a collection of two-dozen cuts by big name acts, all recorded before anyone knew them from Adam.

Take Arthur Lee, wigged-out lynchpin of the band Love, who in his early dues-paying days briefly fronted an obscure instrumental combo. The MGs were a big noise in Memphis, but few folk in Los Angeles got to hear the L.A.G.s. Now’s your chance. Or Marty Balin, who, long before Jefferson Airplane took off, tried his hand at teen idol-dom, seemingly unaware the world already had a Gene Pitney, a Ricky Nelson and a Bobby Vee. Who knew?

Everyone knows the Righteous Brothers, but not many are familiar with Bill Medley’s previous group the Paramours, blue-eyed Coasters clones extraordinaire. Motown kyboshed the Mynah Byrds’ chances of stardom by cancelling the release of their single; no one knew who Neil Young and Rick James were at the time. Young’s later back-up band Crazy Horse recorded in earlier guises too, amongst them the Rockets, while the Beefeaters osmosed into the Byrds, Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal started out in an unknown group named the Rising Sons and Gram Parsons cut his teeth in the International Submarine Band. Bob Dylan knew a good thing when he heard it and he heard it in Levon & the Hawks, who teamed up with him and changed their name to the Band. The Pigeons found few takers until they slowed things down and re-launched themselves as Vanilla Fudge. Hear all these bands here.

Danny Lee, anyone? We know him now as genius songwriter Dan Penn. What about Link Cromwell? Where would Patti Smith be without Lenny Kaye? How does Mark Robinson grab you? Just a quick listen is all it takes to identify the unmistakeable bass voice of Lee Hazlewood. Nilsson’s first chart record dates from 1969, but he’d been scratching around in the music biz for years by then, writing songs for the Ronettes, singing demos for Little Richard and recording singles under pseudonyms like Bo Pete.

Collectors will tell you it’s invariably the records made by well-known artists before they were famous that are the hardest to find and the most expensive to buy. Expect to fork out over £500 for an original copy of ‘Liza Jane’ by Davie Jones with the King Bees, the fabled first single released by the lad who grew up to David Bowie, for example. By purchasing this CD, you save yourself a small fortune and get pre-fame recordings by Lou Reed, Joe Cocker, Cher, Mike Nesmith, Peter Frampton, J.J. Cale, Warren Zevon and P.F. Sloan thrown in for good measure.
Ace Records 2009 CD 17.00 €
VA: - You Tore My Brain ! - Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates Vol 5
Clobberin’ fifth volume of brutal unissued garage crunchers
Norton Records 2010 LP 13.00 €
Wailers - At The Castle
The most influential early Northwest combo at their very wildest, live n’ loud in 1963 at the legendary Spanish Castle with full revue including fifteen year old sensation Gail Harris & the late, everso great Rockin’ Robin Roberts! Reissued with gorgeous original jacket, mega monstrous Nortophonic Loud Sound! Outta print for way too long! Lush packaging, in-depth interviews, pix and info plus two bonus cuts! Essential stuff for all ye who demand unrelenting howling excellence! Yeah
Norton Records 1998 LP 13.00 €
Wailers - At The Castle / & Co
These two classic albums were rock'n'roll 101 for the musicians of the Pacific Northwest in the 1960s. Hear the band and the songs that inspired a legion of kids to pick up a guitar and get down and dirty.

Our Etiquette Records series continues with two early 1960s vintage albums, loaded with bonus tracks, in-depth liner notes and rare pix, that showcase the Fabulous Wailers and their rockin' Northwest revue: we can now all vicariously share in a taste of that Spanish Castle magic.


Bobby "Blue" Bland, James Brown, Freddy King: the Wailers all had that roots music imbedded in us, we played black music but white people thought it was ours. It was our interpretation of it. When we leaned into that stuff, it was probably after Rich Dangel had been in the service and picked up on it. Rich was the driver there, he was a real music person and he absorbed and he learned. He was the guy who every time I saw him he'd have his guitar in his hand. And Rockin' Robin Roberts and Gail Harris, the singers, they would choose their material too, bringing it back to the group to learn. Man, that was a great time for us, because everyone was contributing. We just did what we felt was real good and had the best feeling to it.

The Wailers was a good foundation for all of the local musicians in the Pacific Northwest, because we got into it with a bit more depth, as to where we took our music and our ideas from.

We were really listening a lot, and going and seeing these great R&B performers who had these shows together that were so tight. But any time we recorded anybody else's tunes, the idea was to make it your own. And the kids would come up at the dances and go wow, these are your songs. This was before anybody had focused on their writing skills. We were in another situation, where we had to create our own music. The creativity was starting to happen with our instrumentals, it was starting to gel-.-you could do that, you didn't need somebody else's song to go into a recording studio, and that was kinda what prompted us to record. We knew we had to follow up our Louie Louie hit with something, we knew we had to do another project - everybody at the time said we couldn't do our own album, like they had said, you can't have your own label. We just went ahead and did it anyway!

These Etiquette reissues are shaping up to be one of the most dynamic, well-thought out presentations of the history of the Etiquette Records label to date. It's a continuing story, with in-depth liner notes, interviews, and the details behind the first artist-owned independent rock'n'roll label to promote Northwest music. Now, who would have thought that our musical efforts and recordings, made forty plus years ago, would stand the test of time enough to warrant this meticulous and special attention that Alec Palao and the Ace people in London have given the material? The Wailers, Sonics, Galaxies, and the several other artists who were part of the Etiquette family would be proud.
Ace Records 2003 CD 17.00 €
Wailers - Everywhere/Out Of Our Tree
2 LPs = 1 CD = 29 tracks
Ace Records 2003 CD 17.00 €
Wailers - Fabulous Wailers
Tall Cool One / Road Runner / Mau-Mau / Dirty Robber / Wailin' / Shang-hied / Beat Guitar / Lucille / Long Gone / High Wall / Gunnin' For Peter / Snake Pit / Swing Shift / Tough Bounce / Scotch On The Rocks* / Snake Pit* / Dirty Robber* / High Wall* (*= CD only) The Wailers’ original 1959 Golden Crest material is now on Norton! Thrill to 15 drivin’ instrumentals (includin’ the dynamic hit Tall Cool One) & three scorchin’ vocal workouts! Dig primo sides from the Wailers original debut LP, rare singles, the unished Snake Pit plus four early demos added to the CD! These classic sides forged the hallowed Northwest Sound! From original master tapes for maximum whomp!
Norton Records 2003 CD 17.00 €
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