Christine Kittrell - Call Her Name - Complete Recordings 19551-1965 (CD)

Bear Family 2010

A forgotten R&B legend reborn on Bear Family! This comprehensive CD collection contains: All 15 songs originally issued on the Tennessee and Republic labels, including one with Little Richard backing her! Plus five unissued alternative takes of Republic titles.All eight songs issued by Champion, Vee-Jay, and Federal, and one unissued Vee-Jay song. One song issued pseudonymously on Hit Records and Spar Records. All sourced from master tapes wherever possible. Rare photographs and memorabilia. And a 40-page booklet by Martin Hawkins based on original interviews with Christine Kittrell, her producers, and backing musicians.Christine Kittrell made some of the best R&B of the 1950s and '60s without ever becoming a household name. She was the leading nightclub vocalist on the rocking Nashville scene in the late 1940s and '50s. A marvellous singer - far more versatile than most of her contemporaries - Christine worked with Joe Turner, Fats Domino, Memphis Slim, Little Walter, Johnny Otis and even Count Basie. Her relatively few recordings, mainly on unfashionable labels, possessed rare expressiveness that could elevate a mundane song into something exceptional. She sang late night mood songs like Heartache Blues and Don-t Do It, and pounding rockers like Call His Name and Lord Have Mercy - where she is backed by Little Richard on piano and vocals. Her rerecording of Call His Name in the 60s, became a northern soul classic. She also recorded the original version of the anthemic I-m A Woman. Her biggest hit, Sittin- Here Drinking, featured one of her trademark spoken intros.--Nashville-born Kittrell settled in Columbus, Ohio where she became a matriarch of her local blues scene. She suffered a number of falls and illnesses, starting with mortar bomb injuries received on a singing tour during the war in Vietnam - she liked to say that she was the only blues singer wounded in action! She died in 2001. This 31-track CD collects together all 29 different songs Christine recorded in the 1950s and 1960s for the Tennessee, Republic, Champion, Vee-Jay, Hit/Spar and Federal labels.

1. Call His Name
2. Leave My Man Alone
3. Don't Do It
4. Old Man You're Slipping
5. Sittin' Here Drinking
6. I Ain't Nothin' But A Fool
7. Heartache Blues
8. You Ain't Nothin' But Trouble
9. Slave To Love
10. Gotta Stop Loving You
11. I'll Help You Baby
12. L & N Special
13. Every Night In The Week
14. Evil-Eyed Woman
15. The Price You Pay For Love
16. Snake In The Grass
17. Snake In The Grass
18. Lord Have Mercy (I'm So Lonely)
19. Sittin' Here Drinking Again
20. Black Cat Crossed My Trail
21. If You Ain't Sure
22. I'm Just What You're Looking For
23. I Thank Him
24. Mr. Big Wheel
25. Sittin' And Drinkin'
26. I'm A Woman 27. It's Nobody's Fault
28. Next Door To The Blues
29. Love Letters (Straight From My Heart)
30. Ain't Never Seen So Much Rain Before
31. Call His Name

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