RoadRunners - Rampage (CD)

Raksun Talli 2012

Young guys at Fender Bender Mission !

The RoadRunners is finnish instrumental / rautalanka group.
Their debut album "Rampage" is finally out. It provides a fresh and balanced picture of the twang / rautalanka music world today.

Their sound is like a fresh breeze and diversified through the history and the future. "Rampage" contains good selection of the classics as well as their own songs like "Final Ride". Althought the guys of The RoadRunners are all young men (all members are less than 20 years old) - their sound is very firm and tight. Their fathers are well known musicians who have played years in such cornerstone bands like The Agenst and The Mustangs. Now is their sons turn to show that twang music is very much alive and well in Finland.

1. Hot Line
2. Rocket Man (a.k.a. Cossack Patrol)
3. Cider Stomp
4. I Scream In The Sun
5. Round n' Round
6. Jack's Good
7. All Day
8. Rise N' Fall Of Flinger Bunt
9. Point Zero
10. Swan Lake
11. SPR-003
12. Johnny Guitar
13. Final Ride
14. AJoen Ajoen
15. Look ! No Head !

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