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Sam Cooke - My Kind of Blues
originally released 1961. fine 180g vinyl
RCA Victor 2012 LP 20.00 €
Sam Cooke - Night Beat / One Night Stand -Live At The Harlem Square 2CD
two classic albums
RCA Records 2011 2-CD 20.00 €
Sam Cooke - One Night Stand ! Live At The Harlem Square Club
originally recorded 1963
Sony Music 2010 LP 19.00 €
Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen / Let's Go Steady Again
VERY RARE original Swedish pressing from early 1960s. VG+
Karusell Single/EP 9.00 €
Sam Cooke - The Man And His Music 2LP
käytetty 2LP / second hand 2LP. Kunto Ex / Excellent condition
Rca 1986 LP 12.00 €
Sam Cooke - The Wonderful World Of Sam Cooke 2LP
2LP = 40 tracks
Companion LP 17.00 €
Sam Cooke - Tribute To The Lady LP + CD
180 gram HQ vinyl featuring a FREE bonus CD of the album.

The first ever vinyl reissue of Tribute To The Lady, Sam Cooke's tribute to the great Billie Holiday! This LP, originally rleased in 1959, features 11 songs famously recorded by Lady Day during the course of her brilliant career. When asked why he wanted to do this album, Cooke simply replied, "She was, and still is, the greatest that ever lived for my money," no small praise from a man who himself ruled the charts with over 30 Top 40 hits from 1957 until his death at age 33 in 1964.
Doxy Music 2012 CD 20.00 €
Sam Cooke - Twistin' The Night Away
originally released 1962 on RCA Records

'Twistin' the Night Away' was one of Cooke's more successful LP's, only his second ever to chart, and from here on, all of his albums would sell in serious numbers.

'Twistin' the Night Away' remains one of Cooke's most accessible records, despite the fact that it was a "twist" album. Around them, the singer is at his most soulful, exciting, and passionate, on the bluesy "Somebody Have Mercy"; the romantic lament "Somebody's Gonna Miss Me"; the achingly beautiful, yearning "A Whole Lot of Woman"; and the soaring "Soothe Me" (with Lou Rawls).

One of the great dance albums of its period, but a brilliant soul album as well, which is why it holds up 50 years later.

This is the remastered version of a record that's been out of print for a (too) long time!
Music On Vinyl Records 2012 LP 20.00 €
Sam Cooke The Soul Stirrers - In The Beginning
This compilation takes us from the best of Cooke's gospel sides to the beginning of his secular career and features several alternate takes of those early pop sides.
Ace Records 1989 CD 17.00 €
Sam Cooke The Soul Stirrers - Sam Cooke With The Soul Stirrers
25 tracks
Ace Records CD 18.00 €
Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers - Specialty Profiles
Cocnord Music Group 2006 CD 12.00 €
Sandra Phillips & Bette Williams - Swamp Dogg's Southern Soul Girls
21 tracks
Ace Records 2007 CD 18.00 €
Satintones - Satintones Sing ! The Complete Tamla & Motown Singles Plus
Meet the Satintones, Motown doo wop at its finest. What’s that now? Motown on Ace Records?

That’s right. Ace has infiltrated the Hitsville vaults for its first-ever all-Motown release, reaching back to the very creation of the legendary imprint. The Satintones didn’t just get in on the ground floor of Motown – they helped build the foundation. “The Satintones Sing!” is our chance to eavesdrop on that construction project.

26 cuts, 11 previously unreleased, demonstrate the Motown sound being born, with familiar names like Gordy, Robinson, Holland, Wylie and Bradford sprinkled among the writing credits.

Chico Leverett, Robert Bateman, Sonny Sanders and James Ellis hailed from the same Detroit neighbourhood that nurtured most of the fabled Motown roster. Prior to forming the Satintones, Bateman and Sanders, as part of the Rayber Voices, provided backgrounds on Berry Gordy’s earliest, locally-released Tamla singles – including Leverett’s ‘Solid Sender’, heard here, along with its B-side, ‘I’ll Never Love Again’.

If the Satintones’ only value were historical, that would still make this CD a must-have for Motown buffs. But there’s a lot to love among the group’s output. Like the title says, the Satintones sing! Ellis was a soulful, distinctive lead, and Bateman’s bass is down there with the best. The harmonies are impeccable, and several tracks sound like sure-fire hits, hampered only by Gordy’s lack of promotion and distribution clout.

The first Satintones Tamla single, ‘Motor City’, now rings iconic, a veritable Hitsville theme. ‘My Beloved’ was the very first release on the Motown label. How’s that for history? The Coasters’ influence on the former and the Drifters’ on the latter are palpable, but there’s that Motown “something” in the grooves.

The notorious ‘Tomorrow And Always’ (fashioned as an answer to the Shirelles’ mega-hit ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’) is heard in two different versions – the single seemed chart-bound, until its progress was stymied by litigation. The CD’s lynchpin is surely ‘Angel’, a sublime slice of doo wop perfection that sounds like a masterpiece today. With Vernon Williams replacing Ellis, the group released two final 1961 singles, including a rollicking ‘Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart’.

Among the never-before-heard cuts, ‘You Can’t Beat My Lovin’’ will delight gospel fans as it’s a virtual rewrite of the Caravans classic ‘You Can’t Beat God Giving’. Several Gordy-penned novelties, including ‘Foot Stomping Time’, ‘Boogie Woogie Heart’ and ‘You’d Make A Fine Son-In-Law’, also see light for the first time.

The Satintones disbanded before Motown’s march toward world dominance. Bateman hung around long enough to co-produce the Marvelettes’ first flurry of hits as well as their debut LP. He recycled the Satintones’ penultimate single, ‘I Know How It Feels’, for the young girl group and also had them tackle ‘Angel’ in an up-tempo style. The Satintones’ take on this version makes its debut here.

It’s always thrilling to fill in another piece of the Motown puzzle. The mind reels at what other treasures Ace will soon unearth in the Hitsville vaults. The Satintones are making history again with this first Motown Ace CD.

By Dennis Garvey (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2010 CD 22.00 €
Shagtime / Gary Bass & Ebs Allstar Blues Band - Memphis Soul Stew / Soothe Me
Memphis Soul Stew = Medley: Soulman, Knock On Wood, Midnight Hour
Ripete 1991 Single/EP 5.00 €
Shirelles - Sings The Golden Oldies / Spontaneous Combustion
All good things must come to an end. Thus it is with tears in our eyes and handkerchiefs in hand that, this month, we bring the curtain down on our series of pairings of the Shirelles’ original Scepter albums. We’d love it to have continued for longer but, unfortunately for us all, the girls just did not release enough long players to make that happen. If you’re looking for someone to blame for that, blame Florence Greenberg – Scepter was her label, not ours.

Few big (or small) girl groups of the 1960s could have achieved the level of success that they did without the pioneering work of Shirley Alston, Micki Harris, Doris Coley and Beverly Lee. The conclusion of the series is with two very rare albums, neither of which has ever been on CD before. Just three years separated the original vinyl release dates of “Sing The Golden Oldies” and the (mostly) live set “Spontaneous Combustion” but both have been out of print for more than 40 years, so it’s a really special pleasure to be the first to welcome them to the digital age. Unlike the girls other albums, neither contains major hits – but equally unlike the others, both offer specific concepts. Both are among the most prized long players among Shirelles collectors the world over.

As you might expect, “Golden Oldies” concentrates heavily (but not exclusively) on the doo wop classics that the teenage Shirley, Micki, Doris and Beverly would harmonise when school was out in their Passaic, NJ hometown in the late 50s. “Spontaneous Combustion”, meanwhile, captures significant moments from a live club date in early 1967 and features an altogether more adult group of ladies, laughing and clowning with their audience and singing up a storm as they always did. While the ‘fi’ is not always as ‘hi’ as it might be, live recordings of upper echelon R&B acts from the 60s are far from commonplace and “Spontaneous Combustion” is to be treasured on that basis. As ever, the music is backed up by a booklet that’s chock full of label shots and significant ephemera, and that boasts a sleeve note by Shirelles authority-and-friend Dennis Garvey.

This CD is bringing the 2-On-1 series to a close, but we have grand finale in store that will delight every hard-core Shirelles fan. A very recent trawl of the Scepter vaults has yielded enough rare stereo mixes and completely unissued tracks (including many wonderful studio sides and the rest of the “Spontaneous Combustion” show) to put together a CD of almost entirely unheard material. This is scheduled for release in early 2011 – we’ll let you know what’s going to be on it, as soon as we are able to decide ourselves.

By Tony Rounce (from Ace Records website)
Ace Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
60 min - nauhoitettu livenä Orlando, Florida 1984.
Quantum Leap 2005 DVD 9.00 €
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Original Soul Sister 4CD
4CDs, 81 tracks and booklet
Proper 2002 CD-Box 20.00 €
Skelltones - Soulution
Transmission Records 1998 CD 18.00 €
Sly Stone - Listen To The Voices - In The Studio 1965-1970
Of every instrument that Sly Stone has mastered during his long and colourful career in music, perhaps the most significant is the recording studio. 20 years before the advent of computer-based recording, this maverick was pushing available recording technology to its limit. When he finally tired of the restrictions imposed by official facilities, Sly built his own, to satisfy his creative urge when, where and how he saw fit. It was the ultimate manifestation of the impulse that had transformed Sylvester Stewart of Vallejo, California into Sly Stone, titan of popular music.

Sly drew from gospel, R&B, rock, jazz, pop, folk rock, psychedelia and everything in-between, married them to a positive outlook tinged with humour, and stayed focused on achieving his goals, using the tools he had. In doing this, Sly Stone liberated black music - rhythmically, lyrically, sonically - but he did it all within the context of the song. That is the reason Sly’s music has been covered by the Beach Boys, why Sinatra accorded him respect, why Miles Davis would wait hours in the studio for a chance to watch him at work.

“Listen To The Voices” is the sequel to Ace’s earlier survey of Sly’s musical progression, “Precious Stone: Sly Stone In The Studio 1963-65”. It’s a project that has been in my back pocket for some time, for, as a terminal Sly freak, I’ve ransacked not just studios, but tape vaults, collector’s stashes and beyond, hunting for any and all evidence of this singular artists creativity, because every last scrap provides another clue, another revelation or, in most cases, just reconfirms Sly’s genius. His funky 1966 demo of ‘You Really Got Me’ came from a bank vault near the Mexican border; an unlikely H.B. Barnum was the source of the folk-punk ‘Underdog’ that Sly recorded with the Beau Brummels in October 1965. And my good pals Edwin and Arno Konings, the Dutch detectives whose forthcoming book “Thank You” will finally give Sly the definitive biography he deserves, came up with an acetate of the brilliant ‘Man Does Not Live’ – written for Walter Jackson in 1968 but performed here by the Family Stone with a touching, heartbreaking dollop of pure soul.

Starting where “Precious Stone” stopped, on “Listen To The Voices” we continue Sly’s journey to the end of the decade, joining some dots, revealing some hidden gems, reiterating the team effort that lay behind the creation and evolution of a truly once-in-a-lifetime outfit, Sly & The Family Stone. The Stone Souls’ recordings reveal why Sly easily pegged his brother Freddie and Greg Errico to be in his new band, and the Family Stone’s earliest demo session reveals the sheer joy they found playing together. But even with their level of success, Sly’s creative desire was unsated, resulting in side projects that complement, and on occasion even match, the Family Stone’s catalogue. His 1969/70 Stoneflower productions on 6IX, Joe Hicks and Little Sister are crucial pieces of the Sly Stone jigsaw, while the outrageous French Fries single is finally identified as a Family Stone recording.

In May 2009 I spent several days in Sly’s company talking about music and its creation, creativity, for the sleeve notes. The man is as funny, smart and brilliant as he ever was, and he seemed to enjoy talking purely about his music for once, rather than being asked prurient questions about his personal life. It was an unforgettable experience. Freddie and Greg also contribute to the notes, which shed fresh light upon the years in question: quite possibly Sly’s purple period. “Listen To The Voices” is a celebration of both Sly & the Family Stone the group, and of Sly Stone the auteur. It’s my way of saying “Thank You” to the incredible, unpredictable, one and only – Sly.

By Alec Palao (Ace Records website)
Ace Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
Smokey Wilson - Round Like An Apple
17 tracks. The Big Town Recordings 1977-1978
Ace Records 2006 CD 17.00 €
Solomon Burke - Definitive Soul Collection 2CD
Originally a full-time preacher and gospel singer, the larger-than-life Solomon Burke made his mark on secular music with a masterfully produced R&B/soul sound that earned him the moniker "The King of Rock and Soul." This double-disc collection includes 30-tracks
Rhino Records 2006 CD 15.00 €
Solomon Burke - I'll Never Stop Loving You (Never Ever Song) / The Do Right
Chess / Platinum 1976 Single/EP 5.00 €
Solomon Burke - Nashville
14 tracks with special guests - Dolly Parton, Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris and Patty Loveless
Shout Factory 2006 CD 18.00 €
Solomon Burke - Soul Arrives! 1955-1961
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 12.00 €
Soulville All-Stars - I'm Gonna Get To You / Won't You Please Be My Girl
Soulville USA Single/EP 6.00 €
South Coast Wolves with Tortilla Flat Trio - Ways & Chains CDEP

NEW CD EP "WAYS & CHAINS" takes you to the world of soulful guitar and

harmonica driven R&B.

The record includes two band's own compositions and two Little Wille John


Helsinki area based The South Coast Wolves plays bluesy roots music. The

players has over 30 years long history in Helsinki's blues, R&B, and R'n'R


The core of the band is Nisse Lindström - vocals and Vesa Karppi - guitars.

The solid ground for the music is given by the great Tortilla Flat Trio:

Kari Kempas - harmonica, Juha Rantapuro - bass ja Honey Aaltonen - drums.
Galactic Records 2014 CD 8.00 €
Spellbinders - Chain Reaction
15 tracks 60s soul stompers & smoochers. Produced by Van McCoy
Shout Records 2007 CD 19.00 €
Spinners - Truly Yours: Their First Motown Album With Bonus Tracks
Long before the Spinners amassed a stack of gold albums and singles with producer Thom Bell at Atlantic Records in the 70s, they spent eight years working hard at Motown. For the first four of those years, the period covered by this CD, the group recorded some very tasty tracks but had only four singles released.

It was good luck that brought the Spinners together in the first place. “I was watching a local television show called Saturday Evening Dance Party with C.P. Spencer,” founder member Billy Henderson told Black Stars magazine back in 1975. “The amateur vocal groups always won. So I said if those guys can sing, so can I. I asked C.P. if he knew anybody that could sing bass and baritone because I could sing tenor. That’s how Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson and I got together. Pervis tried to give us a hard time, since he was one of the few baritones around and popular in school, but we pulled him anyhow.”

“Bobby Smith had the car so we had to get him with us,” recalled Pervis. “Henry lived down the street from me and I would see him carrying a guitar back and forth to church, so I figured there goes our guitar player. We asked him to be in the group, figuring he could give us some backup music. We found out that he was carrying the guitar for his minister at church. Henry couldn’t play a note, but he could sing bass, so we kept him.”

It was bad luck that kept them standing in the shadows at Motown. Billy: “We literally sat around and watched the other acts become superstars: the Supremes – we worked with them in the early days of their success; the Temptations; the Four Tops; Marvin Gaye – who played drums for us a couple of times; and Tammi Terrell – who we loved dearly.” The great UK Tamla Motown re-issue programme of the late 60s and early 70s, which ought to have made the Spinners household names, bypassed the group entirely.

Good fortune teamed the Spinners with some of Motown’s finest writers and producers. Sterling work with Harvey Fuqua, Ivy Jo Hunter, Mickey Stevenson and Johnny Bristol make the tracks on this collection so special.

Their 1967 album “The Original Spinners” – including the singles ‘Sweet Thing’, ‘I’ll Always Love You’, ‘Truly Yours’ and ‘For All We Know’ – appears here on CD for the first time. Other gems from the LP include Smokey Robinson’s ‘Like A Good Man Should’ and fan favourite ‘I Cross My Heart’, composed by Stevie Wonder with Ivy Jo Hunter.

Of the 14 contemporaneous bonus titles here, 10 are previously unissued, all freshly transferred from the Motown master tapes. These include ballads such as ‘Darling’ and ’12 O’clock’, which display the group’s doo wop roots, and a handful of top-of-the-range stompers in the classic Motown style.

Motown never sounded better than when in the hands of master stylists such as the Spinners. This set, featuring an essay by Motown expert Keith Hughes based on a new interview with lead singer Bobby Smith, means we have, at last, paid the Spinners their due.

By Eric Charge (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2012 CD 17.00 €
Sun Ra - I Am Strange / I Am An Instrument
Norton Records 2009 Single/EP 6.00 €
Supremes - At The Copa 2CD
In July 1965, the Supremes, one of Motown Records’ top groups, made history when they performed for three weeks at New York’s famed Copacabana nightclub; At The Copa, the recording of this landmark event – a “teen pop” group appearing at the mountaintop of showbiz success – was released by the company four months later. Now, for the first time, Motown/ issues the complete concert in a stunning 2-CD Expanded Edition.
Disc One of At The Copa: Expanded Edition contains the digitally remastered original stereo album – an album that, owing to then-insurmountable technical problems, used lead vocals overdubbed by Diana Ross in the studio. Also on Disc One are 10 specially selected, previously unreleased original mono reference mixes, with Ms. Ross’s original live vocals. Listeners will be able to hear the magic of both versions.
Disc Two features the full Copa show, as only the audience would have experienced it in 1965, in a brand-new mix that compiles the best performances from six recorded shows. Today’s technology allowed the producers to overcome issues that vexed their 1960s counterparts, resulting not only in the use of the original lead vocals but the inclusion of songs cut from the original release: the opening number “From This Moment On,” their hits “Where Did Our Love Go” and “Nothing But Heartaches,” and classic show tunes including “Tonight/The Way You Look Tonight,” and “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think).”
The music for At The Copa: Expanded Edition is housed in a gorgeous digi-pak that contains a booklet featuring never-before-seen photos of the girls performing on stage; the original LP liner notes by Sammy Davis, Jr.; an all-new essay by producer George Solomon detailing how a young Motown Records and their rising group got the Copa dates, encompassing the story of the girls’ crossover appeal and the intense planning that went into a monumental moment in pop music and American cultural history.

Disc 1, Tracks 1-15: Original Stereo LP
Disc 1, Tracks 16-25: Alternate Mono Mixes/Previously Unreleased
Disc 2: The Complete Show/Previously Unreleased

*Sam Cooke Medley: You Send Me / (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons / Cupid / Chain Gang / Bring It On Home To Me / Shake
Hip-O-Select 2012 2-CD 18.00 €
Supremes - Gold 2CD
Universal Music 2005 CD 12.00 €
Supremes - Greatest Hits
+ bonus Live In Amsterdam 1964
BR Music 2003 DVD 15.00 €
Supremes - I Hear A Symphony
Music On Vinyl 2013 LP 22.00 €
Supremes - I Hear A Symphony 2CD

2-CD edition of a Supremes classic: I Hear A Symphony, a top ten Pop album and No. 1 R&B chart album in 1965. The limited edition set includes the original mono and stereo editions of the album —with the TRUE stereo version of the LP available for the first time ever on CD — that feature the smash hits “I Hear A Symphony” and “My World Is Empty Without You,” as well as the standards “Stranger In Paradise” and “With A Song In My Heart”; and covers of the Beatles’ “Yesterday,” the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” and the Toys’ “A Lover’s Concerto.” (Fans will note that the mono edition of the album features alternate vocals of the better-known “stereo” LP.) Then there are the amazing bonus tracks…

I Hear A Symphony: Expanded Edition contains several more extra goodies: alternate vocals and extended mixes, and an additional song “All Of A Sudden (My Heart Sings),” recorded for but not included on the original album. Disc Two contains a complete and spectacular unreleased live show recorded at Detroit’s famed Roostertail. The September 1966 performance features seven songs from I Hear A Symphony; full versions of Supremes hits “Stop! In The Name Of Love,” “Back In My Arms Again” and “Come See About Me,” among others; plus more standards, among them their show-stoppers “Somewhere,” “You’re Nobody ’Til Somebody Loves You” and “People,” which has lead vocals by all three Supremes: Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson.

Rounding the set out is a beautiful 20-page booklet with rare and never-before-seen photos, an essay by reissue co-producer George Solomon and the continuing Supremes timeline by co-producer Andrew Skurow.

Disc 1, tracks 1-12: Original Mono LP

Disc 1, tracks 13-24: Original Stereo LP; with tracks 13-14, 16-21, 23-24 previously unreleased on CD

Disc 1, tracks 25-27: previously unreleased mixes

Disc 2, tracks 1-23: previously unreleased

Disc 2, tracks 4-23: Recorded Live at the Roostertail
Hip-O-Select 2012 CD 22.00 €
Supremes - Meet The Supremes
recorded in Detroit 1960-1962

180 gram vinyl

free mp3 album download
WaxTime Records 2013 LP 18.00 €
Supremes - Meet The Supremes
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Supremes - The Happening
58 min
All Stars 2008 DVD 8.00 €
Sven Zetterberg - Grounded In Reality
Sven Zetterbergin uusin levyn nyt saatavana !! mainoita country-soulia !
kaikki biisit bändin omia !
Borderline 2010 CD 17.00 €
Sven Zetterberg - Moving In The Right Direction
Last Buzz Records 2004 CD 17.00 €
Sven Zetterberg - Southern Soul Agenda
Great Soul / R&B artist from Sweden. Great album packed to nice digipack sleeves
Borderline 2006 CD 17.00 €
Swamp Dogg - It's All Good - A Singles Collection 1963-1989
Some compilation CDs carry titles that oversell their content, but not this one. As the compiler and annotator of the project, I can say with hand on heart that here’s one collection with a title that you can truly believe in.

What you get here really IS “all good”. The songs may not have made their creator rich, or famous beyond the circle of collectors who avidly seek out each and every note he recorded, but these 24 tracks amply demonstrate why Jerry Williams aka Swamp Dogg is held in such high regard by soul fans, and why there’s still enormous demand for his music almost 60 years after he cut his first recordings as an 11 year-old piano-playing prodigy.

“It’s All Good” brings you more than 25 year’s worth of primo Swamp, in a variety of styles and under almost as many aliases. It embraces everything from Jerry Lee Lewis impersonations (‘Hum Baby’, ‘She’s So Divine’) and Northern Soul anthems (‘If You Ask Me’), big city balladry (‘Baby You’re My Everything’ and Swamp’s previously unissued, stunning version of ‘Oh Lord What Are You Doing To Me’) to sublime Southern Soul (‘Knowing I’m Pleasing Me And You’) and then some. More than anything, it demonstrates the multitudinous talents of Jerry Williams Jr. as musician, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger of some of the best music made across the last 50 years.

We’ve managed to find room for a couple of great 60s sides that, for one reason or another, managed to evade release at the time of their recording. The rest of the selections were all originally issued on singles. Some of them also appeared on Swamp albums, but we have used the 45 versions – many of which have never appeared on CD – to give collectors something new. With superb sound quality throughout and a booklet packed with pics and info, it’s a treat that will enthral Dogg-lovers all over the world.

“It’s All Good” comes to you with the personal seal of approval of Swamp Dogg himself. As well as being a great listen in its own right, it’s the perfect complement to our earlier “Blame It On The Dogg” compilation, as well as other Kent titles by Doris Duke, Sandra Phillips/Bette Williams, Irma Thomas and Charlie “Raw Spitt” Whitehead that bear his unmistakable stamp. If “It’s All Good” lives up to its title and your expectations, you could do worse than invest in any and all of those.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2011 CD 18.00 €
Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black
Twinight Records LP 15.00 €
T. Valentine - Hello Lucille... Are You A Lesbian?
Finally, the complete long lost works of elusive cult hero T. Valentine, whose playful rant "Hello Lucille Are You A Lesbian" on his own Val label catapulted him into infamy overnight! But long before his hit, T. Valentine was recording his own renegade brand of off-kilter Chicago R&B/soul bag raunch ranging from his flame hot 1960 stunner "Teenage Jump" to the social commentary of "Massius Ray" and the big town upset of "Black Power". Enter the uniquely sensational world of this enigmatic legend, who continues to entertain and astound. T. Valentine tells is like it is, from the hip and with a beat. Superb packaging, massive killer notes by top writer/Valentine enthusiast Nick Tosches!
Norton Records 2000 CD 17.00 €
T. Valentine with Daddy Long Loegs - The Vampire
The Hello Lucille Are You A Lesbian king is back from parts unknown with a frantic new album that defies all description! Featuring Norton newest sensations Daddy Long Legs on rumblin' R&B instrumentation, the legendary Chicago soul screamer delivers the insanest, rawest collection of evil ass twisted genre-manglin' blues EVER! Crossover, MY FOOT! Dig The Vampire, Shake Your Funky A-S-S, The Death Of Betty Sue, Gravediggers, Cell Phone and mo'! Be sure to pick up a souvenir cell phone and autographed limited edition posters at the Norton merch shop! THE VAMPIRE is also available on CD for camping trips and automotive use.
Norton Records 2012 LP 15.00 €
Ted Taylor - Keep What You Get
Once heard, the exciting tenor voice of Ted Taylor can never be forgotten or mistaken for any other. With his elaborate pompadour hairstyle and pencil-line moustache, he looked a lot like Little Richard, his label-mate at Okeh Records for a spell (although Ted was far from little). Onstage he wore flamboyant pink suits, his manicured fingers heavy with ornate rings. This and his androgynous singing voice led many to conclude that Ted was gay, but appearances can be misleading: when out of the spotlight, he was a quietly-spoken family man.

He started out as a member of the Glory Bound Travelers gospel group. By 1955 he was singing with the Santa Monica Soul Seekers, soon to morph into dual identity secular combo the Cadets/Jacks. Turning solo in 1957, he notched up releases on the Ebb, Dena, Duke, Top Rank, Laurie, Top Rank, Warwick, Apt, Gold Eagle, United Artists and Soncraft labels. He then landed contract with Okeh, where he remained from 1962 to 1965, before joining Atlantic Record’s Atco subsidiary for a few singles. That brings us to the fantastic music on this CD, which stems from Ted’s lengthy tenure at Stan Lewis’ Ronn imprint out of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Ted Taylor fans have been well-served with CDs over the years, but even those with a full collection will find much new material to enjoy on this collection. Pride of place goes to eight previously unissued tracks – ‘Farewell’, ‘I’ll Be Here’, ‘Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere’, ‘A Lick And A Promise’, ‘Got To Have A Woman’, ‘Let Me Fix Up Your Feelings’, ‘Why Do I Have To Suffer’ and ‘(Long As I Got You) I Got Love’ – all of which are first-rate with Ted in fine wailing form. Also included are four unreleased takes/versions, four great cuts from Ted’s 1971 album “Taylor Made”, a quartet of killer duets with Little Johnny Taylor from their shared “The Super Taylors” LP and a whole lot more – over 79 minutes of soulful music in all.

A solitary hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 paints another misleading picture. Between 1960 and 1976, a further seven Ted Taylor singles hovered just outside the pop charts and six others were R&B hits, a lack of label continuity depriving him of the commercial success he richly deserved. Ted spent 30 years touring the chitlin’ circuit, usually travelling by air when performing far from home, but in 1987 he decided to drive himself to a gig in Baton Rouge and was killed in a collision on the return journey to his home in California. He left behind a wealth of great recorded work, to which “Keep What You Get” is a vital addition.

By Mick Patrick (ACE Records)
Ace Records 2011 CD 17.00 €
Temptations - Christmas Card
Motown CD 13.00 €
The Royal Five / The Informers - The Sounds Of North Philly
Philly Archives CD 18.00 €
Timi Yuro - 18 Heartbreaking Songs
Intermusic 1993 CD 10.00 €
Timi Yuro - The Lost Voice Of Soul
tracks from 1961-1968
RPM 1993 CD 17.00 €
Tommy Hunt - A Sign Of The Times- The Spark Recordings 1975-1976
Shout Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13
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