Original Golden Stars Of Greenwood, S.C. - Southern Carolina Gospel - Reverend Norris Turner (CD)

Gospel Friend Records 2011

This is a CD of black quartet gospel (13 songs) by the Original Golden Stars of Greenwood, S.C., and solo singing with a choral group (13 songs), by the exciting lead voice of Reverend Norris Turner. Here is more than 76 minutes of soulful, vibrating gospel singing from the black southern church, recorded between 1958 and 1979.

The music was originally released on local South Carolina record labels like Pitch and HSE and was then exclusively distributed in the black community. It is now reissued, for the first time, for the benefit of gospel lovers all around the world. This has been possible after the producer's visit to South Carolina in 2005 and after almost five years of research, to which some of the leading authorities of the genre have helpfully contributed.

1. The Lord Will Answer Your Prayer
2. Searching for Jesus
3. Jesus' Blood
4. Jesus Never Left Me
5. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
6. River of Jordan
7. When the Roll is Called
8. Stop, Get Religion
9. There is a God Somewhere
10. When Jesus Come
11. That's Enough
12. The Bells
13. One Day We'll Be Free
14. Music in the Air
15. Softly and Tenderly
16. Stop and Get Religion
17. Lord have Mercy on the People of This World
18. Give God a Chance
19. Walk with Me
20. Let's Get Together with the Lord
21. Thank You Lord
22. I'm a Soldier
23. Stand Still
24. Let us Walk in the Light
25. A Prayer for Today
26. Away over Yonder

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