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Eddie Noack - Psycho / Dolores
Bear Family 2013 Single/EP 12.00 €
Edith Piaf - No Regrets 4CD
93 biisiä + 24 sivuinen bookletti

The unique and captivatingly gritty voice of Edith Piaf marked the French chanson of the 20th century. Her songs are timeless short stories of pain, irony and compassion for a human condition which reverberate even today. In an age when "keeping it real" has become the credo of many a generation, Edith Piaf's life, music and lyrics are as real as it gets.

All of the key Piaf songs are included: "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien," "La Vie En Rose," "Milord," "Padam, Padam," "Autumn Leaves" and many more.

Proper Records presents the most comprehensive compilation on the market featuring more than 5 hours of digitally re-mastered tracks including a 24 page booklet with Edith's life story, discographical information and rare photos.
Proper 2012 CD-Box 20.00 €
Ella Mae Morse - Two Classic Albums And Singles Collection 4CD
Real Gone Music 2013 2-CD 9.00 €
Elvis - The Man And His Music - # 103 - March 2014
he Denver Connection Part 2 - Ron Pietrafeso interview • 
"Exclusive Photos! Intimate Secrets!" - Vintage magazine covers • 
Rick Husky interview • Your letters
From The Time - 1957
 • CD, DVD & Book Reviews
EMM103 2014 Lehdet 7.00 €
Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii 2CD
The CD is an expanded edition of the original soundtrack album ‘Blue Hawaii’ originally released in 1961.

It contains many previously unreleased out-takes and alternate versions of the soundtrack recording including Elvis’ number 1 hit, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’.

As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 40 page book containing many rare and unpublished photographs taken on and off the set of ‘Blue Hawaii’.
Memphis Recording Service 2012 2-CD 25.00 €
Elvis Presley - Setlist - Very Best Of Elvis Presley Live
Sony Music 2013 CD 10.00 €
Elvis Presley - Stay Away Joe
21 tracks. Great gatefold 7" digipack sleeve with 12 page booklet.
Follow That Dream 2013 CD 29.00 €
Elvis Presley - The Complete '68 Comeback Special 4CD
In June of 1968 Elvis Presley made a television special to be aired in December 1968. He Accomplished two things, he saved his career and he made the best music of his life.

4 CDs - over 4 hours of music featuring the two black-leather sit-down shows, two taped rehearsals and production numbers.
32 page booklet with detailed liner notes and rare photos.

DVD-size box.
Sony Music 2012 CD-Box 23.00 €
Elvis Presley - The Movie Soundtracks 20 CD
20 CD:tä - Elviksen leffamusiikit paristakymmenestä leffasta

The box set includes:
-Loving You (1957)
- Jailhouse Rock
- King Creole (1958)
- G.I. Blues (1960)
- Follow That Dream (1961)
- Blue Hawaii (1961)
- Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)
- It Happened At The World's Fair (1963)
- Fun In Acapulco (1963)
- Kissin' Cousins (1964)
- Viva Las Vegas (1964)
- Roustabout (1964)
- Girl Happy (1965)
- Harum Scarum (1965)
- Frankie And Johnny (1966)
- Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966)
- Spinout (1966)
- Double Trouble (1967)
- Clambake (1967)
- Speedway (1968)
('Flaming Star', 'Follow That Dream' and 'Kid Galahad' in compilation on 'Follow That Dream').
Sony Music Entertainment 2014 CD-Box 50.00 €
Elvis Presley - The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs 2CD
Sony Music Entertainment 2013 CD 25.00 €
Ennio Morricone - Morricone In Colour 4CD
With his peerless versatility and productivity, Ennio Morricone is one of the most famous and influential composers of the twentieth century.
Drawing from an extraordinary range of musical styles, his 500 film scores have
accompanied every conceivable musical genre.
Morricone's innovative soundscapes for Sergio Leone's mid-sixties spaghetti westerns
changed film music forever. In any context, the composer's work is a formidable
combination of eclecticism, sensuality and playfulness.
The eight film soundtracks featured in the this box set all derive from the period between the late sixties and mid-seventies when the Maestro was in his pomp. The arty erotica of Giuseppe Patroni Griffi's Metti, una sera a cena is perfectly complimented by Morricone's cool jazz score and his music gives humour and great beauty to such offbeat period pieces as Forza g and Il Gatto and the abstraction that is L'assoluto naturale (starring the Yugoslavian actress Sylvia Koscina and the superb Laurence Harvey).
Arguably the most impressive of the set are the composer's scores for the early Argento giallos, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Four Flies on Grey Velvet. In the former, Morricone's ominous, haunting music establishes an almost unbearable suspense and for the latter combines bracing atonality with a send up of progressive rock (the director's first experiment with such music and a prelude to Goblin)
Cherry Red Records 2012 2-CD 35.00 €
Etta James - The Argo Singles 1960-1962 2LP
Many great singers passed through the hands of late great soul/R&B producer Jerry Wexler, from Aretha Franklin to Dusty Springfield, but Etta James was a singer he willingly waited 20 long years to work with. ‘Etta is a church in herself,’ he said in his autobiography, adding: ‘Her voice is a mighty influence, her musical personality able to express an extraordinary range of moods.’ He further described her as ‘A woman used but not spent, abused but never defeated, vulnerable but through sheer strength of will, victorious.’

Jamesetta Hawkins (her real name) was born in Los Angeles, California, in January 1938. She received her first vocal training from James Earle Hines, musical director of the Echoes of Eden choir at St Paul’s Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Moving to San Francisco at the age of 12, her talent was spotted two years later by R&B Svengali Johnny Otis while part of a trio, the Creolettes, she’d formed with friends. Her recording debut came in 1954 fronting Otis’ band with Richard Berry, the song a response to Hank Ballard's salacious ‘WorkWith Me Annie’ entitled ‘TheWallflower’. (Georgia Gibbs covered it for the white market as the cleaned-up ‘Dance With Me Henry’.) The risqué nature of the song, compounded by the 16 year-old singer’s extreme youth, required a subtle change of name to Etta James.

‘The Wallflower’ was a 1955 hit on the Modern label, reaching Number 1 on the R&B charts. But success was to prove fleeting, and Etta then remained out of the spotlight for five years, occasionally touring with Zydeco artist Clifton Chenier’s band. It was only when she made her way to Chicago and signed to the Chess label in 1960 – she would stay with them for 16 years, appearing on the firm’s Argo, Chess and Cadet labels – that Etta James’ career really took off. We concentrate on those Argo recordings on these 2LPs. Having been originally designed to accommodate the Chess expansion and focus on Jazz artists in 1955, Argo would offer much in the way of variety from pop to blues and even calypso before its change of name to Cadet in the mid-60s.

Legend has it soul superstar Jackie Wilson, impressed by her precocious vocal abilities, lent Etta the money to travel to the blues capital of the world. Once there, she duetted successfully with Harvey Fuqua of the Moonglows as well as finding solo fame with the likes of ‘At Last’, ‘ All I Could Do Was Cry’ and ‘Trust In Me’.

Etta’s own version of Willie Dixon’s ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ is well known to a recent generation of Diet Coke drinkers thanks to its use in a sultry TV ad, while the sumptuous ‘All I Could Do Was Cry’, released on the Argo imprint in 1960 and one of the most recent tracks on our compilation, made Number 2 R&B/Number 33 pop. Like many of the ballads in her Chess/Argo Records period, it benefited from the bluesy, sumptuous string arrangements of Riley Hampton.

Etta James upbringing had been hard – she was the illegitimate daughter of a teenage mother and a father whose identity she never knew, and was raised by a woman named Lula Rogers until the age of 11. All this turbulence and uncertainty had its effect in later life, and a period of drug addiction led to interest from the law, a spell documented in her brutally honest autobiography Rage To Survive. A stint in the Betty Ford Clinic in the late Eighties put a more hopeful full stop to the second of two decades in which James’ talents had been far from fully exploited.

Fortunately, Etta returned to prominence in the best possible way in 1994 when her album ‘Mystery Lady’, a collection of songs associated with long-time idol Billie Holiday, won her a Grammy for best jazz vocal. The album was also a thankyou to her mother Dorothy Hawkins, then approaching her seventies, who’d advised her to listen to Holiday rather than the ‘gutbucket stuff’ the young Etta preferred.

She’d receive another Grammy for lifetime achievement in 2003, the same year she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Further to that, she became one of a select few to be inducted into both the Rock’n’Roll and Blues Halls of Fame.

Sadly, the Etta James story would have a downbeat final chapter. In 2010 it was revealed that she was suffering with both dementia and leukaemia, a double whammy from which she would not recover. Her album ‘The Dreamer’ would be her last. She died on 20 January 2012 aged 73, three days after the passing of Johnny Otis, the man who discovered her over half a century earlier. Obituaries praised a ‘big-voiced, earthy blues and soul singer’, whose ‘personal dignity belied the fact that she had led a deeply troubled life.’

Etta James endured much suffering, but her legend lives on in her music. Press play and share her many emotions…
Not Now Music 2013 LP 25.00 €
Everly Brothers - Christmas With The Everly Brothers
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 5.90 €
Everly Brothers - It's Everly Time !
WaxTime Records 2014 LP 18.00 €
Flamingos - Time Was 2CD - The Sessions 1957 -1962
Our first volume of Flamingos recordings, JASCD 554 'The Flamingos - Dream of a Lifetime' was widely acknowledged as the finest compilation of their work yet released. This time we take their recordings up to 1962 and include the much requested balance of their 1957 recordings which were not included in our first collection.

Features two complete LPs, 'Requestfully Yours' and 'Flamingo Favorites'. This collection completes the most comprehensive reissue program of the groups work ever.

A whopping 54 tracks and fully detailed liner notes make this a must have. Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the greatest doo wop groups of all time.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Four Seasons - Valli's Peaks
Fifty years after the event it is difficult to comprehend just how big an act The Four Seasons were to America in 1962 and indeed throughout the pre British Invasion period before The Beatles arrived in 1964. Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi and Tommy De Vito were the biggest pop act the US had seen since Elvis.

Here on one CD is the story of their breakthrough year via the medium of their first two LPs which include three No. 1 singles: 'Sherry'; 'Big Girls Don't Cry' and 'Walk like a Man' plus many other great songs.

Fully detailed liner notes outlining their development.
Jasmine Records 2014 CD 13.00 €
Francoise Hardy - Midnight Blues - Paris London 1968-1972
The events of May 1968 across France signalled the end of the yé-yé era and a new seriousness in French pop. Unlike perky domestic stars such as Sheila or France Gall, Françoise Hardy had always had a moody image – in reality she was chronically shy. A keen astrologer, this is something she has always been quick to blame on her star sign, Capricorn: “You have the longest nights, the longest absence. When the sun is in Capricorn, you are not there. You are below the horizon. You are invisible.” 1968 was also the year she retired from public performance after a rare tour of Britain.

Françoise had set up her own independent Asparagus Productions in late 1967. Initially, her old label Vogue continued to distribute her records, but in 1969 Françoise signed a deal with the small Sonopresse imprint, where she would stay until 1972. For many of her fans this is the most intriguing and exciting part of her career.

From the beginning of her career and into the early 70s, Françoise recorded quite extensively in English, German, Italian and Spanish, but that material is not easy to find these days. This collection, recorded variously in Paris and London between 1968 and 1972, comprises tracks drawn from her albums “En Anglais”, “One-Nine-Seven-Zero” and “Françoise Hardy” (aka “If You Listen”) and offers a very welcome opportunity to hear her perform in English.

1965’s ‘All Over The World’ had given Françoise her only UK Top 20 hit. Although she couldn’t follow it up in Britain, France remained loyal and she was still a huge star there when she made her first full, specially recorded English language album “En Anglais” in 1968.

“One-Nine-Seven-Zero” – released worldwide in 1969, but never in France– was recorded at several different sessions in London and Paris, and with a number of disparate collaborators. Though its variety of studios and arrangers could have made it a patchwork, the album is held together by a clutch of songs written and produced by Tommy Brown and Micky Jones. The opening trio – ‘Song Of Winter’, ‘Magic Horse’, ‘Strange Shadows’ – are especially strong, with warm, full arrangements by Jean-Pierre Sabar.

Jones and Brown also contributed ‘Bown Bown Bown’ to 1972’s “Françoise Hardy”, recorded at Sound Techniques in Chelsea with folk rock producer Tony Cox. Sound Techniques was a bit like a social club for folk musos from Joe Boyd’s Witchseason stable. The Trees album had been recorded there, as had albums by Fairport Convention and Fotheringay. The latter’s Gerry Conway and Pat Donaldson played on the sessions for Françoise’s album, along with Richard Thompson and Fairport drummer Dave Mattacks.

There are precious few enough albums from this golden period of folk rock as it is; this release gives long overdue exposure to a unique coming together of the British folk underground and a French musical legend.

By Bob Stanley (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
Frankie Avalon - Frankie Avalon's Christmas Album
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 5.90 €
Frankie Valli - This Is My Story - the Early Years 1953-1959 2CD
Frankie Valli is one of the most popular acts of all time. In a career spanning 60 years he has scored 7 American No. 1's, 17 top ten singles and amassed global record sales of over 175 million.

Here we focus on his early recordings including many gems such as 'You're the Apple of My Eye', 'I Go Ape', 'Real (This Is Real)' and many more!

Also featured are several tracks from the long running Broadway musical of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons career, including 'My Mothers Eyes', 'Apple of My Eye' and 'An Angel Cried'.
Jasmine Records 2010 CD 15.00 €
Freddy King - King On King 2LP
Not Now Music 2013 LP 25.00 €
Freddy King - The King Years 2CD
Not Now Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
George Jackson - Old Friend - The Fame Recordings Vol. 3
The death of George Jackson earlier this year was both a surprise and a shock to all of us at Ace – particularly to Dean Rudlandand yours truly, who have been so involved in the issue of his recordings over the past few years. Having met George and enjoyed his company only a couple of years ago, Dean and I found it especially hard to believe that this charming man, who made us feel as if we’d known him all our lives would no longer be part of soul music’s future.

Fortunately he left behind many great songs to remember him by and a quite formidable stockpile of his own recordings of those songs. Kent’s earlier CDs of George’s recordings hold their own with any of the Southern soul compilations of the last 25 years. Sad as it is that George isn’t here to see our programme through to its conclusion, we’re happy that there is still much more to come from this supremely talented man.

“Old Friend”, the third volume of George’s Fame recordings, is possibly the best of the three we’ve issued to date. There are a handful of songs which will be familiar via the versions of other acts. Unlike the first two, however, most of the tracks were recorded by George alone. Nevertheless these predominantly-unheard songs – some of which were written by George’s friends and peers O B McClinton and Dan Greer – are just as strong as those covered by Candi Staton, Clarence Carter, Wilson Pickett et al. All would surely have been hits for anyone who did pick them from George’s massive catalogue of potential hits.

The fabulous musicianship of the second and third,Muscle Shoalsbased Fame rhythm sections is all over the majority of these recordings – including, on a couple of cuts, the stinging guitar work of Duane Allman. None of our featured tracks has appeared on CD before, which makes their presence here all the more vital; all but two have never been issued before. It’s a real pleasure to be able to keep George Jackson’s name alive with music of outstanding quality.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
George Jackson - The Fame Sessions
Ah, the joy of vinyl – especially the new Ace Records high quality releases. The 180 gram test pressing landed on my desk with a thump and, once placed on the deck, the needle was placed on the first groove with a satisfying thrum. So you can only imagine how much better the experience got as the sound of Fame’s classic house band of David Hood, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Beckett and Roger Hawkins emerged from the speakers. They were behind George Jackson as he demonstrated the power of a new song he had written. Any fan of Southern Soul will know that ‘I’m Just A Prisoner’ became a classic for Candi Staton but, as we have proved time and again over the last few years, George Jackson was more than capable of delivering his own songs.

Mississippi-born, George had his first break in music working alongside Dan Greer at Goldwax Records in Memphis, writing songs and releasing a single in a duet with Dan. In 1967 he auditioned at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, where proprietor Rick Hall was looking to replace his top writer Dan Penn, who had moved to Memphis the previous year. In George, Rick found someone who not only wrote prolifically but could sing as well. As an artist, George released two singles on the Fame label and one more Fame-recorded side on Verve. However, it is quite likely that no-one wanted him to be too successful in that role, because his songs were far too important for Fame’s star artists and others who passed through the studio looking for some Muscle Shoals magic. In short order, he wrote hits for Candi Staton, Wilson Pickett, Clarence Carter and then turned out a #1 for the Osmonds.

However, George wrote more songs than he could place with other artists and he also recorded non-stop. Over two CD volumes we have showcased his Fame recordings and we are now proud to present you with his first ever vinyl album from these sessions. In the style of a classic late 60s or early 70s soul album, it features 12 stunning tracks, two of which are (for now) exclusive to this release. It’s difficult to pick out favourites but I have a lot of time for ‘I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew’ (which we’ve discovered was written with James Govan in mind) and ‘Get It When I Want It’, another track written for Candi Staton. Of the new tracks, ‘Add A Little Sunshine’ and ‘That From The Heart’ are more than worthy additions to the George Jackson canon.

By Dean Rudland (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 LP 23.00 €
George Jones - The Complete United Artists Solo Singles
32 A&B sides of Hardcore 60s Honky Tonk.

“Country music is like a religion to me!” George Jones once told liner notes author Holly George-Warren, and listening to this collection of the great singer’s United Artists singles from 1962-1966 will make a believer out of you. The diversity of material is astounding. You hear Jones master all the flavors of vintage country: lovelorn ballads, inspirational gospel, uptempo honky-tonk, humorous novelty numbers, old-timey murder ballads—even holiday and Western songs.

United Artists was the third home for George Jones’ output since his 1954 debut on the Starday label in his native Texas. His manager and producer Harold “Pappy” Daily signed him to United Artists (UA) following a stint at Mercury, where he scored his first #1 hit, “White Lightning,” in 1959, followed by 1961’s “Tender Years.” Most of the UA recordings transpired in Nashville, with Jones backed by Music City’s A-team: guitarist Grady Martin, bassist Bob Moore, drummer Buddy Harman, pianist Pig Robbins, and Hal Rugg on steel guitar, Tommy Jackson on fiddle, and Kelso Herston on electric 6-string bass. The Jordanaires provided the background choruses, part of the Nashville Sound that Jones adopted for his hardcore country.

Right out of the box at UA, Jones hit the jackpot again with his third chart-topper, “She Thinks I Still Care” backed with the gorgeous ballad, “Sometimes You Just Can’t Win,” also a hit. Both sides of the plaintive single pointed the way to the kind of material that in Jones’ hands would become his signature style, leading to such landmark recordings as 1980’s “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

“She Thinks I Still Care” almost didn’t get cut, however. It was penned by Dickey Lee, the Texas songwriter whose “Patches” would be a smash for Clarence Carter in 1970. Songwriter and producer Jack Clement, who’d left Memphis’ Sun Records behind to operate Gulf Coast Recording Studio in Beaumont, Texas, pitched it to Jones. But it wasn’t an easy sale for Clement, whose publishing company handled the song. George told him, “I don’t think I like it too much. It’s got too damn many ‘just becauses’ in it. Clement tweaked it, making it a bit more country, according to Bob Allen, who recounts the story in his 1984 Jones biography. “After [Clement] agreed to relinquish half the publishing royalties to George and the hard-bargaining Pappy Daily, George finally relented and recorded it,” writes Allen. Soon after its release, “She Thinks I Still Care” lodged at the top of Billboard’s C&W chart for six weeks. By year’s end, the smash had been chosen 1962’s “Favorite Country Music Single” by the nation’s DJs in Billboard’s annual poll.
Omnivore Recordings 2013 CD 19.00 €
Gerry And The Pacemakers - Don't Let The Sun Catch You /Second Album.. 2CD
Four US-only albums, originally released on the Laurie Records label in 1964, 1965 and 1966

Featured on these albums are the US hit singles ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ (#4), ‘I’ll Be There’ (#14), ‘How Do You Do It’ (#9) and ‘I Like It’ (#17). The first three albums all made the Billboard Top 200 chart, but ‘Girl On A Swing’ failed to chart and more or less coincided with the breakup of the group

Gerry, with a new Pacemakers, is currently on a 50th Anniversary tour in the UK

Digitally remastered and slipcase
BGO Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
Grady Chapman - Let´s Talk About Us
Beside His Great Solo Recordings, Released Here For The Very First Time On CD.

Grady Chapman´s Voice Could Be Heard Singing Lead Vocals For Legendary Groups Like The Robins, Coasters And Drifters.

28 songs & 20 page booklet
Hydra Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Heinz - The Essential Collection 2CD
Plucked from obscurity by legendary producer Joe Meek, the blonde bassist for The Tornados, Heinz, gathered incomparable respect and a huge following from a solo career laced with chart hits.

This completistscompilation features Heinz’s four chart hits including "Just Like Eddie", "Country Boy" and "You Were There" as well as rare cuts and unreleased material from his
Music Club Records 2013 CD 10.00 €
Helen Shapiro - Tops With Me And More
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 5.90 €
Highwaymen - March On 2CD
In the late 1950s it seemed as though every college in the US was spawning a folk group, and true to Jasmine's recent releases of this period which include, The Limeliters and The Brothers Four we now bring you, The Highwaymen who hail from Connecticut's Wesleyan University.

This set showcases the songs: 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'; 'Michael'; 'Black Eyed Suzie'; 'The Calton Weaver'; 'Whiskey in the Jar' and many more.

It's easy enough to dismiss the Highwaymen as representatives of a brand of folk music that has gone out of fashion Their kind of harmony singing, coupled to traditional songs and ballads, has seldom been written of in the decades since their heyday. However they can easily stand alongside other folk luminaries such as The Kingston Trio and The Brothers Four and had without a doubt had a major impact on the folk scene of the early 1960s.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Howling Wolf - More Real Folk Blues
Dolchess 2013 LP 15.00 €
Huey Piano Smith - It Do Me Good 2CD
The Banashak & Sansu Sessions 1966-1978.

When it comes to good time rollicking rock’n’roll or rhythm’n’blues, there are few exponents to match Huey ‘Piano’ Smith. One of the greatest of New Orleans’ many pianists, Smith began his career with blues men like Guitar Slim and Earl King and enjoyed a string of classic hits in the late 1950s. During that time he wrote and recorded three of rock and roll’s most enduring classics, ‘Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu’, ‘High Blood Pressure’ and ‘Sea Cruise’, the latter featuring the vocals of Frankie Ford. His career continued well into the 1970s.

This deluxe package is an upgraded version of a Charly CD released in the late 1980s, Pitta Pattin’. This collection - featuring the recordings he made for the Instant label in the late 1960s - has now been expanded to include several tracks not featured on the original including the ultra rare ‘Two Way Pock-A-Way’, ‘Epitaph To A Black Man’ and ‘The Whatcha Call ‘Em’ plus several newly discovered, previously unissued recordings. His powerful piano can be heard to good effect on the previously unissued, ‘I’m Boss Pt 2’ with its almost Northern Soul sound.

Many of Smith’s early Instant 45s were big local hits in New Orleans and Louisiana without ever denting any national charts and have long been sought after by collectors, with some, like ‘Two Way Pock-A-Way’, proving almost impossible to find today. Also featured are versions of ‘Rockin’ Pneumonia’, ‘High Blood Pressure’ and ‘Don’t You Just Know It’ recorded for an Atlantic LP that was never released. By way of a bonus, Huey’s last known recordings made for Allen Toussaint’s Sansu company in 1978 make their CD debut here, more than thirty years after their first release on Charly vinyl.

These are the last recordings of Huey Smith who retired from music to concentrate on his religious beliefs in the early 80s. He now lives in retirement in Baton Rouge but still happily acknowledges his huge contribution to New Orleans R&B and to rock’n’roll in general.
Charly Records 2012 2-CD 18.00 €
Ike & Tina Turner - It's Gonna Work Out Fine
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 12.00 €
Innocents - Classic Innocents
The Innocents, a harmony trio from Sun Valley, California, scored four quick hits – twice in their own right with ‘Honest I Do’ and ‘Gee Whiz’, and twice with Kathy Young (‘A Thousand Stars’ and ‘Happy Birthday Blues’) – on the mysterious Indigo label of Los Angeles. Following its collapse in 1962, the cool trio went on to record equally strong material for Reprise, Decca and Warner Brothers, all of which is heard here, together with previously unissued masters from the same period in stunning stereo. None of this – even the tunes originally released on 45s back in the 60s - has ever appeared on CD before. Better still, the cache of unissued Warner Brothers and Reprise material is worth the price of the CD alone. Also included are two versions of the Innocents’ superb rogue 45, ‘Tick Tock’. A couple of the guys later moonlighted as the Sugar Beats on an A&M single, and that’s here too.

“Classic Innocents” serves as a companion volume to Ace’s previous “The Complete Indigo Recordings”, to this day, a popular catalogue item. The new CD contains a substantial (8000 word) narrative describing the trials and tribulations of the three all-American boys, interlaced with rare personal memorabilia from surviving members Jim West and Al Candelaria. The mastering, as you’d expect, is state-of-the-art.

(If you are wondering why a couple of the tunes, ‘Honest I Do’ and ‘In The Beginning’, appear on both CDs, that is because they are quite different versions. The earlier CD inadvertently featured an outtake of ‘Honest I Do’ missing the bass and brushes heard on the actual 45. This CD includes the correct Indigo single master. Similarly, ‘In The Beginning’ is the correct 45 version not the substantially different take heard on “The Complete Indigo Recordings”.)

Lead tenor West was a truly exceptional vocalist, easily the equal of better-known contemporaries, and one who was able to transcend time and fashion – he later fronted a rock band who recorded forAtlanticin the 1970s. Among some solo demos he recorded, we found ‘Time Ain’t Been Wastin’’, a gem of a song and performance that begged inclusion. Just before Indigo folded in 1962, Jim West recorded a rare solo single for the label as Bobby James and that too has been included, neatly squaring the circle by making the Innocents’ entire recorded output available on Ace.

By Rob Finnis (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 25.00 €
Jamie Coe And The Gigolos - Summertime Symphony

Hydra Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Jerry Lee Lewis - Return Of Rock / Soul My Way
two albums from 1965 and 1967 on the same CD. 23 tracks
BGO Records 2013 CD 17.00 €
Jerry Lee Lewis - Up Through The Years 1956-1963
Up Through The Years 1956-1963 includes such hits as "Whole Lot Of Shaking Goin' On", "Great Balls Of Fire" and "Breathless", but also The Killer's Sun debut "Crazy Arms", his take on Chuck Berry's "Little Queenie" as well as his very own composition "End Of The Road".

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Music On Vinyl Records 2014 LP 20.00 €
Jerry Williams - Keep On 6CD
6 CDs, 142 tracks, 68 page book (in swedish).
All tracks from 1962-2013
Universal Music 2013 CD-Box 69.00 €
Jet Harris - From There To Here
50 min + bonus DVD "Backstage Pass" (60 min)
Wienerworld 2012 DVD 17.00 €
Jimmy Reed - Ain't That Loving You Baby 2CD
With his simple, recognisable and accessible sound, Jimmy Reed was perhaps one of the most commercially successful blues artists in the USA in the '50s and '60s, if not of all time.

This is the most comprehensive collection of his earliest recordings ever released and is the first time ever on CD that all his A and B sides have been compiled chronologically in one collection.

Features all the Jimmy Reed classics that you would expect: 'Baby What You Want Me to Do'; 'Bright Lights Big City'; 'Honest I Do'; 'You Don't Have to Go'; 'Going to New York'; 'Ain't That Lovin' You Baby' and 'Big Boss Man'.

Fully Detailed liner notes with biography and career achievements.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Jimmy Witherspoon - Feelin' The Spirit
Doxy Music 2013 LP 18.00 €
Joe Turner - The Real Boss Of The Blues
When producer Bob Thiele launched Flying Dutchman Records in 1969, he also introduced two other imprints to give his new company depth and breadth: Amsterdam for pop material and Bluestime to concentrate on the developing blues boom. Thiele had been in charge of ABC’s Bluesway label, where he had made records with many vintage blues artists. He opened Bluestime with albums by three of those performers: “The Real Boss Of The Blues” by Joe Turner, “Sweet Giant Of The Blues” by Otis Spann and “Every Day I Have The Blues” by T-Bone Walker.

Joe Turner had an unusual and lengthy career. He started out in the 1920s as a singing bartender in his hometown of Kansas City, where he was discovered by John Hammond, becoming a sensation upon moving to New York in the late 30s. Signing with Atlantic Records at the age of 40, he became an unlikely star in the early days of rock’n’roll, scoring big R&B hits with ‘Honey Hush’, ‘Corrine, Corrina’ and ‘Shake, Rattle And Roll’. When success faded he went back to playing with big bands until the late 60s blues revival arrived.

Bob Thiele’s plan was to update Turner’s style and sell him to the students who considered Eric Clapton and Peter Green the new sound of the blues. He did this with subtlety and great understanding of the music. The rhythm section played in a contemporary, slightly funky mode, but always with the song in mind. There were updates of a few Turner classics – ‘Shake, Rattle And Roll’ really smokes – and some first-rate contemporary material, including ‘Plastic Man’, a 10-minute blues which allows everyone to stretch out. “The Real Boss Of The Blues”, presented here with two bonus cuts from a 1970 concert at Carnegie Hall, is a masterful demonstration of the blues singer’s craft.

By Dean Rudland (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2014 CD 14.00 €
Joey Castle - That Ain't Nothing But Right / Don't Knock It
Sleazy Records 2013 Single/EP 7.00 €
John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
Singing actor John Leyton (Biggles, The Great Escape, Guns At Batasi, Von Ryan's Express, Jericho, Krakatoa East Of Java, etc.) topped the charts for 4-weeks in the summer of 1961 with the haunting, dramatic, ethereal 'Johnny Remember Me', a song written by Geoffrey Goddard, arranged by Charles Blackwell, and produced by legendary maverick indie producer, Joe Meek.

The same team collaborated on John's subsequent hits 'Wild Wind', 'Son This Is She', 'Lone Rider' and 'Lonely City', and standout album tracks like 'Oh Lover' and 'Voodoo Woman'.

Meek had also earlier produced Leyton's cover version of the controversial death disc 'Tell Laura I Love Her', which became the hit version in Scandinavia despite missing out in the UK.

This 32-track compilation comprises all his recordings between 1960-62, featuring nine singles, his fiercely collectable first LP, 'The Two Sides of John Leyton', and a couple of collectors' rarities, including his cancelled debut single 'Three Cute Chicks'.

Nowadays, John is a much-loved regular on the 60s/nostalgia circuit, touring alongside contemporaries like, Marty Wilde, Eden Kane, Joe Brown, etc.
Jasmine Records 2014 CD 13.00 €
Johnny & The Hurricanes - Three Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles 2CD
Real Gone Music 2013 CD 7.00 €
Johnny Burnette - Roses Are Red
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Johnny Cash - Sings Hank Wiliams, George Jones 2LP
Johnny Cash Sings Hank Wiliams, George Jones & Other Classic Country Covers
Vinyl Passion 2013 LP 18.00 €
Johnny Copeland - It's Me - Classic Texas Soul 1965-72 2CD
At the time of his death 15 years ago, Johnny Copeland was regarded as one of the world’s premier blues artists, a Grammy-winner with a strong body of work behind him. Success had come late, preceded by almost 30 years of working hard to make a living. In those years he recorded extensively, building a catalogue of 45s that did little to advance his career, despite their unbridled excellence. Many of those 45s fell into the hands of appreciative soul and blues collectors around the world, establishing Johnny as a cult hero whose work was always worth a listen.

Johnny had been working for a decade when he entered into a professional relationship with producer Huey Meaux in 1964, but it wasn’t until he came under Huey’s wing that his records found their way beyond Texas and onto bigger labels. Huey recognised Johnny’s talent and recorded him extensively. The records they made together form the basis of this important new 2CD set.

“It’s Me” is the most comprehensive collection of Johnny’s mid-60s to early 70s recordings ever assembled. Here you’ll find Huey Meaux-produced Wand, Suave, Jet Stream, Boogaloo and Wet Soul singles, material Johnny either sold to or cut directly for Kent-Modern in the early 1970s, two rare duets he recorded with South Texas R&B heroine Miss La Vell White as Johnny & Lilly, sides submitted to Wand for a proposed album that never happened, previously undocumented songs, and some fabulous vocal/guitar demos, some of which have never been issued before. None have ever sounded better than they do here, thanks to extensive vault research undertaken by me and my colleague Alec Palao in 2012. (Due to the disappearance or deterioration of a few tapes, fresh dubs were made and remastered from scratch.)

I first heard Johnny Copeland when my old pal Tony Cummings sat me down and played me ‘Dedicated To The Greatest’ almost 45 years ago. The power and soul in his voice made me an immediate fan. It’s been a true honour to work on a project that at last puts this classic material into the context it’s always deserved.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 25.00 €
Johnny Hallyday - The Very Best Of 2CD
Union Square Music 2013 2-CD 10.00 €
Johnny Horton - I'm A Fishin' Man
DVD with 24-page booklet, b&w, NTSC, regional code: 0, 28 tracks, playing time approx. 71 mns.

Never before seen performances by Johnny Horton. Rare recordings from collection of Jerry Hope. Ozark Jubilee Shows from the collection of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. A rare live concert.

When Bear Family began work on the Johnny Horton LP box sets back in the mid-1980s, just two videos traded hands among collectors: a grainy copy of 'I'm A Fishin' Man' and an 'Ed Sullivan Show' appearance. Now we have an embarrassment of riches. Finally, we see why Horton was, as his contemporaries said, a natural television performer. Amiable, good-looking, and breezily confident, he was ideal for what was then the new medium of television. Just the kind of guy you'd want to bring into your living room.

This DVD collects most of the known videotaped performances of Johnny Horton from very early in his career until just a few weeks before he was killed. There are 25 filmed performances and three bonus audio performances spanning the years from 1953 until 1960. He not only sings his biggest hits, 'North To Alaska', 'Johnny Reb', 'Sal's Got A Sugar Lip', 'Sink The Bismarck' and of course 'The Battle Of New Orleans', but he also performs songs that won't be as familiar to collectors, like 'Electrified Donkey', 'Be Honest With Me' (as part of a trio with Eddy Arnold and Molly Bee), and 'I'm A Fishing Man'. Even though there are no published interviews with Johnny Horton, on this DVD he talks with the hosts of the Ozark Jubilee show Red Foley, Bobby Lord, and Eddy Arnold. An essential complement to Bear Family's definitive history of Johnny Horton's recordings!

A NOTE ON FILM QUALITY: Bear Family has always made a sustained commitment to quality. This DVD was sourced from original films and kinescopes, now fifty or sixty years old. Some, especially those sourced from 'Jubilee USA' kinescopes, are not as clear as we would have liked, but they are the only known copies. We feel that their historic value outweighs the technical imperfections.
Bear Family 2012 DVD 20.00 €
Johnny Rivers - This Could Be The One
Although it wasn't until 1964 when Johnny Rivers finally became a star with his hit 'Memphis' he had a career going back to 1958.

Here we have the earliest recordings of the 60s superstar getting their most comprehensive reissue yet!

He recorded rockabilly and beat ballads and examples of all of his early attempts at a hit are featured on this full length CD.

Anyone entranced with the roots of 60s pop can't help but be hooked on this collection.

Fully Detailed liner notes with biography and career achievements.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 13.00 €
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