The Atomic Blast - Hypnosis (CD)

Gas Records 2012

AVAILABLE NOW !!! - great instrumental surf album by The Atomic Blast. 12 original songs out of 13. Album recorded by Janne Haavisto (fm Laika & The Cosmonauts) and produced by Pekka Lainen (The Hypnomen).


Two-year long recording sessions are over! Instrumental group The Atomic Blast’s debut album, Hypnosis, is being released in August 2012.

The album title, Hypnosis, describes the warped world The Atomic Blast is operating. You can hear echos from Link Wray, Dick Dale, Henry Mancini; garage rock, surf, lounge, all twisted into one.

Hypnosis is produced by Pekka Laine, long time producer, and also a leader of the instrumental band The Hypnomen. Album is mixed by Janne Haavisto, mostly known as a drummer of Laika & The Cosmonauts. Hypnosis is being released by Gas Records, an instrumental subsidiary of Goofin Records.

So there you have it, Finnish premier instrumental forces joined together to create this album. Enjoy!

The Atomic Blast is a 5-piece instrumental group from Helsinki, Finland.
The members have gained popularity earlier with bands like The Valkyrians
(Stupido Records) and Mike Bell & The Belltones (Goofin' Records). In 2009
they released a debut 7” EP that got rave reviews in Finnish media. In 2010
The Atomic Blast was included in Bear Family's 35 Year Anniversary Box Set.*

1. Astralfant (Samuel Abaijon)
2. Cosmic Fantasy V (Miikka Siira)
3. Crazy Crazy Lightyears (Miikka Siira)
4. Hypnophobia (Samuel Abaijon)
5. Space Patrol (Peter Thomas)
6. The Amazing Hypno-Bear (On a Unicycle) (Miikka Siira)
7. Demolition Derby (Miikka Siira)
8. Digging My Grave (Joose Siira)
9. Slavedriver (Joose Siira)
10. Colt 45 (Timo Forss)
11. Drink That Blood, Seńor ??? (Miikka Siira)
12. Ride the Rocket, Seńor ??? (Miikka Siira)
13. Shin-Okubo (Joose Siira)

15.00 €

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