VA: - 60-tals Pop Från Göteborg (CD)

Carelia Records 1992

Tages, Spotnicks..

1. Spotnicks: Crazy 'Bout My Baby
2. Tages: Sister's Got A Boyfriend
3. Strangers: Trust Me
4. Streaplers: Rockin' Robin
5. Plums Med Doris: A Lovers Concerto
6. High Notes Med Lasse Brandeby: The Hep Canary
7. Jackpots: Tiny Goddnes
8. Why Not: Who Put The Bomp
9. Lena Junoff: Yesterday Has Gone
10. Beachers: Not Fade Away
11. Curt Borkmann & Quartones: Just Tease For Fun
12. Tronics: Burn That Candle
13. Apaches: Come Back Baby
14. Perhaps: Is It Over
15. Lucas: Cupid
16. Our Future Feelings: Blowing In The Wind
17. Bless My Soul: Take Care Of Your Heart
18. Shakers: All I Want Is My Baby
19. Flamingokvintetten: Lazy River
20. Peter Wisnes: Schweizer-Östen (Swiss Maid)
21. Nya Apaches: Tages, Cue Och Jag Och Du

17.00 €

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