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The Shadows

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Cliff Richard - Cliff
16 tracks
Hallmark 2010 CD 6.90 €
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Reunited 2CD
50th Anniversary Album. Limited edition with exclusive jigsaw & bonus 3 track CD
Emi 2009 CD-Box 25.00 €
Cliff Richard And The Shadows - Cliff / Cliff Sings
2 LPs = 1 CD. 32 tracks
Emi 2001 CD 10.00 €
Cliff Richard And The Shadows - Summer Holiday
26 tracks
Emi 2003 CD 10.00 €
Cliff Richard And The Shadows - The Final Reunion Blu-Ray Disc
Eagle Vision 2012 DVD 25.00 €
EP BOOK - Swedish Rock & Pop Pressings 1954-1969, 2nd edition
The EP Book (by author Roger Holegård) is truly a unique book about the greatest love and passion for many of us - music and vinyl records!

Record collectiong has become one of the fastest growing hobbies around the world today! Especially the beautiful picture sleeves in laminated hard paper sleeves produced in countries like Sween are today highly in demand among the international collectors. Ebay and other internet sites have helped propel the prices of some rare items virtually through the roof and into the sky.

The EP Book describes more than 1500 EPs in full detail - complete with colour photos of the beautiful and legendary sleeves. You'll find all the Extended Plays - EPs -that were manufactured in Sweden during the heydays of rock & roll and pop music 1954-1969! Both by international artists as well as by Scandinavian artists. It gives you not only a one liner biography on each artist, all the original labels and numbers, but also the song titles and their composers!

The EP Book also shows an evaluation grading from 1 to 10 of each record, reflecting its current attractiveness on the collectors market. In a special chapter exploring the roots of the EP are being presented in large detailed photos of its sleeves and labels. Even the back of the sleeves are depicted in this section.

The EP Book contains all pop, rock and rock & roll EPs where at least one track come with English lyrics. In addition it also contains all the hot instrumentals that were released and manufactured in Sweden during the 50's and 60's.

This jam-packed, expanded and revised, deluxe edition is now presented in full colour!

More than 1500 records are depicted in colour!

Incl. a title and label register!

Book info:
Release end of January 2009
In English
Illustrated in color
ca 400 pages
more than 500 new records!
more than 1500 records in colour!
approx. 6000 entries
Premium Publishing 2009 Kirjat 40.00 €
Hank Marvin - Hank Plays Cliff
16 biisiä - neljällä biisillä mukana Sir Cliff..
Unionsquare 2003 CD 10.00 €
Hank Marvin - Into The Light features Brian May & Duane Eddy
Emi Records 2009 CD 10.00 €
Hank Marvin - Words & Music / All Alone With Friends
Emi Records 2010 CD 9.00 €
Jet Harris & Tony Meehan - Best Of
18 tracks
Spectrum Music 2000 CD 10.00 €
Marvin Welch & Farrar - Marvin, Welch & Farrar / Second Opinion
2 LPs from 1971 on one CD. Bonustracks from 1972-1975. total 30 tracks.
BGO 2006 CD 18.00 €
New Gandy Dancer - # 78
The Magazine For Rock Instrumental Music.
New Gandy Dancer 2006 Lehdet 5.00 €
Pipeline # 60 - Summer 2003
Jan Davis, Vibratos..
Pipeline 2003 Lehdet 6.00 €
Pipeline # 65 - Autumn 2004
Les Paul + more
Pipeline 2004 Lehdet 6.00 €
Pipeline # 70 - Spring 2006
Fireballs + more
Pipeline 2006 Lehdet 5.00 €
Pipeline # 72 - Autumn 2006
64 pages
Pipeline 2006 Lehdet 6.00 €
Pipeline # 73 - New Year 2007
64 pages
Pipeline 2007 Lehdet 6.00 €
Pipeline # 75 - Winter 2007
Instrumental Review: Mark Griffits, Mo Foster, Instrumental Themes etc
Pipeline 2007 Lehdet 6.00 €
Pipeline # 77 - Summer 2008
Avantis, The T-Bones, Ventures, Judd & Danny Hailton and the best in rock instrumental reviews
Pipeline 2008 Lehdet 6.00 €
Shadows - 20 Golden Greats
Emi Records CD 10.00 €
Shadows - 50 Golden Greats 2CD
2CD = 50 tracks
Emi Records 2000 CD 12.00 €
Shadows - Alle 40 Goed 2CD
Emi Music 2012 CD 12.00 €
Shadows - Another String Of Hot Hits And More
20 tracks
Emi 1987 CD 10.00 €
Shadows - Complete Singles 4CD
4CDs = 86 tracks
Emi 2004 CD-Box 25.00 €
Shadows - Dance With The Shadows
22 tracks
Magic Records 2001 CD 15.00 €
Shadows - Early Years (Expanded Edition) 6CD
Parlophone Label Group (now owned by Warner Music) will next month issue an expanded edition of The Shadows: The Early Years 1959-1966, a six-CD box set originally issued back in 1991.

This collection includes every studio title recorded by the group (and commercially released) from early 1959, right up to the very end of 1966. This new expanded edition contains 32 tracks in mono not previously available on CD, and three tracks which are released in stereo for the very first time.
Parlophone Records 2013 CD-Box 29.00 €
Shadows - Essential Shadows
20 tracks
Emi 2003 CD 9.00 €
Shadows - Gold Collection
20 tracks
Emi 1997 CD 7.00 €
Shadows - Greatest Hits
32 biisiä bändin parhaita
Columbia 2004 CD 9.00 €
Shadows - Greatest Hits
15 tracks
Columbia 1990 CD 10.00 €
Shadows - Just About As Good As It Gets! 2CD
The Original Recordings 1958-1961
Smith & Co 2011 CD 12.00 €
Shadows - Live In Liverpool
15 tracks. 60 min.
Universal Music 2005 DVD 15.00 €
Shadows - Meeting With The Shadows LP + CD
180 gram LP (with embossed cover) + picture CD (limited edition of 500 numbered copies). At long last, and much to the delight of Shadows fans all over the world, we are proud to present the extremely rare Italian edition of Meeting With The Shadows, originally released ONLY for the Italian market in 1962.

Meeting With The Shadows was the first Shadows LP to find its way over the Alps, but unlike in every other country, in Italy the LP itself was actually adapted for the local market, where it was released with new sleeve art and a different track list, considered at the time to be better suited to Italian taste.

The resulting album was a compilation of seven singles (including two number one hits, six tracks from their first LP, The Shadows, and three B sides), all from the first two years of their career.

Only ever released in Italy, and never re-released on CD, this album-now reissued in a deluxe MONO edition on 180 gram virgin vinyl with an embossed cover and attached bonus "picture" CD in STEREO-is highly sought after by collectors.
Doxy Music 2012 LP 22.00 €
Shadows - Moonlight Shadows
16 tracks
Spectrum Music 1986 CD 9.00 €
Shadows - Out Of The Shadows
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Shadows - Parhaat
suomipainos - 17 biisiä
VLMedia 2013 CD 4.90 €
Shadows - Platinum
Emi Music 2008 CD 9.00 €
Shadows - Platinum Collection 2CD+DVD
Emi 2005 2-CD 20.00 €
Shadows - Shades Of Rock
THE SHADOWS need no introduction: they are simply Britain’s most successful instrumental combo who have scored more UK hits than any other act, if we also include their many sides backing Cliff Richard. Originally issued in 1970, SHADES OF ROCK was the Shads response to the growing rock movement, featuring funky instrumental re-workings of classic rock and pop hits. SHADES OF ROCK has been long out-of-print. The album now adds a bonus track, the in-demand Mod anthem Scotch On The Socks (an earlier B-side).
Cherry Red Records 2010 CD 17.00 €
Shadows - String Of Hits / Another String Of Hot Hits (And More) 2CD
Emi Records 2013 CD 12.00 €
Shadows - The Final Tour BLU-RAY
180 min. Blu-ray
Eagle Vision 2004 DVD 22.00 €
Shadows - The Shadows plus Out Of The Shadows
two albums + bonus tracks (total 30 tracks) on 1 CD

Clearly one of the biggest influences on surf music as well as British rock & roll, The Shadows were one of the most popular instrumental groups in the world. Their music (aside from their seminal work with Cliff Richard) was always marked by a clean precision that welded rock, R&B, country & western and other influences perfectly, creating a signature sonic texture.

The band was led by the legendary Hank Marvin (with his trademark red Fender Stratocaster guitar), who pioneered the use of portable echo and reverb effects. The group was cited as a major inspiration by such celebrated guitarists as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Mark Knopfler.

This quintessential release includes two of The Shadows' finest LPs for Columbia records: their self-titled debut album, The Shadows (1961), and their follow-up record Out of The Shadows (1962). Both masterpieces have been remastered and packaged together in this very special collector's edition, which also includes 3 bonus tracks from the same period. Here you will find number-one hits (“Apache”, “F.B.I.”, “Dance On!”), rock & roll favorites from the beginning of their career (“Shadoogie”, “The Rumble”), great cover versions of popular songs (“Perfidia”, “South of the Border”), and formidable vocal performances (“Baby My Heart”, “That's My Desire”, and “The Bandit”).

16 page booklet including rare photos, vintage memorabilie and more
Hoodoo Records 2014 CD 15.00 €
Shadows - Two Classic Albums Plus Bonus EPs And Singles 4CD
Real Gone Music 2013 2-CD 9.00 €
Shadows - Very Best Of 3 CD
Not Now Music 2013 2-CD 9.00 €
Shadows - Vol. 2 - Kon Tiki
27 tracks
Magic Records 2012 CD 18.00 €
VA: - Sleepwalk Mania
19 versiota: mm Jet Harris, Shadows (x2), Ventures, Spotnicks, Chet Atkins, Ricky King, Sonics, Clevers, Chantays, Jet Blacks...
Magic Records 2005 CD 17.00 €
Vipers Skiffle Group - 10,000 Years Ago 3 CD Box
3 CD:tä ja 65 biisiä. Mukana myös 36 sivuinen kirja. Bändin koko Parlophone tuotanto - mukaanlukien myös Hank Marvinin ja Jet Harrisin ensimmäiset levytykset.
Bear Family 1996 CD-Box 65.00 €
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