The Vision - Now We Have A Colour Television (CD)

Gas Records 2011

The Vision: Now we have a colour teleVISION ! Now available !!

The Finnish band ' The Vision' , from city of Pori, playing surf-music with a rock-attitude was  founded in the end of  year 2009 by Tomi "Tommy Orbitron" 
Liljankoski - guitar (also in band Waikiki Kuks), Topi "Eric Electron" Lofman - bass (also in Jim Beat & Jussi Haanpaa) and Kari "Gary H.A. 
Fish" Hakala - drums. Only after few training sessions they booked studio and started recording their debut-album. "Look, NOW we are on teleVISION" was released in June 2010.
Filled with band's own humouristic arrangements of cover-classics, the album got excellent reviews in the media. Alan Taylor, editor-in-chief of The Pipeline Magazine (UK), placed the album fourth in his own Top 10!

With their second album "Now we have a colour teleVISION" The Vision serves a full table of their own material. Songs composed by Liljankoski have been arranged roughly with the band and the songs  have even the potential to become classics in their own genre.
Catchy melodies and tight rhythm keeps the listener focused throughout the album. The band excels also live which has been discovered in several club / pub gigs and in rautalanka events (such as Yyterin Twist 2010 and Viikinsaaren maihinnousu 2011)
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1. Escape To Space
2. Silenzio
3. Teleprompter Blues
4. Day Off The Work
5. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
6. Strange Things Happened On The Way To Memphis
7. Forbidden Pleasure
8. Greetings From Okinawa
9. Viva America
10. Heartaches Unlimited
11. Blood On The Beach
12. Code I.D.O.59
13. Dead Man Talking
14. End Of The World Is Cancelled
15. The Music Played
16. Apache

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