Deke Dickerson - Deke's Guitar Geek Festival 2012 (CD)

Major Label Video 2013

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! BRAND-NEW 2012 GEEKFEST DVD available NOW! The headliners this year were the Hellecasters and Paul Gilbert! Also featured: Nokie Edwards and Venturesmania, the All-Harvey Band, Freddie Roulette, Joel Paterson, Colonel Johnny Macguire, Los Straitjackets, Rick Vito / King Paris, Nathan James and James Harman, and Dave Bunker.

Deke Geeky Guitar Set:
1. Mystery Train
2. Riot On Sunset Strip (with Dick Dodd)
3. Dirty Water (wtih Dick Dodd)

Dave Bunker:
4. Walk Don't Run
5. Star Sprangled Banner

Johnny "The Colonel" Maguire:
6. The Colonel's Rockin' Boogie

Joel Paterson:
7. Guitar Rag
8. Easy Rider
9. Merle and Chet Medley

El Papu:
10. The Hearse

Brian Lonbeck:
11. Town Hall Special
12. Short Recess

Freddie Roulette:
13. Lucille
14. Sleepwalk

Nathan James & James Harman:
15. Lock On My Door
16. Whatcha Gonna Do About Me

All-Harvey Band:
17. Sweet Sue
18. San Antonio Rose

Deke Surf Set:
19. The Jester
20. Gutterball
21. The Victor

Rick Vito and King Paris
22. Sheba
23. Ring Of Fire

Nokie Edwards & Venturesmania:
24. Secret Agent Man
25. Ginza Lights
26. Slaughter On 10th Ave.

Paul Gilbert:
27. Magic Carpet Ride
28. Blue Rondo A La Turk
29. Technical Difficulties
30. Bitch (with Reel Big Fish horns)

Los Straitjackets:
31. Casbah
32. Kawanga
33. You Can't Sit Down

The Hellecasters:
34. Highlander Boogie
35. Hellecaster Stomp
36. Rockin' The Dog
37. Orange Blossom Special

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