King Coleman - It's Dance Time! (LP)

Norton Records 2003

“I’m the bald headed wonder, full of lightning and thunder!” proclaims King Coleman, the Hully Gully Mashed Potato Booga Lou Man! Get on board with the first ever roundup of the King’s wicked sixties soul dance hits! From his over the top vocal whomp on Nat Kendrick and the Swans’ 1959 smash hit (Do The) Mashed Potatoes to his own roof raisers like The Boo Boo Song, Alley Rat and Do The Booga Lou, this frantic platter just never lets up! And while you’re catchin’ your breath, dig the King’s colorful bean spill on his wonderful, wild n’ wooly career! Like the man himself sez: “IT’S LOO-KEY DOO-KEY TIME!”

Side A:
(Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Nat Kendrick and the Swans) / Loo-key Doo-key / Bulldog / Black Bottom Blues / Let’s Shimmy / Do The Hully Gully / Alley Rat / Dressed In Plaid / Crazy Feelin’

Side B:
Down In The Basement / The Mash Potato Man / Believe It Or Not* / It’s Dance Time / Do The Booga Lou / Get On Board / The Boo Boo Song / Hang It Up / Salt And Pepper / Show Me What You Got

13.00 €

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