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Acker Bilk - Mr. Acker Bilk Requests 2CD
Acker Bilk was part of the boom in traditional jazz that swept the United Kingdom in the late 1950s

Features his hits 'Summer Set', performed by his ensemble 'The Paramount Jazz Band', and 'Stranger on the Shore' which went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart making him the first British artist to have an American No. 1 making him an international star.

Other great songs of note include his interpretation of 'I Can't Get Started', 'Higher Ground', 'Carry Me Back', 'Franklin Street Blues', and 'Ory's Creole Trombone'.

Described as 'Great Master of Clarinet', Acker Bilk was, and still is just as important as American jazzmen like Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw.

Truly, the glory that is Acker Bilk transcends all ages and all manner of music. Another must have collection from the vaults of Jasmine Records!
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Adrian And The Sunsets - Breakthrough
High-Flyin' Surf Rock From Southern California on 180 Gram Multi-Colored Vinyl!

Adrian Lloyd and his backing band The Sunsets were still teenagers when they recorded this highly-prized slab of pure California surf-rock. Long desired amongst collectors both for its brand of high-energy, drum-driven rock ‘n’ roll and for the crazy swirly vinyl it was pressed on, Breakthrough is a prime example of a genre that still excites fans of early ‘60s music. Featuring the should-have-been-a-hit title track and many other almost-classics, Adrian Lloyd’s high flyin’ slab is an essential part of any surf-rock collection.

Now Sundazed brings this long-out-of-print album to you the way you want it -— pressed on swirly colored vinyl, with brand new liner notes by John Blair, author of The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965, and featuring an abundance of great bonus tracks including the hard to find single “She Treats Me Better Than You” and the killer unreleased tracks “Drums In Orbit” and “On Moonlight Bay.” Plus, the CD brings you even more treats, including the highly-desired single “Lorna” and the unreleased track “Mersey Girl”. This Sundazed issue of Breakthrough is destined to be just as sought after by collectors!
Sundazed Music 2013 LP 22.00 €
Al Caiola - Caiola Bonanza 2CD
The Al Caiola Bonanza is by far the most comprehensive set of hit songs by one of America's greatest guitarists!

This includes some of the great Western themes, beginning with his classic 'Bonanza' as well as 'Gunsmoke', 'Laramie', 'Maverick', 'Bat Masterson', 'Rawhide' and many others.

Other major hits include 'The Magnificent Seven', 'Wonderland by Night', 'Sleep Walk', 'Tumbling Tumbleweeds', 'Undecided', 'Calcutta'.

In addition, many rare 45 singles never available on CD are included.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Alvin Cash - Windy City Workout - The Essential Dance Craze Hits 2CD
Chicago soul music is one of the many regional variations that proved nationally popular during the 1960s and this unique collection celebrates one of the city’s many stars Alvin Cash. An often overlooked sub-genre is the almost never-ending stream of dance craze records which caught the national imagination, and Alvin Cash was among the leading exponents.

Windy City Workout is the first ever legitimate CD release devoted entirely to Cash’s recordings. Disc 1 opens with his sole album release Twine Time, named after his biggest hit, and continues into Disc 2 with all of his single releases in chronological order. This deluxe memorabilia-laden package features notes from the eminent Chicago blues and soul expert Robert Pruter, and the track listing denotes all the chart placings he secured on America’s pop and R&B charts.

Cash’s recordings for Mar-V-Lus, Toddlin’ Town, Seventy-Seven and Sound Stage Seven are all included. Also featured are three tracks which only ever appeared on the now ultra-rare Toddlin’ Town LP, Wilson Pickett’s ‘Funky Broadway’ and two Arthur Conley hits, ‘Funky Street’ and ‘People Sure Act Funny’. Dances with instructions include The Twine, The Boo Ga Loo, The Bump, The Barracuda, The Boston Monkey, The Penguin, The Freeze, The Charge, The Popcorn and, second only to The Twine, The Ali Shuffle, a dance which Alvin dedicated to Mohammed Ali.

Alvin Cash passed away in 1999 but his music still resonates on today’s soul scene, as a quick visit to YouTube will attest. This carefully compiled 2CD set is the first comprehensive retrospective of his work and is testimony to the power of dance music; get up and get down is all you can really do to this collection.
Charly Records 2012 2-CD 18.00 €
Arthur Big Boy Crudup - Sunny Road
recorded 1969
Delmark Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
Arto Vilkko: Emmaa Etsimässä - Suomalaisen Rautalangan Lyhyt Historia
Rautalanka – suomirockin alkusoitto

Emmaa etsimässä -kirja on elävä kuvaus 1960-luvun alun Suomesta
ja siitä, miten rautalankamusiikki syntyi. Teinipoikaporukat kipuavat
kellareista lavoille. Nuoriso twistaa uuden ajan merkiksi. Tangokansa
paheksuu. Emma nousee listaykköseksi. Suomirockin alkusoitto on totta.

Kirja kertoo perusteellisesti ja inhimillisesti suomalaisen rautalangan
historiasta ja sen pääosassa ovat ensimmäisissä sähkökitarakokoonpanoissa
soittaneiden muusikoiden haastattelut. Sujuvasti kirjoitettu tarina on värikäs aikamatka 60-luvulle.

Emmaa etsimässä on jokaisen rautalankafanin käsikirja. Mutta se
sopii myös sinulle, joka haluat ymmärtää, kuinka suomalainen nuorisomusiikki oikeasti syntyi.
Back To The Sixties Ry 2013 Kirjat 25.00 €
Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari LP + CD
Doxy Music 2013 LP 22.00 €
Beatles - Live At The BBC 3LP
Newly remastered for reissue on November 25, The Beatles’ first Live at the BBC album sounds and looks better than ever. This collection of the group’s BBC sessions mixed versions of their hits with a treasure trove of 30 songs The Beatles performed on air but never released on record in the 1960s. The compelling track list ranged from a rare performance of the little known Lennon-McCartney original “I’ll Be On My Way” to covers of classic rock ’n’ roll and contemporary rhythm and blues songs. At the time of its release, Live at the BBC was hailed by Rolling Stone as “an exhilarating portrait of a band in the process of shaping its own voice and vision.” It earned a GRAMMY® Award nomination for Best Historical Album.
Live at the BBC was assembled by George Martin in 1994 and has been meticulously mastered by engineers Guy Massey and Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios. The booklet includes Kevin Howlett’s essays on the history of The Beatles’ BBC radio sessions and his detailed commentaries on all of the tracks.
Universal Music 2013 LP 48.00 €
Beatles - On Air - Live At The BBC Vol. 2 2CD
Universal Music 2013 CD 29.00 €
Beatles - On Air - Live At The BBC Vol. 2 3LP
3 heavyweight vinyl discs including 37 previously unreleased tracks
Universal Music 2013 LP 45.00 €
Beatles - The Beatles 1958-1962
Doxy Music 2013 LP 18.00 €
Bettye Swann - The Complete Atlantic Recordings
Real Gone Music 2014 CD 18.00 €
Big Mama Thornton - The Complete 1950-1961 2CD
Le Chant Du Monde 2013 CD 18.00 €
Bill Yates - Blues Like Midnight - Sun Years Plus
1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 48-page booklet, 33 tracks. Playing time approx. 87 mns.

Contains all the singles made by Bill Yates in Memphis at the turn of the 1960's and an astonishing collection of unknown and unissued sides! Includes the three renowned Sun singles by one of the very best, bluesy and soulful, white vocalists ever to appear on that label together with 12(!) unissued tracks! Plus the three very rare singles on IST and Pixie Records! In addition, there are seven unissued sides made for the Home Of The Blues label! In a 48- page booklet, Martin Hawkins brings together the untold story of Bill Yates and his music! Rare photographs!

Bill Yates had a background in gospel music and was an exceptional vocalist and a good pianist. During his time in Memphis, he worked on the edge between the emerging R&B/soul sound of the city and the late night blues and ballads of the day. His story is told here for the first time. Apart from his three renowned Sun singles, this music is incredibly rare and a welcome addition to the picture of Memphis music at the turn of the '60s.

Bill Yates worked a lot with the Billy Adams band, and there is a companion CD (BCD 17116) containing Billy Adams' part in the story.

Note: There are other artists named Bill Yates in the rock & roll history books, principally a bluegrass player, but in Memphis music there was only one Bill Yates.
Bear Family 2013 CD 17.00 €
Billy Adams - Rock Me Baby
1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 48-page booklet, 31 tracks. Playing time approx. 80 mns.

A wondrous CD reissue containing all the fabulous rocking R&B music Billy Adams made for Sun Records - and all the little-known sides he made for Home Of The Blues and Pixie Records! Adams led one of Memphis' best working bands from the turn of the '60s, captured here in its heyday by a number of local record labels! His band features prominent Memphis session players including Lee Adkins, Jesse Carter, and Russ Carlton! Here are all four of his Sun singles, three unissued alternative takes, and an astonishing 14 unissued songs recorded by Sam Phillips in the early 1960s, including the renowned versions of 'Betty And Dupree' and 'Rock Me Baby'! Plus: three very rare singles on the Home Of The Blues and Pixie labels and two previously unissued songs ! The booklet by Martin Hawkins brings together all that is known about Adams and his music from a myriad of sources, new and old! The booklet also contains rare photographs !

Billy Adams and his recording partner Bill Yates had as many or more singles issued on Sun Records as most of the major names associated with the label. The fact that they recorded in the early 1960s rather than the rockabilly '50s has tended to overshadow the music they made. That, and the fact that they were white musicians spearheading Sun's sporadic attempts to capture the soulful developments in black music and the blues tradition that were coming out of Hi, Stax, and other labels in Memphis and beyond.

Billy Adams was a bandleader and organiser, a drummer of some note, and a very decent singer. Apart from his four Sun singles, this music is incredibly rare and a welcome addition to the picture of Memphis music at the turn of the '60s. There is a companion CD (BCD 17277) containing Bill Yates' part in the story.

Note: There are other artists named Billy Adams in the Rock 'n' Roll history books, principally the guitarist from Kentucky who recorded for Quincy and Nau-Voo, but in Memphis, there was only one real Billy Adams.
Bear Family 2013 CD 17.00 €
Billy Storm - This Is The Nite
From wild rockers to pop, and from early soul dancers to classic group harmony songs, Billy Storm was able to perform all those styles and more. Always with a top notch tenor voice that could scream Little Richard and send cold chills like Clyde McPhatter. This anthology of most of his best recordings will show you all this and even more. It was time to have a career spanning album of Storm starting way back on the beginning of his career arriving to the early days of soul music. You are going to love it!
El Toro Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Bo Diddley - Singles Collection 2CD
Bo Diddley was born Ellas Otha Bates in December 1928 in McComb, Mississippi but was given the surname McDaniel when adopted by his mother’s cousin. When he was six his adoptive family moved to Chicago and he began learning the trombone and the violin in a local church orchestra. When he saw bluesman John Lee Hooker playing at a concert he switched to guitar and began busking on street corners with a band called the Hipsters, who later changed their name to the Langley Avenue Jive Cats. By 1951 he was regularly playing at Chicago’s 708 Club, where his repertoire was influenced strongly by Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.

There are many conflicting stories as to the origin of Bo Diddley’s stage name. He claimed that others started calling him by the name, possibly as an insult, linked to the slang ‘diddly squat’ meaning ‘nothing at all’. A ‘diddley bow’ is a homemade one-stringed instrument and considering that Bo Diddley always played his distinctive rectangular guitar, this could possibly be a contributory factor.

After recording and submitting some demo tracks in 1955, Diddley was signed to Chess Records’ subsidiary label Checker. He recorded ‘Bo Diddley’ and ‘I’m A Man’ for the label and when the single was released in March of that year it shot to the top of the R&B charts. The lyrics of the A-side were based on the traditional ‘Hush Little Baby’.

The rhythm of the song is so distinctive that it has become known as the ‘Bo Diddley beat’. Very similar to ‘hambone’, a dancing technique involving slapping parts of the body to create a rhythm, it also sounds a little like the ‘shave and a haircut, two bits’ rhythm. It was also clearly influenced by Latin American dances such as the rumba which, in turn, were derived from African dance rhythms. Bo Diddley often used claves and maracas in recordings of his songs, which also serves to highlight the Latin influence on his music.

So hypnotic is this rhythm that it has cast its influence on many rock and pop songs ever since. The list is a remarkable one and includes Buddy Holly’s 1957 track ‘Not Fade Away’ (also covered by Diddley fans the Rolling Stones in 1964), Elvis Presley’s ‘His Latest Flame’ (1961), the Strangeloves’ ‘I Want Candy’ (1965), the Who’s ‘Magic Bus’ (1968), Guns N’ Roses ‘Mr Brownstone’ (1987), George Michael’s ‘Faith’ (1988), U2’s ‘Desire’ (1988) and Primal Scream’s ‘Movin’ On Up’ (1991).

Bo Diddley has been nicknamed ‘The Originator’ at various times in musical history for the role he played in influencing many genres of rock an d blues. Clearly his influence on the genesis of Fifties rock‘n’roll was a key one. Even though he may not have had the chart success of his rival, Chess (near) labelmate Chuck Berry, the part he played in the ‘R&B + Rockabilly = Rock‘n’roll’ equation was pivotal. He has also been claimed by a new generation of rappers and hip-hop musicians as the originator of their style.

He often played just one chord throughout an entire song, so the music was entirely reliant on the all-pervasive rhythm and the spoken or shouted lyrics. These were derived from the call and response of gospel music and often from some other very unlikely sources. The ‘Hush Little Baby’ origins of ‘Bo Diddley’ have already been mentioned; likewise, his track ‘Hey Bo Diddley’, released in 1957, is based on the nursery rhyme ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’!

Bo Diddley never achieved the chart success other rock‘n’roll pioneers enjoyed, and the origin of this may lie in an incident which occurred on US TV’s Ed Sullivan Show in 1955. He was booked to appear on the show and was heard backstage casually singing the Tennessee Ernie Ford song ‘Sixteen Tons’. Sullivan then instructed him to sing the song on his show. There followed a misunderstanding where Diddley saw the words ‘Bo Diddley’ and ‘Sixteen Tons’ on a cue card, so began with ‘Bo Diddley’ instead. This infuriated Sullivan, who apparently told the musician he ‘wouldn’t last six months’ and that he was ‘the first coloured boy to double-cross him’. Bo Diddley was a great storyteller and doubtless embellished this story over the years, although he always maintained he never intended to ‘double-cross’ Sullivan.

Diddley continued to have single hits through the Fifties and early Sixties and achieved fame in the UK when, in 1963, he starred in a concert tour with the Everly Brothers and Little Richard. The Rolling Stones, still hardly known outside London at that time, appeared as a support act on the same tour.

Bo Diddley was truly a one-off who played an often-underestimated role in the history of rock‘n’roll. Enjoy this compilation of his singles that proves it.
Not Now Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Bob Dylan - Folk Singer-Humdinger - Just About As Good As It Gets 2CD
Smith & Co 2013 CD 15.00 €
Bobby Bare vs Bill Parsons - Buddies With The Blues
El Toro Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Bobby Bare vs Bill Parsons - Buddies With The Blues 1956-1961
El Toro Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Bobby Bland - Here's The Man LP + CD
180 gram vinyl LP featuring a free bonus CD of the album, so that you can have the "analog" and the "digital" for the price of one. BEAT THAT !

Here's The Man! was originall yreleased in 1962 on Duke Recoreds - Houston's legendary R&B label run by the infamous Don Robey - and is the second LP from Bobby "Blue" Bland. Featuring one of his most enduring and classic hits, "Turn On Your Love Light", along with 10 other smoking R&B numbers - Here's The Man! is a fine showcase of one of the most influential and important R&B / soul albums of the 1960s. Essential !
Doxy Music 2013 LP 22.00 €
Bobby Darin - Sings Ray Charles
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 5.90 €
Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law
japanese pressing
WEA International Japan 2013 CD 15.00 €
Bobby Vinton - Roses Are Red
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Booker T & The MGs Meet The Mark-Keys - Memphis Soul Beat 2CD
Featured over these two CDs is the first flowering of the 'Stax' sound, a sound that would develop throughout the '60s to become one of the most predominant sounds of American R&B and soul around the world.

Included are three complete albums, two from The Mar-Keys and one from Booker T & The MGs plus bonus singles. These were the first acts to break on Stax Records with hits like, 'Last Night' and 'Green Onions'.

Here then are three of the earliest albums released out of Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton's legendary label and the genesis of one of the most important house bands in recording history.

Fully detailed liner notes with career achievements and history.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Booker T. & The MG's - The Memphis Soul Sound Of
Vinyl Passion 2013 LP 13.00 €
Brian Hyland - Sealed With A Kiss
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Live At The BBC 1964-67 2CD
From the vaults of the BBC come Brian Poole & The Tremeloes’s live studio recordings for programmes such as Saturday Club, broadcast between 1964 and 1967

These sessions also include solo tracks by the Tremeloes and Brian Poole alike. Some of the songs in this package (such as ‘It’s All Over Now Baby Blue’, ‘Walking My Cat Named Dog’, ‘Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever’ and ‘Like A Rolling Stone’) were stage favourites or recorded especially for the BBC, having never been issued on disc by the band

Many of the tracks have a brief interview and introduction by DJs such as Brian Matthew

As far as BGO and the BBC are concerned, this is everything that is available – unless anyone out there knows otherwise!

Extensive new notes by David Wells
BGO Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
Brothers Four - Greenfields 2CD
Greenfields and Other Folk Greats - First Five Albums

Featured here, as the title suggests, are a plethora of Folk greats including the groups hit singles 'Greenfields' and 'The Green Leaves of Summer' and many standards and popular songs all given The Brothers Four's stylish touch. In fact across this 2CD set we have crammed no less than five complete albums!

Original founding member, Bob Flick still leads a Brothers Four group today and this is your chance to grab yourself the best overview you could find of their first couple of years at the top.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Buddy Britten - Long Gone Baby - Complete Singles 1962-1967
Here are the ten singles of prime time British Beat combo The Regents lead by Buddy Britten, topped off with the two singles as his late 60’s psych alter ego Simon Raven.
· Compiled and reissued for the first time, majority of tracks making it to CD for the first time too. The release has benefited greatly from the full assistance of Buddy himself, who has delivered two previously unreleased tracks in Billy Christian and Lovin’ You.
· Buddy Britten was born in Liverpool but his music career got going ‘down south’ with Impresario Reg Calvert as first guitar player with Vince Taylor then as band leader on Calvert’s south coast package tours. Buddy’s own band by 1962 was named The Regents and released singles through the Beat and R&B era mainly on Oriole and Pye’s Piccadilly label. · Like many 60’s outfits lasting a number of years on the circuit The Regents had an ever changing line up, including by late 1964 Nick Simper, later of Deep Purple on bass. (Same time Keith Moon was the drummer for two days having passed the audition but took up a simultaneous offer from The Who instead.)
· After the Beat era Buddy moved with the times looking to record a heavier sound. For two singles in 1967 his professional moniker changed to Simon Raven (later Raverne), after the British author of the same name. Later Buddy reverted to his real name and became a successful author in his own right – namely Geoffrey Glover Wright.
RPM Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
Carla Thomas - Sweet Sweetheart
When my Ace colleagues Roger Armstrong and Peter Gibbon began combing the Stax vaults for unreleased recordings in the 1990s, they were both pleased and surprised by how much material was available and how good it was. In the case of Carla Thomas, they found themselves surrounded by a stockpile of more than 75 unissued masters, plus a considerable number of fine alternate takes of familiar classics. As soon as they returned to the UK and began compiling CDs from these vault goodies, they wasted little time in assembling two dozen tracks for a CD titled “Hidden Gems”, while further titles appeared on the various artists CD “You Thrill My Soul” and across the “Volts Of Stax” series.

“Sweet Sweetheart” is a somewhat belated, but very welcome, sequel to “Hidden Gems”. Like its predecessor, it contains more than 20 previously unissued tracks from the 1960s, including a complete lost album Carla cut under the supervision of Chips Moman at Memphis’ American Studios. Only two of the tracks from the album, both included here, were issued as a single in September 1970. It flopped, and the tapes for the rest of the album were consigned to the shelf.

Listening to the complete album now, it’s hard to see why this should have been so. Chips’ production is first rate, as are Carla’s singing and the sympathetic accompaniment of American’s crack line-up of musicians. The songs are chosen with care, and to reflect Carla’s desire to stretch her musical boundaries a little as she moved into her second decade as a recording artist. Many of them were written by Chips’ wife Toni Wine and other noted New York tunesmiths such as Irwin Levine, L Russell Brown, Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Still more came from the catalogues of such diverse talents as the Bee Gees, Ray Stevens, James Taylor andUKrockers Free’s Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser. It should have been the album to take Carla’s career to the next level, but the Stax A&R department had other ideas and binned it.

The American sessions are bolstered by 12 additional cuts, all recorded at Stax between late 1964 and early 1968. All the songs are new to Carla’s catalogue, with the exception of ‘B-A-B-Y’ (heard here in its initial take) and a slow and sultry version of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil’s ‘Good Good Loving’ (first heard in a more up-tempo style on “Hidden Gems”). These tracks are as good as anything Stax released on Carla in the mid 60s, and in several cases they are better. Lovers of deeper southern soul will particularly delight to ‘Stop By Here’, ‘Problems’ and Carla’s take on ‘Crying All By Myself’, most familiar to Stax fans via William Bell’s fantastic version.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 25.00 €
Champs - Tequila 2CD
The Champs were propelled to stardom when they topped the US Pop, R&B and UK charts in the summer of 1958 with their debut single, the Latin-flavoured instrumental 'Tequila'. Spawning a plethora of covers, the song earned a Grammy Award in 1959 while the band - whose varying line-up reads like a who's who of early Californian rock music - went on to enjoy further hits into the early 1960s.

This 2CD set comprises their first studio albums along with hard-to-find 45rpm A and B-sides including 'Everybody's Rockin'' which is presented in a rare stereo format.

Hot 100 hits of course include the title track, 'Tequila' plus 'El Rancho Rock', 'Chariot Rock' and the perennially popular 'Midnighter'.

Disc 2 includes all the US singles up to 1961 including the hits 'Too Much Tequila' and dance craze fave 'Limbo Rock' plus 'Tequila Twist'.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Chet Baker - Italian Movie Soundtracks
Waxtime Records 2013 LP 18.00 €
Chubby Checker - 16 Greatest Hits
Vinyl Passion 2013 LP 12.00 €
Chuck Berry - Let It Rock 2CD - Just About As Good As It Gets! 2CD
Smith & Co 2013 CD 13.00 €
Cliff Richard - 32 Minutes And 17 Seconds
Hallmark Music 2013 CD 6.00 €
Coleman Hawkins - Desafinado
Coleman plays Bossa Nova & Jazz Samba
Waxtime Records 2013 LP 18.00 €
Connie Francis - Eight Classic Albums Vol. 1 4CD
Real Gone Records 2012 2-CD 9.00 €
Connie Francis - Eight Classic Albums Vol. 2 4CD
Real Gone Records 2013 2-CD 9.00 €
Dan Penn - The Fame Recordings 2LP
Pressed on 180g mulberry-coloured vinyl in heavy-duty gatefold sleeve

“At last” was the most frequent response to Ace’s long-awaited CD anthology of southern soul songsmith Dan Penn’s early 1960s sessions at Fame in Muscle Shoals. The long-rumoured but rarely heard gems contained within proved to be every bit as good as the privileged few who had heard them had claimed. Penn’s searing interpretations of self-penned classics such as ‘It Tears Me Up’, ‘Rainbow Road’ and ‘You Left The Water Running’ make a very strong case for the man as one of the truly great blue-eyed soul voices.

Now the spectacular contents of “The Fame Recordings” are available as a deluxe two LP set as part of Ace’s high quality vinyl release schedule. Programmed for maximum playability, in this format the package truly approximates a great lost southern vintage pop and soul album, with each compelling performance spilling from the grooves. As a gift for the soul fan in your life, or as a treat for yourself, “The Fame Recordings” LP set is not to be missed.

By Alec Palao (Ace Records)

Ace Records 2013 LP 32.00 €
Darrel Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You
Darrell Banks was one of the great soul voices, despite a tragically short recording career that lasted less than four years and embraced a mere seven singles and two albums. The news of previously unheard material by him will be especially exciting for lovers of both Detroit and Memphis soul. Our CD of his complete surviving Volt recordings features the 11 tracks from his Volt album, “Here To Stay”, and eight bonus titles, including four unissued demos from his final recording session in December 1969. Most of the tracks from “Here To Stay” have never been out on an Ace before, making news of their release here all the more exciting.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 18.00 €
Del Shannon - Runaway - And Other Great Hits 1961-1962
Del Shannon was without doubt the most popular American pop star of the immediate pre-Beatles era and unlike many of his contemporaries he also managed to remain popular in their wake.

Here we focus on all of his early singles and B-sides which include popular UK and US hits like the classic 'Runaway', 'The Swiss Maid' and 'Little Town Flirt'.

One of the most popular US hit makers in the British beat boom, Del Shannon's success pretty much took him right up to his tragic death in 1990.

Two Original Albums Plus Bonus Singles

Fully detailed liner notes describe how these labels would eventually merge into Motown.
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 13.00 €
Del Shannon - The Complete UK Singles (and more) 1961-1966 2CD
Del Shannon’s formidable hit list qualifies him as one of the truly great artists of the 1960s. Del made #1 on both sides of the Atlantic with his first 45, ‘Runaway’, and for the next few years he delivered the chart goods again and again with some of the best singles ever made – most of which he wrote or co-wrote.

This new Ace set is, we believe, the first to present Del’s UK 45s, as released between 1960 and 1966, in the order they appeared here and in the same couplings used on the original London and Stateside pressings (which often differed from their US counterparts). Listening to them in sequence, it’s easy to build a mental picture of an artist who was always looking to stretch his creativity and to find new sounds to keep him in the charts long after many of his peers had waved goodbye to the Hot 100.

It would be easy to say that Del never released a better record than ‘Runaway’, but that’s not to disparage other early classics such as ‘Hats Off To Larry’ and ‘So Long Baby’, which would be high-water marks of any discography, or later gems such as ‘Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow The Sun)’ and the ferocious ‘Move It On Over’, as good a record as anything to come out of Detroit’s garage scene at the time. Whether these are your favourites or you prefer the more soulful slant of ‘Little Town Flirt’ and ‘Two Kinds Of Teardrops’ or well-remembered flipsides such as ‘Kelly’ and ‘Don’t Gild The Lily, Lily’, there were no bad Del Shannon singles; having them all in one collection merely reinforces that statement.

As well as the UK singles we’ve included Del’s original version of ‘His Latest Flame’ and his cover of ‘From Me To You’, recorded while the Beatles where still in the UK Top 40 with it – both of which came out on UK EPs. To make sure that every UK single is represented accurately, we’ve also added Del’s pal Max Crook’s ‘The Snake’, which was mispressed as ‘Jody’ on the flip of early copies of ‘Runaway’. The EP covers and the labels of each and every A and B-side are featured in the booklet, along with songsheets, period ads and photos taken during Del’s many UK tours.

By Tony Rounce (Ace Records)
Ace Records 2013 CD 29.00 €
Dick Dale - King Of The Surf Guitar
Rock Beat Records 2013 LP 22.00 €
Drifters - Rock
Bear Family 2013 CD 18.00 €
Duane Eddy - 6 Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles 4CD
Real Gone Music 2012 2-CD 9.00 €
Duane Eddy - Shazam! The Essential Collection 2CD
The undisputed king of twang, Duane Eddy was a huge star on the early rock’n’rollscene with a string of raunchy instrumental hits.

His echo-drenched guitar reverberations were a key influence on the likes of the Ventures, the Shadows, and a whole generation of budding rock guitarists. In later years he worked with celebrity fans Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Fogerty, and has recently been back in the limelight with a Richard Hawley produced comeback album.

This comprehensive sixty track collection includes all his single A and B sides from 1957 –1962 presented chronologically, alongside some rare early sessions backing up vocal artists.
Demon Music 2013 CD 10.00 €
Eddie Boyd - The Blues Is Here To Stay 1947-1959 2CD
This is a long overdue reissue of 52 tracks recorded by the Chicago based blues singer, songwriter, pianist - Eddie Boyd.

Features the original recordings of his three best known hits: 'Third Degree', '24 Hours' and 'Five Long Years' which is now considered to be one of the greatest songs ever written in the blues genre. The song is also one of the most covered with nearly every blues artist releasing a version of it.

There is no better introduction to the fantastic pianist, writer and singer of top drawer Chicago blues than this - the most comprehensive collection of Eddie Boyd's recordings to date!
Jasmine Records 2013 CD 15.00 €
Eddie Cochran - The Ballads of Eddie Cochran
Bear Family 2013 CD 18.00 €
Eddie Noack - Psycho - The K-ark and Allstar Recordings, 1962-1969
1-CD DigiPak (8-plated) with 64-page booklet, 24 tracks. Total playing time 68 mns.
Cult favorites from a cult favorite
The classic hillbilly songwriter goes wild
Demented classics like Psycho and Dolores complemented by Reinhard Kleist's artwork
Eddie Noack - Psycho: Songwriter And Cult Hero Of Trash

There was a time when every LP by George Jones had an Eddie Noack song; in fact, Jones even did a complete LP of Noack songs. Hank Snow did well with Noack's song These Hands. Texas honky tonk fans love Noack's mid-1950s recordings for their wit and insight into the human condition. But then in the 1980s, the Psychobilly and Trash fans discovered bootlegs of Noack's way far-out recordings of Psycho and Dolores. Both songs are told from the perspective of a psychopathic serial killer. Cramps and Meteors fans recognized that this was as dark as it got. Eddie Noack achieved cult status, but by then he was dead.

In 2012 Bear Family Records released Noack's classic honky tonk recordings, 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes', a collection spanning the years 1948 to 1961. Now, the second compilation 'Eddie Noack: Psycho – The K-Ark and Allstar Recordings, 1962-1969', is available. This set not only contains the two deranged cult classics (Psycho and Dolores) but offers other daringly abnormal songs like Invisible Stripes, Prisoner Of War and The End Of The Line. The CD is illustrated by award winning German graphic novel artist Reinhard Kleist. His adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft and Johnny Cash have already proven his knack for the darker aspects of the human experience. Noack lived what he preached: his hardcore honky tonkin' eventually cost him his life. When some of those around him started sobering up, Noack kept smoking and drinking. He even wrote about it. Check out Sleeping Like A Baby (With A Bottle In My Mouth).
Bear Family 2013 CD 17.00 €
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