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Silver Bullets - Out At Least
First album by the Silver Bullets. Fantastic R&R !!!
Goofin Records 2001 CD 15.00 €
Slap Sally Combo - Cotton Patch Hop EP
Just less than 10 copies available.
Goofin Records 1996 Single/EP 8.00 €
Slap Sally Combo - Somebody Lied / Three Alley Cats
Great acoustic rockabilly trio from Finland. We pressed only 500 copies of this 45. And there is less than 50 copies left.
Goofin Records 1997 Single/EP 6.00 €
Slippers - Dancin' With A Hurricane !
new Slippers LP now available
Bluelight Records 2011 LP 19.00 €
Slippers - Dancin' With A Hurricane !
uusin Slippers CD . Nyt tarjoushintaan !
Bluelight Records 2011 CD 10.90 €
Soil Senders - Greased
Maaliskuussa 2008 perustetun The Soil Senders-ryhmän debyytti-pitkäsoitto "Greased".
Ryhmän musiikissa yhdistyy 50-luvun rock´n´roll-lauluyhtyeiden soundi, svengaava
jive-rock´n´roll ja melodinen rockabilly. Nämä pitkän linjan muusikot ovat
roots-musiikin harrastajille (ja muillekin) tuttuja entuudestaan ryhmistä kuten
Whistle Bait, One O´Clock Humph, Back Beat Combo etc. Tällä ammatti-taidolla ja
kokemuksella on levylle puristettu yksi tämän kevään mielenkiintoisimmista uusista
kotimaisista rock´n´roll- & rockabilly-julkaisuista. Levy on pakattu aina
tyylikkääseen digipakkiin ja komeuden kruunaa Juho Juntusen kansitaide.

The Soil Senders:
Petri Pylvänen - Drums & Backing Vocal
Kalevi Manninen - Guitar & Backing Vocal
Jarkko Ravi - Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar & Sax
Juho Sassi - Bass & Lead Vocal & Backing Vocal
Jungle Records 2010 CD 15.00 €
Somethin' Else - Number Nine Train + 2 EP
A rockabilly band from Finland - three track EP with the following tracks: Number Nine Train / You're Undecided / Vibrate
Goofin Records 2001 Single/EP 6.00 €
Spud'n'Nick And The Roughshods - Spud'n'Nick And The Roughshods
brand new 7" EP out now from Spud'n' Nick...

You know these guys from The Barnshakers and from The Rockin' 8-Balls

Kekka (lead singer with the Rockin' 8-Balls) and Vesa (lead singer with the Barnshakers) are doing some great rock and roll / rockabilly harmony vocals on this EP - backed by some of the best Helsinki roots rockabilly players. 200 first copies comes with b&w photo of the group.
Goofin Records 2014 Single/EP 7.00 €
Stingers - Third Gear
Their third album.
Goofin Records 2002 CD 15.00 €
Streamline 59 - Dead End
rockabilly / neo-rockabilly group from Finland. Self released by the band.
Streamline 59 CD 17.00 €
Stringbeans - Tarzan / Drugs Or Roulette
Tampereella vuonna 1984 perustettu The Stringbeans on yksi pitkäikäisimmistä neobillyä ja
psychobillyä esittävistä bändeistä Suomessa. Yhtye on vuosien varrella julkaissut viisi albumia, esiintynyt alan
tärkeimmillä festivaaleilla ja nauttii edelleen kulttisuosiota ympäri maailman. Karismaattisen laulaja-kitaristi Sami
Roineen johtama trio on viime vuosina keikkaillut ulkomailla, mutta uuden singlen myötä yhtye on jälleen
aktiivinen ja ajankohtainen myös kotimaassa. Seiskatuumaisen vinyylisinglen on tuottanut ja äänittänyt
Morrisseyn pitkäaikainen luottokitaristi Boz Boorer.
Woo-Hoo Records 2011 Single/EP 6.00 €
Sun Connection - Sex, Velvet & Rock'n'Roll
great trad rockabilly group from Finland
Trichord-levy 2007 CD 9.90 €
Sweet Jeena And Her Sweethearts - Lovers And Lunatics
Jeena Records 2013 LP 20.00 €
Sweet Jeena And Her Sweethearts - Lovers And Lunatics
Jeena Records 2013 CD 17.00 €
Tail Shakers - Pin Up Lady
The CD includes a total of 11 songs which have all been written, composed and arranged by the band itself. The band performs live frequently and
draws ifluences from the 50´s music and lifestyle. Loyalty to this lifestyle is definately something you can hear in their music! The record honors traditional 50´s music style spiced up with some Shakers spices...the result is unique and definately shaking!
Tail Shakers Records 2010 CD 15.00 €
Teddy & The Tigers - Master Cuts
After 30 years - a new album coming out from legendary finnish rockabilly group TEDDY & THE TIGERS. New album will be available on CD and LP. Please send Your advance order now !
Bluelight Records 2012 CD 10.90 €
Teddy & The Tigers - Number One / More Than I Can Say
The most legendary Finnish rockabilly band has made its first new release since
1980. Side A is a cover of song originally recorded by Swedish rocker Jerry Williams
in the 1960's and the B-side is The Crickets' classic from the same decade. Back in
the late 1970's Teddy & The Tigers sold within a short period of time close to
100.000 albums and they're aiming again to number one! Rumors are spreading about
new album to be released in Spring.

Bluelight Records 2011 CD 4.00 €
Teddy Guitar & Cast Iron Arms - Once Teddy Always A Teddy Boy MCD
Teddy Guitar (from Teddy & The Tigers) Mini-CD with 8 tracks. Small and almost sold out pressing. Last copies..
Real Gone Records 2007 CD 15.00 €
Teddy Guitar With Cast Iron Arms - Nothin' For Me / Learning The Game
25th Anniversary Party Singles. Limited Edition - only 300 copies made.

Recorded live 2004.
Goofin Records 2009 Single/EP 8.00 €
Teendreams - Be My Baby
solistina "Vesa Snygg"
Avalant 1997 CD 10.00 €
Teukka & The Rhythm Aces - Soitan, Että Tuun CDEP
Teukka is better known as a lead singer from the Housewreckers - great neorockabilly group from Finland. This three track single includes one track in Finnish language and two Elvis cover songs in english. He has been asked artist to Elvis Presley Fan Club meetings.

Line Up:

Teukka Aalto: vocals and rhythm guitar
Eino Rastas: lead guitar
Ari Berghäll: upright bass
Rudy Ryynänen: drums
Kaj Lönnblad: piano
Goofin Records 2006 CD 3.90 €
The Lonestars / Falcons - Bop & Roll / Flamin
Lonestarsin Bop & Roll sekä Falconsin Flamin LP:t yhdellä cd:llä.
Jungle Records 1998 CD 10.90 €
Therapy's - Still Therapy ?
hyvä kotimainen rock and roll yhtye Pietarsaaresta. Bändin vanhoja 80s-90s nauhoituksia.
Jim Catwalk Therapy Production 2008 CD 17.00 €
Trailblazers - K.O.
great neobilly group from finland. their selfrelease - 5 track CDEP.
Gangstarockers 2010 CD 5.00 €
Uncle John Trio - For Your Pleasure
Better later than never - after 20 years of country music, hundreds of gigs, writing songs and of course, listening and playing songs of our heroes like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and many others, we finally recorded an album: All together 14 songs, some written by me and many covers that we love to play on honky tonk bars.

I consider this album to be an introduction to who we are and what we sound like. We recorded it all live in the middle of the snowy Finnish winter. We had lot's of fun doing it and we're sure that you can feel it as well. So here it is: For Your Pleasure !

Come and see us on stage !

John-Peter Lemström, singer Uncle John Trio
Goofin Records 2011 CD 15.00 €
VA: - 21st Century Fin-A-Billy Vol. 1
Jupiter Stroll Records 2008 CD 15.00 €
VA: - 25th Anniversary Party Singles
Lokakuun lopussa 2009 Goofin Records juhli 25-vuotis synttäreitään ja merkkipäivän juhlistamiseksi julkaistiin viidestä seiskatuumaisesta erittäin rajoitetut painokset, jotka ovat jo loppuunmyyty, ja ovat nyt keräilykappaleita.
Nyt juhlan kunniaksi saatavilla nämä biisit myös cd:llä tyylikkäässä pahvikotelossa ja
edulliseen hintaan
Goofin Records 2009 CD 10.00 €
VA: - Fin-A-Billy
classic and MEGA RARE Rebel Records LP. Old stock - last copies available
Rebel Records 1981 LP 15.00 €
VA: - Fin-A-Billy 1990
NEW Rockabilly compilation - various finnish bands incl Dell-Tones, Bogie Men, Star Bootleggers, Rhythm Hogs, Bull's Eye, Pete Boy & The Virginia Gang, Stonecold Men, Bellshots, Lester Peabody and Hillbilly Combo
Goofin Records 1990 LP 10.00 €
VA: - Finnish Rock'n'Roll 2010
great compilation of finnish rockabilly. limited edition of 500 copies.
Ee-Dee Records 2010 CD 9.90 €
VA: - Goofin' Records 20th Anniversary Party
Goofin' 20th Anniversary Party. Top quality production. Filmed with four cameras. 30 tracks, almost 100 min. 5.1 or 2.0 stereo sound
bonus picture gallery, audio tracks etc
Goofin Records 2006 DVD 15.00 €
VA: - Rock And Roll All Night Long - Tribute To Hurriganes


Exaggerating slightly, one could say that the same number of Hurriganes
cover bands can be found in this sparsely populated country and a few
more in our neighboring Sweden. To this day, in pubs, clubs and other
concert venues, Hurriganes classics get the dance shoes going wild.
Hurriganes’s position as a trailblazer cannot be overemphasized. The
band proved that, also from our own country, a rock ‘n’ roll band could
come along and sound just as good as their world-wide counterparts and
with a great style to boot.

I decided to use national boldness and put together a tribute album to
this legendary group. My idea was to gather together, from the
rockabilly, original rock ‘n’ roll and teddy boy scenes, bands and
performers for many of whom Hurriganes has marked the starting point to
the world of real rock ‘n’ roll.

In Finland, in the early 1970s there were few restaurants, alcohol was
expensive and in the leftist art world, it was generally held that the
United States was the world’s threat and the Soviet Union, the bringer
of peace. Also in the world of music, there were few exceptions to the
rule of progressive and art rock performers, for whom the idea of
rocking out was to stare at their “nailed-to-the-floor” shoes and
demonstrate, with wrinkled brow, their virtuoso playing skills and long
solo sections. But somewhere smoldered a rebellious seed and time began
to be ripe for a new wave of rock ‘n’ roll, the rock ‘n’ roll revival.

In 1971, Remu Aaltonen formed Hurriganes, along with Ile Kallio and
Cisse Häkkinen. The group worked hard and its popularity began, slowly
but surely, to increase. Hurriganes’s sound was, from the start,
completely modern, although the band also played 1950s and 60s rock ‘n’
roll, instrumental rock and ballads.

Cisse Häkkinen’s bass playing and Remu Aaltonen’s drumming formed the
spine of Hurriganes’s sound. The duo’s playing wasn’t necessarily
virtuoso but neither did it sound academic. One could say that it was a
taste of life. In Remu’s head, the exclamations and phrases of “rock
English” were created, forming a truly original singing style. British
musician, Nick Lowe, called Remu’s singing style the Esperanto of rock
music. Ile Kallio, Albert Järvinen and Janne Louhivuori took care of the
guitarists’ job, each in turn and occasionally even together. Each one
of these guitarists had his own strengths and each of their styles
contributed to the band’s overall sound.

Hurriganes broke audience records in both Finland and Sweden and in 1977
the group was at the top in its home land, without a single noteworthy
challenger. But in the metropolitan area, a 1950s trend had started and
it spread, little by little, throughout Finland, creating an
unprecedented rockabilly boom. During 1978, Hurriganes’s number one
position among the youth of Finland, switched to Teddy & The Tigers.
From 1977 – 1981 Finland gave birth to more and more new ‘50s rock ‘n’
roll and rockabilly bands, which strove for the old original American
sound or switched to playing British teddy boy rock ‘n’ roll. The
estimate, that during these so called “crazy years”, there were, in
Finland, over 200 groups which described their style as rockabilly, is
probably pretty close to the truth. During 1982, this trend also began
to fade but, during these years, a firm base for Finnish rock ‘n’ roll
culture was built and it is still going strong today.

Hurriganes played their last show in 1984. In 1988, they did a short
comeback tour that had its moments, although it wasn’t very successful.
Remu Aaltonen has, to this day, had bands that use the name Hurriganes.

That’s all, except to say, happy rock ‘n’ roll.
-Kurre Avaro-
Goofin Records 2012 CD 15.00 €
VA: - Slap That Bass! The Story Of Finnish Rockabilly & 50s Style
Slap That Bass! - The Story Of Finnish Rockabilly & 50's Style Rock'n'Roll.
NOW AVAILABLE !! Release date: 17.2.2010
4cd's /105 songs / 93 artists & bands / 60 page booklet
Johanna 2010 CD-Box 40.00 €
Vesa Snygg - Et Mua Kiinni Saa / Taikaa
NYT SAATAVANA - rajoitettu painos !

Suomenkielistä perinteistä Rock And Rollia ei ole julkaistu liikaa. Upeat käännökset ja toimivat sovitukset. Vesa Snygg Rokkaa !
Goofin Records 2013 Single/EP 7.00 €
Vesa Snygg sekä Sateliitti-yhtye - Kiertoradalla
uusi Vesa Snygg CD nyt saatavana !!

Rock´n´Roll...Rock-a-Billy...Jazz...ikivihreät viihdesävelmät...

Lokeroiminen on kuin veteen piirretty viiva. Vesa Snygg Satelliitteineen
sotkee tällä uudella “Kiertoradalla...” -sävelkiekolla lisää tuota jo
ennestään häilyvää rajaa. Ja onko sillä edes väliä mitä tyylilajia mikäkin
musiikkiesitys edustaa? Pääasiahan on että kuuntelija viihtyy ja nauttii
kuulemastaan. Musiikin tehtävä on viihdyttää ja synnyttää tunteita.
Tälle pitkäsoitto-äänilevylle on valittu 12 iskusävelmää jotka voisi
hyvin lokeroida rock´n´roll, rock-a-billy tai vaikkapa jazz-laatikoihin,
mutta kaikkia yhdistää hyväntuulinen svengi sekä ajaton soittamisen riemu.
Mukana on edellisen “Rock´n´Roll - Hurlumhei!” -levyn tapaan klassikkoja
rock´n´rollin kuninkaallisilta, kuten Elvikseltä, Gene Vincentiltä ja Carl
Perkinsiltä, mutta myös yllätyksiä kuten Toivo Kärjen ja Reino Helismaan
“Tähtien Syttyessä” tai Mills Brothersin tuttu “Paperinukke”.
Kaikissa numeroissa vankan svengipohjan luo rumpali Juha Litmanen sekä
kontrabasisti Ari Berghäll. Tuomas Metsberg loistaa uskomattomin
soolokitaraosuuksin ja Juho “Boots” Hurskainen tuuttaa tenorisaksofoninsa
uusiin atmosfääriin. Mukaan on saatu myös hienoja vierailijoita; Juha
Rislakki taikoo omat sulosävynsä kitarallaan ja pianossa ovat auttaneet
huippumuusikot Saara Metsberg ja Karl Sinkkonen. Unohtamatta Muurlan
hanuritaikuria Janne Hammarénia!
Kappaleista suurin osa on jälleen Vesa Snyggin (M.Saloranta) omia
suomennoksia, eikä näitä ole aiemmin juurikaan kotimaan kielellä kuultu
Toivottavasti SINÄ saat osasi tästä hyväntuulisuudesta, svengi saa
liikettä aikaan ja sävelmät herättää tunteita. Aseta sävelkiekko soittimeen
ja paina kone käyntiin. Anna levyn pyöriä ja koe nautinnollinen
musiikkiretki “Kiertoradalla...”. Lähtölaskenta alkakoon!

Laukaisualustalla tammikuussa 2014

Vesa Snygg
Goofin Records 2014 CD 15.00 €
Vesa Snygg sekä Sateliitti-yhtye - Rock'n'Roll - Hurlumhei !
loistava suomenkielinen Rock And Roll levy.
Trichord-Levy 2011 CD 13.00 €
Wagtails - Cat Food
great trad rockabilly from Finland.
Jungle Records 2004 CD 9.90 €
Wagtails - Wag On
great trad rockabilly group from Finland.
Jungle Records 2003 CD 9.90 €
Westcoast Whippers - Mad Dog CDEP
Jupiter Stroll Records 2008 CD 5.00 €
Whistle Bait - Bait's Motel
Bluelight Records 2001 CD 15.00 €
Whistle Bait - Honeysuckle Jump / Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Vesa Haaja (& The Whistle Bait) and their second release - 7" single record. 4 colour sleeve. Last copies ! Get Yours before it's too late. Price is still "nice". Vesa Haaja is known also as the leadsinger of the Barnshakers and popular finnish group THE AGENTS. Just FIVE COPIES LEFT !!
Goofin Records 1988 Single/EP 10.00 €
Whistle Bait - On Stage With MCD
Only 500 copies made. A few left for a very special price !
Goofin Records 2008 CD 10.00 €
Whistle Bait - Switchin' With The Whistle Bait
New Whistle Bait CD OUT NOW.
Goofin Records 2008 CD 15.00 €
Whistle Bait - Switchin' With The Whistle Bait
180 gram vinyl. Track B8 available only on the LP. Not on CD.
Goofin Records 2008 LP 15.00 €
Whistle Bait - What Happened To The Girl Next Door
Bluelight Records 1995 CD 15.00 €
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