Deke Dickerson - Greatest Hits Volume 1 (LP)

Muleskinner Records 2012

LP comes with free download card

Side A:
1. Mexicali Rose (from Number One Hit Record)
2. Red Headed Woman (from More Million $eller$)
3. Beat Out My Love (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
4. Might Not Come Home at All (from In 3 Dimensions)
5. Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes (from In 3 Dimensions)
6. Misshapen Hillbilly Gal (from King of the Whole Wide World)
7. Rockin' Gypsy (from More Million $eller$)

Side B:
1. Good Time Gal (from The Melody)
2. Look at That Moon (from This Is Ecco-Fonic)
3. Nightmare of a Woman (from More Million $eller$)
4. Can't See the Forest for the Trees (from Number One Hit Record)
5. Sparkin' (from Number One Hit Record)
6. Hot Rodder's Lament (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
7. Muleskinner Blues (from Live at Duff's)

18.00 €

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